30 Clever Things That Make Your Workspace Way More Comfortable & Effective


You spend a lot of time doing your job. And regardless of whether you work from home or at an office, your workspace can definitely start to feel a little dreary after a while. As always, the internet rides to the rescue with things that make your workspace comfortable.

Now, I'm a loyal subscriber to the belief that productivity starts with just the right amount of physical ease. After all, if you're distracted by an achey back, you're not going to get a lot of work done. For that reason, I've included this memory foam lumbar support cushion that keeps your back feeling supported and comfy (even through hours of Zoom calls). And then there's this mouse pad with a built-in cushion for your wrist that will help alleviate strain caused by repetitive clicking and scrolling.

Keeping a smile on your face is also key (especially for those aforementioned Zoom calls), but that's not always easy in stressful moments. To keep frustration at bay, this list is also chock full of organization products that will keep your desk tidy. That way, you can concentrate on the work at hand instead a mountain of clutter. And of course, to cut down on tension even more, I've included products aimed at relaxing you while you work — like this zen-inducing essential oil diffuser.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This Tablet Stand That Can Be Used Horizontally Or Vertically

Suitable for use in either portrait or landscape mode, this tablet stand is angle-adjustable, so you can display your device in the optimal position to get the best view possible. Designed for use with both tablets and phones, it's lightweight, foldable, and features rubber padding to prevent scratches.


A Desk Organizer To Keep All Your Stuff In Order

Keeping all your office supplies organized can be a challenge, but this desk organizer makes light work of it. It incorporates all kinds of features to keep things tidy: multiple compartments for pens and highlighters, other spaces for smaller items (like paperclips), and two drawers for sticky notes.


The Seat Cushion That Makes You Feel Like You're Floating On Air

Made with high-density memory foam, this seat cushion promotes proper posture, alleviates pain, and helps ensure the alignment of your spine so you can sit more comfortably at your desk. The contoured cushion is breathable, so it stays cool. It also features non-slip grips on the bottom to keep it in place.


This Monitor Stand That Reduces Neck And Shoulder Strain

Prevent neck and shoulder strain with this laptop stand that elevates your computer to a comfortable viewing height. The stand also has an open bottom compartment where you can store desk supplies out of the way.


The Noise-Canceling Headphones That Cut Down On Outside Distraction

Designed to reduce ambient noise, these noise-canceling headphones are outfitted with deluxe ear pads and an adjustable headband for comfortable listening. The headphones sync with any of your Bluetooth devices and feature built-in play, pause, and skip track controls (as well as a mic for taking calls).


An Ergonomic Mouse Pad That Helps Prevent Wrist Pain

This mouse pad has a built-in foam wrist rest that prevents discomfort caused by repetitive movements. The wrist rest also helps prevent hand fatigue, which is perfect when you're scrolling through spreadsheets, creating a detailed PowerPoint, or, um, you know, gaming. The rubberized anti-skid base ensures that it stays in place while you work.


This Clip-On Task Light That Brightens Any Work Area

The unique thing about this desk lamp is that it can be clipped to the side of your desk, where it sheds some much-needed light on the task at hand. It features a flexible gooseneck — so you can angle it anywhere — as well as an easy on-and-off switch.


The Under-Desk Foot Rest That Has 3 Height Settings

Keeping your legs properly positioned can help reduce leg and back strain while you work. This foot rest has three height settings, so it works for both short and long legs. The pebbled surface gives shoes a tight grip and also doubles as a massage pad for bare feet.


This Lumbar Cushion That Supports Your Lower Back

As one of the easiest ways to fend off lower back pain, this lumbar support cushion is ergonomically contoured to fit the natural S-curve of your back, so that it supports spinal alignment and promotes good posture. Plus, the elastic strap secures it to any chair.


This Fidget Ring That Keeps You Calm In Stressful Moments

Roll this fidget ring up and down your finger. The tactile sensation will not only take your mind right off of whatever's got you ruminating, but it'll also give you a mini acupressure massage — perfect for fingers that are fatigued from typing, scrolling, and clicking.


A Dry-Erase Board That Helps You Keep Up With Your To-Do List

What better way to keep track of everyday goals and activities than with this monthly dry-erase board? It's magnetic, so you can attach receipts, recipes, or your favorite photos. At 24-by-17.5 inches, it's big enough to jot everything down — and it comes with mounting hardware that makes it easy to hang on the wall.


These Dry-Erase Markers That Give You Greater Writing Control

You're going to need some dry-erase markers to go along with your dry-erase board, and these ones have a few things going for them: They're low odor, and they feature chiseled tips (so you can make both fine and thick lines).


These Monitor Side Panels That Display Your Reminders

Keep your sticky note reminders right where you can see them with these computer monitor memo panels. They attach to the sides of your computer, so they don't interfere with your view of the monitor. Plus, they even have tiny shelves at the bottoms for your phone or other small items.


This Mini Personal Heater That's Small But Mighty

There's nothing colder than sitting still at your desk for hours, and this mini personal heater will keep you warm. It warms up fast and features an easy-to-use on-and-off switch. It also boasts protection against overheating, as well as a cool surface.


A Space-Saving File Organizer That Hangs On Your Wall

With six cascading pockets, this hanging file organizer is perfect for keeping your documents in order (even when there's no space for a filing cabinet). Each pocket holds up to 50 sheets of paper and is removable for easy access. The cheery colors will brighten up any room, and the loop at the top makes hanging a cinch.


The Inexpensive Surge Protector That Gives You Six Outlets And Two USB Ports

Add four extra outlets to your standard wall outlet with this surge protector. It's a lot less bulky than a regular power strip — and the side panels angle out, so you don't have to worry about cords getting bent and frayed. The lights on front even alert you that the plug is protected and grounded.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Chills You Out When You're Tense

This essential oil diffuser delivers a full aromatherapy session by misting your favorite essential oils and moisturizing the air. It features continuous and intermittent misting options and runs for up to six hours at a time. You can even choose from seven LED colors to light it up. This is a great way to keep stress at a minimum while you work.


A Balance Ball So You Can Work Out While You Work

If you're practically chained to your desk, you can still get a good workout in by using this balance ball as your chair. The balance ball promotes good posture and forces you to engage your core, so you get stronger over time.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp That'll Help You De-Stress

With its comforting orangey-pink glow, this Himalayan salt lamp adds warm light to any room. But here's the thing: It also helps improve the vibes in your environment by boosting feelings of peace, relaxation, and well-being.


These Cable Clips That Help Keep Your Space Organized

These cord keepers are a great way to keep all your electronics cables organized and out of the way. They're shaped like triangles and feature adhesive backings, so you can attach them to any flat surface: glass, metal, wood, walls, and more.


This Charging Station That Powers Up 5 Devices At Once

Instead of having all your devices scattered around your home, use this charging station to keep them all together. With evenly spaced areas to charge up to five devices, it can accommodate iPhones, Androids, tablets, and more.


These Glasses That Prevent Eyestrain When You're Looking At Your Computer

Designed to block the blue light that comes from digital screens, these blue light-blocking glasses can help prevent eye strain and headaches during prolonged work hours. They feature solid black frames, and the lenses are scratch-resistant.


A Lap Desk That Makes It Easier To Work From The Couch

Working from home presents special ergonomic challenges — especially if you're working from your couch. But this lap desk helps. It's shaped to conform to your lap and features dual cushions on the bottom to pad your legs. The flat surface keeps your laptop running cool while giving you easy access to your keyboard.


This Personal Humidifier That Keeps The Air Moisturized

Maintaining optimum humidity levels can fend off a dry throat and dry eyes, all while keeping your skin hydrated too. This personal humidifier is just right for small spaces, and it features an adjustable mist output and a built-in, color-changing night light. The filter keeps air fresh, and the 360-degree rotating nozzles let you point the mist in any direction.


These Collapsible Storage Baskets That Help Organize Just About Anything

These storage baskets are collapsible, so you can store them out of the way when they aren't in use. Plus, they're the perfect solution for those random items you don't yet know how to organize. Made with sturdy fabric, they feature carrying handles on the sides and are also perfect for storing small items like toys and hair tools.


This Natural Remedy That Dials Down The Stress

Based on a formula developed more than 80 years ago, this homeopathic stress relief formula can help calm you down fast. It' infused with flower essences and is free of artificial additives. Just a few drops on your tongue or added to a glass of water will do the trick.


A Heated Wrap That Eases Aches And Tension

Relieve pain and soreness on any part of your body with this heat therapy wrap. It provides a gentle pressure to help relax muscles and soothe your senses, all while three heat settings provide relief. Use it around your shoulders, lower back, or anywhere else you need to.


This Caddy That Gets All Your Desk Accessories In Order

This desk caddy is the ideal all-in-one command center that keeps small items from junking up your workspace. With a total of six compartments, it has space for notebooks, files, pens, a stapler, sticky notes, and those easy-to-lose items (like paperclips and thumb drives). Plus, the USB ports give you more space to charge your phones.


The Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo That's Surprisingly Affordable

A wireless keyboard and mouse duo is a must if you're working with an external monitor or using a laptop stand (both of which I recommend to prevent a sore neck and shoulders). This affordable combo is particularly lightweight, so it's great for portability. It also gets consistently high ratings from reviewers.


This Cord Control Box That Corrals All Your Cables

There's nothing more unsightly than cords dangling all over the place, but this cable management box is a fast and easy way to remedy that problem. The openings on the sides wrangle your cables in an orderly fashion, and the rubber feet are gentle on desks and floors.