29 Plus Size Caftans That Can Easily Transition Into Your Fall Wardrobe

Courtesy H&M

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They're comfortable, they're easy to style, they break all the rules of "flattering," and you always look like a queen when you wear one: Plus size caftans are a blessing to us all, and they don't have to go back into your closet when summer is over. These dresses — often characterized by their loose-fitting cuts, long lengths, flowing sleeves, and robe-like feel — make for an aesthetic that won't feel constricting or sweat-inducing as the seasons transition, but that can be easily layered under or over wooly or leather-look garments when the temperatures do drop.

There's something effortlessly regal about a good caftan that's highly fitting for autumn. Maybe it's their length, or the common appearance of bold and eye-catching patterns decorating their silhouettes, but caftans often feel like a way of saying, "I'm here. I'm assuming my right to take up space. Now admire me from afar." In other words, they can be very fancy.

They're also very comfortable, though. The ancient Mesopotamians clearly knew how to win at glamorous slouchiness, as did the myriad Middle Eastern cultures that continued to utilize the caftan in the centuries thereafter. It's no wonder that every Western designer from Christian Dior to Balenciaga to the hippie style-makers of the '60s would eventually put their own spin on the look.

This season, the caftan is seeing a major reappearance yet again. Whether you're devoted to florals, Grecian cuts, or — yes — even sequins, there's a caftan waiting for you.


Pom Pom Trim

Courtesy ELOQUII

Pom Pom Trim Caftan (Sizes 14-28), $40, ELOQUII

The pom pom hem of this mid-length caftan adds a touch of cuteness to a look that would otherwise radiate understated chicness.


Frills & Florals

Courtesy Navabi

Yoek Floral Print Fringed Caftan (Sizes 14-24), $222, Navabi

With your favorite black leggings, black booties, and black leather jacket, you'll put a highly modern twist on an outfit your mom probably wore 10 years ago. Mom's always known style, TBH.


Sheer Luxury

Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Metallic Silver Cap Sleeved Sheer Maxi Dress (Sizes 0XL-4XL), $220, JIBRI

This sheer maxi caftan can be rocked with a simple black bodysuit or slip dress. Just add some tights when it's cold outside, and don't be surprised if someone asks to take your picture for their Instagram.


Hippie Dippie

Courtesy SimplyBe

Joe Brown's Delightful Devore Caftan (Sizes 8-26), $30, SimplyBe

Joe Brown's knows how to nail year-round festival-wear. The deep floral hues on this one are ideal for autumn, but the fringe detailing will help you preserve some of those summery vibes, too.


A Grecian Queen

Courtesy Navabi

Embellished Silk Maxi Caftan (Sizes 10-18), $123, Navabi

This silk caftan is almost too queenly to bear. Wear it at your own risk, since you may end up wondering why a carriage isn't waiting in your driveway.


Autumnal Reds

Courtesy SimplyBe

Lovebird Print Maxi Caftan (Sizes 12-20), $46, SimplyBe

The bright reds and blues on this caftan will look glorious as you stroll through a park or woodsy area. On a sunny day, the ensemble will complement the changing leaves and blue skies alike.


Baby Blues

Courtesy H&M

H&M+ Caftan Dress (Sizes 1XL-3XL), $30, H&M

How beautiful is this cloud-like blue tone? A caftan like this will do all the work for you. Just slip it on and go.


Morticia Addams

Courtesy Rose Gal

Plus Size Caftan Maxi Dress (Sizes XL-5XL), $26, Rose Gal

If Morticia Addams had ever eschewed the bodycon dresses, you can bet that she would've gone for something like this.



Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Orange Sequin Embellished Maxi Caftan (Sizes 0XL-3XL), $240, JIBRI

Are you the kind of babe who loves attention? You fancy yourself the star of the show, or just love unapologetically taking up space? Then you need the wonder that is this embellished caftan.


Simple Sophistication

Courtesy Navabi

Star Print Caftan (Sizes 10-24), $82, Navabi

You can never go wrong with black and white. Add a blazer atop this one come work, and slip it off come play.


Autumn In Color

Courtesy Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Hurricane Caftan Dress (Sizes XS-2XL), $97, Melissa McCarthy

This caftan dress is just begging to be worn with your favorite leather. Whether you prefer brown or black jackets, you've got a real fashion winner here.



Courtesy Navabi

Floral Print Beaded Caftan (Sizes 10-20), $51, Navabi

This is the kind of caftan that never goes out of style. For cooler fall days, pair it with your favorite leggings and you'll have yourself a bonafide look.


Butterfly Sleeve

Courtesy Rose Gal

Plus Size Lace Panel Butterfly Sleeve Caftan Dress (Sizes XL-5XL), $25, Rose Gal

The batwing sleeve has been all the rage since 2016, but maybe it's time for the butterfly sleeve to take its place. Put on some Stevie Nicks and embrace your free spirit.


Transitional Seasons

Courtesy Nordstrom

Camellia Maxi Dress (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $160, Nordstrom

Both summer and autumn are channeled in this maxi caftan, making it the perfect garment to see you through the transition. Plus, how cute would it look with some chunky, weather-proof mules?


Can't Let Go

Courtesy City Chic

Diamond Aztec Caftan (Sizes 14-24), $79, City Chic Online

If you are bereaving the loss of summer, hang onto it just a little longer with this beachy, breezy caftan. It'll pair well with your beloved flip flops or the cozy knit you don't want to take out of the closet.



Courtesy Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Tibet Stamp Caftan Dress (Sizes XS-2XL), $97, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

The print of this dress is reminiscent of the kind of antique furniture that's painted in delicate florals and smells of burning wood. It's very pretty and very easy to wear.


Statement Color

Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Lilac Lace Embellished Maxi Caftan (Sizes OS), $240, JIBRI

You are a queen of the 21st century and you make no apologies for it. Wear this piece of sartorial magic for date night, club night, or for a solo evening of binging both Netflix and takeout. You deserve it.


Sparkly Babe

Plus Equals

The Roux Dress (Sizes 10-38 & made-to-measure), $58, Plus Equals

This caftan-look dress is not only purple, sparkly, and possessing of a sexy AF slit detail, but it's available in sizes 10 to 38 and to custom measurements. One-of-a-kind doesn't even begin to cut it.



Courtesy Amazon

Kimono Cotton Hand Caftan Women's Evening Dress (Sizes 14-30), $23, Amazon

Whoever said that "looking like a tent" was an undesirable aesthetic choice hadn't seen this caftan. All that extra space will just make you feel cozy and safe.


Early 2000s

Courtesy Rose Gal

Bandana Plus Size Butterfly Sleeve Caftan Dress (Sizes XL-5XL), $19, Rose Gal

The bandana-print vibe of this caftan wouldn't look out of place in Lizzie McGuire's wardrobe. It's the good kind of early 2000s vibe.


Paisley Power

Courtesy City Chic

Paisley Caftan (Sizes 14-24), $79, City Chic Online

Paisley is a timeless kind of print, isn't it? In black and white, it's all the more beautiful.


Blue & Gold

Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Gold Embellished Mesh Maxi Caftan (Size OS), $140, JIBRI

Is there a more regal color combination than blue and gold? Seriously, you won't want to take this one off when you get it (whether you're hitting up the club, the office, or the coffee shop on a casual Sunday).


For The Love Of Color

Courtesy Rose Gal

V-Neck Plus Size Long Caftan Dress (Sizes XL-5XL), $25, Rose Gal

All of the colors of the rainbow seemingly reside on this piece, yet it doesn't look so OTT that you'd feel a little too seen. The temperatures may be dropping, but your love of brights doesn't have to go with them.


Geo Print

Courtesy City Chic Online

Geo Stripe Caftan (Sizes 14-24), $65, City Chic Online

An abstract, geometric print in your beloved black and white colors is one surefire way to stand out while retaining your quiet elegance.


So Cosmopolitan

Courtesy Lord & Taylor

J Kara Plus Embellished Caftan Dress (Sizes 14-22), $279, Lord & Taylor

In this caftan dress, you'll look like the forgotten fifth member of Sex And The City. The show wasn't without its flaws, but those babes knew style.


Keep It Lit

Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Turquoise Embellished Maxi Caftan (Sizes 0XL-3XL), $240, JIBRI

Although turquoise is often thought to be a summer-specific kind of shade, this caftan will see you through any formal occasion on your fall calendar. Rock it with a neutral bodycon slip underneath to avoid any sheer mishaps. You'll feel fancy and fancy-free.



Courtesy Ashley Stewart

Flutter Sleeve Belted Caftan Dress (Sizes 12-32), $20, Ashley Stewart

There's something almost trippy about this colorful caftan dress, which is just the vibe you were going for.


Festival Chic

Courtesy Etsy/EJsGroovyTuesdays

Tie Dye Caftan Poncho (Sizes L-3XL), $49.99, Etsy/EJsGroovyTuesdays

Who says tie-dye is just for summer? Pair this glorious rainbow caftan with your favorite chunky black boots and you'll be festival chic all fall long.


Queen Of Darkness

Courtesy JIBRI

JIBRI Black Sequin Embellished Maxi Caftan With Back Detail (Size OS), $260, JIBRI

Autumn is your season. You love the grayer skies. You adore those crisp mornings and even crisper nights. You live for the gothic feels the season evokes. You clearly need this caftan in your closet ASAP.

This season, remind yourself (and the world) that looking fashionable does not have to come at the sacrifice of your comfort. As your caftan proves, you're a queen and you know best.