29 Big Movie Releases Planned For The Rest Of 2016

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The Avengers got in a fight, Dory got a backstory, and animals told a tolerance allegory in Zootopia, but the year in movies isn't over yet. 2016 has seen a lot so far, from Puritan horror stories to live-action Disney remakes, and as the summer movie season comes enters its final lap, I'm looking towards the last few months of the year. The fall and early winter are traditionally stacked with prestige films that studios want fresh in the minds of Academy voters and family movies that do well around the holidays. When the weather mellows out, the movie theater offers plenty of reasons to stay inside, whether you're looking to fill out your Oscar ballot and just be entertained. Keep clicking through to get the skinny on 29 big movies coming out before the end of the year.

Into biopics? Several compelling real-life stories are headed to theaters soon, starring actors like Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, and Lupita Nyong'o. Ensemble comedies are also squeezing in between the family blockbusters and Oscar favorites. Space travel is a big theme, with Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner all dealing with earth-to-alien relations and other futuristic concerns. And perhaps you've already heard, but there's a group of rebels in the mood to take down the Death Star. Here's what you'll be choosing from at the theater in the next couple of months.

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