A New Service Will Deliver The Morning After Pill To You & It Only Takes 3 Hours


EllaOne are the company behind one of two morning after pills offered by the NHS (the other being Levonelle). In 2019, they are also trying to break the taboo surrounding emergency contraception. It's 2019 and people should be able to feel comfortable and supported while taking any form of emergency contraception, so this is a movement I wholeheartedly support. The stigma surrounding emergency contraception can lead to women feeling judged or even ashamed, so ellaOne have started piloting a new three to twelve hour emergency contraceptive delivery service. Viva la revolución! So how do you get the morning after pill delivered in three hours in the UK?

According to ellaOne's research, 46 percent of women surveyed between 18-35 had engaged in unprotected sex, but just 27 percent of these women took the morning after pill. Astonishingly, three quarters of women skipped taking emergency contraception. These statistics uncover a dark truth that the morning after pill is still thought to be shameful, which is so archaic.

In a video released by ellaOne, they asked random women "Do you think women feel judged for taking the morning after pill?" and the results were pretty unanimous. Almost all the women agreed that there was still a stigma surrounding it and there needed to be a dialogue opened to provide support. One woman even added that she didn't "like the feeling walking home after taking it" and "felt quite sad." A few of the women also talked about how they felt that people thought it was irresponsible to get emergency contraception but all agreed that women needed to have more control over their bodies and wanted to be rid of the stigma.


EllaOne are offering a new online delivery service which is being piloted to anyone inside M25, and trust me when I say this is a revolutionary move, especially because it's the UK's most effective emergency contraceptive. They will introduce a three hour and twelve hour delivery service for a delivery price of £9.95 and £7.95 respectively. All you need to do is select your chosen option on the direct delivery webpage of ellaOne. While the price point will exclude some users, the level of accessibility will no doubt be helpful for others. They currently offer next day delivery as well, but for emergency contraception this is a huge step. The company have the intention of bringing this new delivery service to all the major cities in the UK, but in order to make sure this is totally viable they are starting with a test run in London. The ellaOne contraceptive itself is pretty pioneering, because you can take it up to five days (120 hour) after sex. The other emergency contraceptive Levonelle needs to be taken up to three days after sex.

Not only are ellaOne bringing us this incredible delivery service but they have also started #MyMorningAfter which is intended to get rid of the shame surrounding the morning after pill and create a sisterhood among users. On the site you can ask questions to professionals and share stories with likeminded people about your experiences with the emergency contraceptive. The initiative was launched in September 2018 in order to dispel rumours and provide support against unplanned pregnancies. EllaOne are right, unprotected sex happens, so lets get rid of any stigma and reclaim our bodies.