27 Weirdly Satisfying Hygiene Products With Insanely High Reviews on Amazon

By Emily Estep
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Everyone loves feeling fresh and clean, so naturally, there's nothing better than discovering a weirdly satisfying hygiene product that produces fabulous results and makes everyday grooming tasks a little bit more enjoyable. And luckily, there's no shortage of said products with insanely high reviews on Amazon, so you can trust that they really work, too.

Because sure, you can use any regular old face mask for a deep clean every now and then — but why not use one packed with activated charcoal that sucks the gunk out of every last pore? Or, why not use a mask on your feet instead — the kind that sheds dead skin like a snake.

Though some of these products may cause you to do a double-take — from snail cream to miswak clubs (if you don't know what those are, you'll just have to read on to find out) — their ridiculously high reviews on Amazon will have you wondering what you've been missing this whole time. Their satisfying results have been tested, proven, and praised, so there's simply no risk.

It can be hard to find genuinely gratifying hygiene products online, but we've already put in the labor to find things that really work. From rice water that melts away makeup to tiny bandages that erase pimples overnight, these satisfying, highly-reviewed products might be your new favorites.

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