29 Of The Best "Trump Impeachment Party" Memes

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The country is approaching the one-month anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration as president, but it feels more like the 10-year anniversary. If I tried to recount all of the issues plaguing the still-new administration, I wouldn't even get to the point of this article: which is, by the way, the Trump Impeachment Party memes that are now erupting all over Twitter.

Yes, we're not even a month in, and it's already gotten to this point. There's the incessant lying to the public on matters big and small; the blatant disrespect from the presidency towards the judicial branch; and, of course, the shadowy and as yet unexplained connections between Russia and the Trump administration. Oh, and did I mention Trump's potential violations of the Emoluments clause? Because there's that, too.

Well, as if you didn't already see this coming, Twitter has started to put things together. And when these are the issues dogging a presidency at this point, it becomes clear that it's never too early to call for the president's impeachment. And more importantly, it's never too early to start thinking about how exactly a Trump impeachment party would make you feel, and react. The last year or so has been a bit of a trial for everyone — and in these memes, you'll find at least the beginnings of some catharsis.


Just The Idea Puts A Smile On Your Face

I think it's likely this will be Stephen Colbert's face then as well, to be honest.


Running The Presidency Like A Reality Show Has Its Drawbacks

Everyone's saying it was the worst White House ever — SAD!


They Can Work Out The Reasoning Later

Trump himself does have a point for once, though.


Can I Celebrate Even If It's Not A Real Thing Yet?

Yes. Yes, you can.


It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Russia Appeared

But — would Putin really be happy about it? Unclear.


Let's Test Those Alternative Facts

If the inauguration did, then the impeachment party certainly would too.


The Impeachment Party Takes All Reasons Into Account

Just look at Justin Trudeau — effective leaders clearly have better hair than that.


Speaking Of The Hair...

Trump hasn't gone on the record saying those exact words yet, but it wouldn't be the craziest thing he's ever said.


I'd Go Just For The Swag

The Impeachment Party could get some seriously impressive sponsors, I reckon.


Beautiful, Huge, Bigly

All the best people are coming to the Impeachment Party.


Maybe This Will Be Trump's Face At The Party Too

Conducting state business in full view of phone cameras? And sitting through it with a blithe smile? Seriously, nothing gets to this guy — oh, wait.


Let's Go Back To Entrance Planning

The options are just endless.


The Guest List Would Be Star-Studded

Man, I miss that guy so much.


The Beyoncé Entrances Are Plentiful

Let's be real, she would probably come to the party and make three different entrances just that night.


There's Only One Place To Buy Your Outfit

Dropping Ivanka Trump's line? Best advertising move Nordstrom ever made.


Sounds Like Someone May Have Gotten Word

Very professional response, Mr. President.


Let's Take Just A Minute To Be Serious

Seriously, allegations are at stake here, and where's Congress?


There Are, Let's Say, Some Downsides

Hardcore, ideological conservative with a terrible record on women's rights, or a raving lunatic? Is this really the choice in front of us?


It Could Be Only A Matter Of Time

Links to a foreign, antagonistic government? Not cool, dudes. When's the next domino going to fall?


Ideally This Will Happen Soon

William Henry Harrison died of pneumonia on his 32nd day as president, so his record will probably stand... unless we hurry.


Guys, I'm Not Sure If He Gets It


It's Always Someone Else's Fault

The "blame Hillary" thing is a bit tired, Mr. President.


Maybe It's Best Not To Get Your Hopes Up

But... you can get them up a little bit.


Napoleon Dynamite Is Always Ready With A Good Response

Just in case you need some dance move inspiration.


Not That I Support Gambling, But...

The betting market always has something to say, and sometimes it's really worth listening.


Great Things Will Happen At The Party

That would totally be the absolute best meet-cute.


You Know The Women In Pussy Hats Are Excited

All those protests weren't for nothing.


I Know I Said Not To Get Your Hopes Up, But Really

Trump is just making it really hard.


This Has Got To Happen

I want to see this moment so badly.

Yes, I know there's a long way to go before there's even the remote chance of a Trump impeachment happening. And I know that Pence would be in the next in line. And I know it would not be a great moment for the country. But just for a minute, #TrumpImpeachmentParty has given me a sliver of hope.