27 Hilarious Tweets About Trump & The Eclipse That Make The Darkness Feel A Little Lighter

Sean Rayford/Getty Images News/Getty Images

After a pretty eventful year in America, we finally have a fun national distraction in the form of the first eclipse to travel fully across the U.S. since 1918. Monday's solar eclipse had many people traveling to parts of the country where it could be viewed, while others remained nonchalant. Regardless of how you view the spectacular event, it has also been yet another opportunity for some to poke fun at America's current leader. Twitter users couldn't resist joking about President Donald Trump and the solar eclipse in the lead-up to the big event.

Trump's presidency, currently in its eighth month, has been eventful, at the very least. He's signed controversial executive orders, spawned countless memes, and made headlines with numerous gaffes and insensitive comments. A handful of members of Trump's administration have resigned or were fired, and Congress has waged a war over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

In all of this turmoil, it's tempting to turn to comic relief, and that's where Twitter comes in. While First Daughter Ivanka Trump has been tweeting information about the eclipse, others have taken to the social media platform to poke fun at her father, his one-upmanship, and the way he's handled the presidency thus far.

Below, some of the best tweets making fun of Trump and the eclipse.

1. Darkness Coast To Coast

2. Give Us A Sign

3. Booming Eclipse Glasses Manufacturing Sector

4. Keep An Eye On Him

5. Living In Darkness

6. Spot-On Metaphor

7. Scientists Agree

8. I Have The Best Eclipses

9. Eclipse Is Fake News

10. Take Credit Or Deny?

11. Obviously Created By Obama's Economy

12. Trump Will Take Credit

13. Hoax Created By The Chinese

14. Staging A Coup

15. Declare War On The Moon

16. Sneak Out In The Dark

17. Eclipse Eclipsed By A Prime Time Address?

18. Judge Blocked It

19. Someone Tell Trump Not To Stare At The Sun

20. Executive Order Banning The Eclipse

21. It's Obama's Fault

22. Scaramucci's White House Tenure

23. Both Sides To Blame

24. Obama Had No Eclipse

25. Obama Is Able To Stare Directly At The Eclipse

26. We Need A Sign

27. Look At Trump Getting Stuff Done

Monday's eclipse serves as a temporary break from all of the awful things happening around the world, and it hopefully can unite Americans in at least an appreciation of nature and science during the extraordinary and rare event.