3 Ways To Dress Up As Your Amazon Echo This Halloween

One Way Novelties; H&M

Depending on where you fall on the love/hate scale with Amazon Echo's Alexa — the AI personal assistant that has a reputation for freaking people out as much as it does for helping people order and schedule things— you might want to consider Alexa as a Halloween costume. For me, Alexa Amazon Echo costume ideas for Halloween skew more toward "inspired by" than literal, though if you have the means to dress up as a black cylinder, with a blue light, power to you.

My Alexa costume ideas really cater to the people who have personal experience with the device, and are in a constant battle between feeling #blessed to have the help of Echo, and #scaredAF because Alexa has interjected herself into people's conversations unprompted, or accidentally ordered something someone happened to mention in her presence. Our relationship with futuristic technology will always be a mix of enchanting and horrifying, and Alexa totally exemplifies that very confluence. I don't know what I'd do without her, but I'm also sometimes worry that she's going to record voice notes of my private conversations and send them to the very people I'm talking about. That said, what a great concept for a teen movie, amirite? Alas, if you're all for a sarcastic Alexa costume for Halloween, here are some ideas.

Rave Alexa

Blue Glow Necklace 50 Pack, $18, One Way Novelties

Glittery Jumpsuit, $18, H&M

If your relationship with your Echo sounds like this: "Alexa, play EDM", this is the costume for you. It's fun, it's perfect for a rave, and yet at the same time, you'll look exactly like an Echo. Well, kind-of. To really make this costume special, you might want to synch up an EDM playlist on your phone.

Alexa, The Comedian

Glow City Portable Party Hat, $40, Glow City

Model-Blend Trench Coat, $40, H&M

Adult Funny Face Glasses, $12, Oriental Trading Company

If you haven't heard, an unknown glitch has been causing Alexa to laugh maniacally for no reason, unprompted in homes across the country. What's creepier, when users look at their logs to figure out what's going on, the laughing spell is absent. Get in on the joke with this comedian costume that also looks like an Echo. Oh, and be sure to tell a lot of really silly dad jokes, because Alexa specializes in them. Wondering just how cheesy Alexa gets? "How do you make a tissue dance?" "Put a little boogie in it" level of cheese.

The Real Deal DIY Costume

If you want to take your Alexa costume seriously, check out this awesome blog, Days of a Domesticated Dad, that offers a step-by-step process of how to make a realistic Echo costume made out of recycled Amazon boxes. All you'll need is some paint and a blue glow light. If you choose this option for a costume, make sure you come prepared with some stock classic Alexa phrases. If you're not familiar, Alexa is pretty clever and witty, so take note! If you go method and commit to this costume, you'll easily become the most exciting person to talk to at the Halloween party, hands down.