27 Weird But Utterly Brilliant Items Going Viral On Amazon


There are several different kinds of Amazon users. First, there are the people who buy boring essentials, like toilet paper and hand soap, in bulk. Then there are the gifters who purchase succulent pots shaped like corgis. Finally, there are people who buy flat-out weird stuff. Judging by the bizarre but clever Amazon products that are going viral, that last one is the most common category. Don't knock it 'til you try it, though. Weird as these things might seem, they're actually pretty practical. I would know — I own a good percentage of them.

How do I find the bizarre but brilliant products with a cult-following Amazon? Simple. There's a page called "Movers and Shakers," which highlights exactly which products have gotten the most sales increases in the past 24 hours. As they climb their way up the charts, these bizarre products show up here for the whole world to see. Then it's time to pounce. Some of them are random and some of them are eyebrow-raising, but all the ones included here might just make your life a little bit better. In fact, it's only a matter of time before these items are on everyone's wish lists, so get them while they're still in stock.

1. This Magnetic Cover To Keep Your Food Fresh And Your Microwave Clean

Allstar Innovations Hover Cover, $6, Amazon

This Allstar Innovations Hover Cover has gone viral because it's the best way to keep your food moist and your microwave clean. It's got built-in steam vents to help your leftovers heat evenly, and the magnets at the top secure it to the ceiling of your microwave when it's not in use. Simple, but genius.


2. This Himalayan Salt Block That Detoxes Your Feet

Himalayan Salt Block Detox for Foot, $30, Amazon

If you suffer from sore, dry, or stinky feet, consider giving this Himalayan detoxing salt blocks a try. They draw out toxins and reportedly ease aches and pains, using real salt sourced directly from Pakistan. All you have to do is warm ‘em up (they can go in either the oven or microwave for just a few minutes or seconds), sit down, and rest your feet on top for an at-home foot treatment. The best part is, since the salt is antiseptic and hypoallergenic, they basically clean themselves – just wipe with a towel after each use.


3. This Infinity Pillow That You Can Twist And Wrap Any Which Way

Huzi Infinity Pillow, $40, Amazon

It's like an infinity scarf with stuffing, and people are losing their minds over it. The Huzi Pillow is amazing for travel, work naps, watching TV, or reading in bed. Loaded with adaptive microfiber filling and covered with hypoallergenic bamboo rayon, this thing can be twisted and wrapped any which way to get the most comfortable position, no matter what. It's super easy to keep clean, too, as it's both anti-bacterial and machine-washable.


4. This Omelet Maker For A Hot Breakfast That Takes Mere Minutes

Dash Nonstick Omelette Maker, $32, Amazon

If you're an "I don't eat breakfast because I don't have time to cook" person, this gadget is going to change that. The Dash nonstick omelette maker lights up when it's preheated, locks to keep things neat, flips to cook both sides, and wipes clean when you're done — all you have to do is put in the ingredients. You can even make pizza pockets, frittatas, and a variety of other snacks, too.


5. This Scientist-Formulated Spray That Neutralizes Odors At A Molecular Level

NonScents Pet Odor Remover Spray, $14, Amazon

Apparently, this pet odor spray was developed by a team of scientists to completely neutralize odors at the molecular level. It's free of fragrances and other chemical additives, and it's biodegradable, so you can spray it on everything from furniture to litter for a fresher home. It also fights against odors caused by mold, sweat, and smoke, and can even be directly sprayed into your garbage to extend the life of your trash bag.


6. This Skin-Firming Soap With Really Weird Ingredients

The Seaweed Bath Detox Soap Bar, $6, Amazon

This is not your average bar of soap, and perhaps that's why people are so psyched about it. It features bladderwrack seaweed extract, coffee, and cinnamon, all of which nourish, exfoliate, and improve circulation. The result is clear, firm-looking skin that feels clean without getting dry or itchy.


7. These Clip-On Gadgets That Ensure Ear Buds Stay Put

Earhoox 2.0, $10, Amazon

Earphones that actually stay in your ears are hard to come by. For $10, you can transform your Apple EarPods so that they fit securely and won't fall out, even during workouts. These Earhoox 2.0 clip right on and comfortably wrap around your inner ear. They're also sweat-proof and come in two sizes to fit anyone.


8. These Cat Stencils That Ensure Your Liner Is Always Perfect

TailaiMe Cat Liner Stencils, $8 (Set Of 2), Amazon

If you often end up with two asymmetrical cat eyes, these TailaiMe stencils can help. Use their curves and edges to get all different kinds of shapes for shadows and liners, so you can speed up the process, minimize mess, and get a professional look every time.


9. This Safe Curing Light That'll Save You Money On Gel Manicures

SUNUV Gel Nail Curing Light, $25, Amazon

For the price of one gel manicure, you can start doing your own at home. This SUNUV curing light is eye-friendly and works alongside just about any gel polish. The front is for fingers, while the back is for toes, and it works quickly, quietly, and safely — no set-up required.


10. This Tiny Travel Steamer That Can Also Sanitize Home Fabrics

MOFIR Mini Clothes Steamer, $25, Amazon

This tiny multipurpose steamer is the number one best seller in its category because it smooths and de-germs just about anything you can think of. It's great for keeping your clothes neat and wrinkle-free in a rush or on the go, and it's an awesome way to sanitize sofas, beddings, curtains, carpets, or car interior. It's lightweight, heats up quickly, and has an eight minute steam output. Plus, it's small size makes it perfect for traveling.


11. This Massive Heat Pad With Dry Or Moist Options

PureRelief XL Heating Pad, $35, Amazon

This extra large heating pad has people so excited because of its six temperature settings, full-body size, and plush microfiber. It works for pain relief and muscle spasms or just stress relief and cold nights, and even has a moist heat option for deeper muscle penetration. It shuts off automatically after two hours, and heats up in seconds when you want to turn it on again.


12. This Container Specifically Designed To Keep Your Guacamole From Turning Brown

Casabella Guac-Lock Container with Tray, $20, Amazon

The Casabella Guac-Lock container presses all the air out of your guacamole to prevent that annoying browning that happens almost immediately. It even comes with a tray to hold your chips and veggies, and hosts will love the push-up mechanism that keeps the bowl looking full.


14. This Spring-Loaded Pillow That Keeps Your Spine Straight In Any Position

OXA Spring Bed Pillow, $40, Amazon

Hate flat pillows? This strange OXA pillow has 40 separately-wrapped inner coils, and it's also had the biggest increase of sales in its category. It's specifically designed to keep its volume so your spine stays straight regardless of your sleeping position, and it has a silky percale weave cover that allows for optimal airflow. That means you stay supported, cool, and comfortable all night.


15. This Drink Holder That Attaches To Your Luggage

I don't know about you, but with my carry-on, tote bag, boarding pass, and wallet, I never seem to have enough hands when I'm traveling — yet I always have a drink. To avoid your coffee spilling out of its cup while you're racing through the airport, consider this clever cup holder that attaches onto your luggage for seamless strolling and sipping. It detaches easily, can be placed on either the front or back of your handles, and holds any drink between 8 and 24 ounces, as well as bottles up to 1 liter.


16. The Last Notebook You'll Ever Buy

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook, $32, Amazon

As someone who goes through post-it notes like nobody's business, this Rocketbook reusable notebook is saving my stress-levels — and the environment. The pages look and feel like paper, but with the special included pen, they can be erased and reused just like a dry-erase board. It's also got a series of little icons that, when scanned with your phone, can blast your notes to all different kinds of online folders, like Google Docs, Dropbox, or your e-mail.


17. This Bizarre Travel Pillow With A Surprisingly Effective Design

FaceCradle Pillow, $60, Amazon

What? Yes. This fluffy toilet seat is actually a brilliantly-designed travel pillow, and it's gone viral because it lets you nap virtually anywhere. A sturdy fiberglass reinforced nylon frame keeps your neck upright and your face supported in any position, while the curved design ensures that your breathing isn't obstructed. It allows you to face-plant on a desk, snooze with it around your neck, or even lean forward in your seat while in deep sleep.


18. This Lash-Building Mascara That People Are Freaking Out Over

Lavish Lash HD Mascara, $20, Amazon

Despite the fact that this Lavish Lash HD Mascara is waterproof, smudge-proof, and extremely impressive when it comes to volume and length, it's also hypoallergenic and non-irritating. It's infused with fibers that build upon your existing lashes, so it looks like you're wearing natural-looking falsies. The best part is that reviewers also say they last all-day long.


19. This Copper Magnetic Bracelet That's Supposed To Help Ease Pain

Pure Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet, $25, Amazon

Made with 99 percent real copper and high-Gauss magnets, this magnetic therapy bracelet is supposed to help with arthritis and carpal tunnel. Personally, I was a skeptic, but I got one for my boyfriend's sister (a hair stylist with carpal tunnel) and she said it made all the difference. Apparently, the magnets separate the surface area between the blood cells, allowing for more oxygen to pass through. Plus, the minimal design means it'll blend in pretty well with the rest of your outfit or jewelry.


20. This Personal Massager That Feels Like Heaven

Double Head Electric Massager, $30, Amazon

It may look like a torture device, but reviewers say this double head electric massager feels like bliss. The vibrations and interchangeable head attachments target specific areas in your back, neck, feet, arms, or legs, and it's got variable speed options, too. Best of all, you can reach that knot that's been driving you crazy without having to enlist someone else's help.


21. This Smart Way To Organize Your Bag So You Don't Have To Dig For Your Cell Phone

Pursfection Expandable Purse Organizer, $30, Amazon

Where has this thing been all my life? If you constantly lose things in the abyss that is your bag, the Pursfection expandable organizer is for you. It instantly adds 11 new pockets and organizational tools to your purse, so you can find your phone, keys, and lip gloss way more easily. They sell it in five different colors, it's large enough to hold a big wallet, and reviewers say, "It doubles its use by giving the tote a sturdy shape which it lacked before."


22. This Smart Brush That Safely Cleans Knives And Utensils

Joseph Joseph Cutlery Cleaning Brush, $13, Amazon

Clean both sides at once, get in between prongs, and safely wash knives with this brilliant cutlery cleaning brush. A unique wraparound design and opposed bristles fit effortlessly in one hand and clean in a single swipe, so washing utensils is nowhere near the chore that it used to be.


23. These Odd Hair Curlers That Give You Beautiful Results Without Heat Styling

Tifara Beauty Curling Rods, $13, Amazon

The pictures in the review section of these Tifara Beauty curling rods are absolutely gorgeous. The lightweight pliable foam is easy to wrap into your hair and stays comfortable all night long. Then, when you wake up and unwrap them, you're left with bouncy curls — no heat required. This pack even comes with multiple thicknesses for different hair types and sizes of curls, plus a convenient carrying pouch.


24. This New And Improved Design That's Taking People's Closets By Storm

Wonder Hanger Max, $13 (Pack of 6), Amazon

One single Wonder Hanger holds five items and up to 30 pounds in a vertical fashion that saves tons of space. It's great for limited storage, downsizing, or dorms, and keeps everything wrinkle-free. With this pack of six, you'll be able to reorganize your whole closet in a breeze.


25. These Gentle Blotting Tissues That Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh

Green Tea Oil Blotting Tissues, $7, Amazon

To control shine and keep your face looking fresh all day, there's these Green Tea blotting tissues. They're made from natural linen fibers with organic green tea for freshness, and they absorb oil without powder and without affecting your makeup. They come in a convenient dispenser that fits right in your bag, and one pack has 100 sheets, so it'll last you a while.


26. This Insanely Cute Waffle Maker For An Awesome Price

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker, $13, Amazon

This adorable Babycakes waffle stick maker is small, easy to use, and currently $13. Great for holidays, midnight snacks, cute desserts, and cooking with kids, the plates are non-stick and easy to clean. It'll whip up breakfast in just a few minutes, and it comes in this adorable retro-blue color.


27. This Genius Ring Hook That Hangs Your Purse Anywhere

Clipa 2 Instant Bag Hanger, $15, Amazon

With the Clipa 2, you'll never again have to put your bag down on a dirty restaurant floor. It's a spring closing ring that hooks onto your strap and opens wide for use as a hook over chairs, bar tops, stall doors, or anywhere else. It's super durable, doesn't require any set-up, and comes in six sleek colors. Buy one now and keep one in your bag forever.

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