27 Winter 2019 Movies That Will Actually Get You Out Of The House

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With the winter months looming just beyond the horizon, the movie industry braces itself against a season that could either be underwhelming or record-breaking. But however this upcoming movie season plays out financially and critically, there are plenty of features for buffs to look forward to, both in theaters and on Netflix. These 27 movies coming out this winter all look like they're worth venturing out into the cold for — though, you won't have to in all cases.

Due to a variety of reasons — many of them weather-related — January and February are considered "dump months" for studios, where expectations for any given film's critical and commercial success are tempered by the knowledge that audiences tend to be more reluctant to leave their homes to watch a movie in theaters. But that being said, the holidays are usually big, juicy targets for film studios hoping to capitalize on families who find themselves with extra time on their hands that they need to fill. Typically, Christmas sees the release of some highly-anticipated movies, and this year is no exception, what with Little Women and Spies in Disguise set to premiere on Dec. 25, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hitting theaters just five days before.

There's a veritable blizzard of good movies to check out after fall fades in winter, and this hit list will help guide your way.

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