27 TV Heroines From The '90s Who Were The Best Feminist Role Models Ever

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Into every generation is born a slayer... if you are lucky. If you are extra lucky, you get a slayer, a warrior princess, a scientist, a girl who can explain it all, and an animated guardian who saves the Earth while rocking some amazing ponytails. If those descriptions sound familiar to you, there's a good reason for that: I've just exclusively described heroines from famous '90s shows. Yeah, people who grew up in the '90s were extra lucky.

In '90s shows, there were women who saved the world, women who stood up to bullies, women who taught us all how to adult, and so many other amazing TV characters who defined a generation of young feminists. These fictional ladies taught their fans so much about being girls, women, and heroes. From Buffy and Xena to Clarissa and Daria, there was at least one TV woman out there for everyone.

These characters inspired viewers and changed the '90s for the better. They made TV not just a safe place, but an empowering place where anything was possible and there was no limit to what a '90s girl could do. In short, these slayers, princesses, and everyday women changed the world. A lot.

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