30 Genius Inventions On Amazon That Save Clumsy People From Themselves

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If you sometimes feel like a bull in a china shop — and the shop is just a giant metaphor for the world — then you could probably benefit from genius inventions on Amazon that actually save you from your clumsy behavior.

Carefully crafted to prevent spills, slips, or trips, these items are the easiest way to ensure one less accident. Tired of spilling every glass you've ever held in your hands? There are silicone options out there for you, and even a tip-proof travel mug with a suction cup (which can save your work laptop from future destruction!) to keep your liquids from getting everywhere. And because not every incident is preventable (we wish!), there's also a handful of products designed to the handle the traumatic aftermath of yet another mishap. There’s a handy spray made for wine spills, a burn cream that brings some relief, and even an herbal cream that helps heal you up faster. Basically, if you burn yourself a lot in the kitchen, then worry not — we've got it covered.

So when you have to save yourself from yourself, here's the products every clumsy person should turn to. They are sure to be your new favorite lifesavers for the next inevitable trip or spill.

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