30 Genius Inventions On Amazon That Save Clumsy People From Themselves

If you sometimes feel like a bull in a china shop — and the shop is just a giant metaphor for the world — then you could probably benefit from genius inventions on Amazon that actually save you from your clumsy behavior.

Carefully crafted to prevent spills, slips, or trips, these items are the easiest way to ensure one less accident. Tired of spilling every glass you've ever held in your hands? There are silicone options out there for you, and even a tip-proof travel mug with a suction cup (which can save your work laptop from future destruction!) to keep your liquids from getting everywhere. And because not every incident is preventable (we wish!), there's also a handful of products designed to the handle the traumatic aftermath of yet another mishap. There’s a handy spray made for wine spills, a burn cream that brings some relief, and even an herbal cream that helps heal you up faster. Basically, if you burn yourself a lot in the kitchen, then worry not — we've got it covered.

So when you have to save yourself from yourself, here's the products every clumsy person should turn to. They are sure to be your new favorite lifesavers for the next inevitable trip or spill.

1. These Elastic Shoelaces That Stop You From Tripping Over Yourself

Lock Laces (No Tie Shoelaces), $8, Amazon

Instead of constantly trying to double knot your laces, invest in these elastic shoelaces. The laces, which come in 12 colors, conform to your foot with added compression that reduces pressure points for maximum comfort. The one size fits all laces are easy to install and guaranteed to last the entire lifespan of your tennis shoes. Each set includes two 48 inch elastic shoelaces, two patented lock devices, and two cord clips.


2. The Silicone Wine Glasses That Are Actually Unbreakable

Brovino Silicone Wine Glasses (set of 6), $20, Amazon

These rubber wine glasses are made out of a BPA-free flexible silicone that's lightweight and unbreakable. Perfect for anyone who constantly breaks their glasses, these indestructible cups can be uses for wine, beer, whiskey or sangria without fear of staining. The premium non-stick silicone is also dishwasher-safe for an easy clean. Reviewers wrote they also maintained their shape over time.


3. A Microwave Cover That Keeps Messes Contained So You Have One Less Thing To Clean

Tovolo Collapsible Microwave Cover, $8, Amazon

This microwave cover allows steam to escape — which keeps your food from drying out while trapping the inevitable food splatters. An easy way to reduce your paper towel waste, the large platter is the perfect size for most plates and bowls. It's also BPA free, dishwasher safe, and can expand from 3.5 inches high to just under an inch for easy storage. It even comes with finger-grips for an easy lift with no burned fingers.


4. A Red Wine Stain Remover That Lets You Drink Your Merlot Without Worry

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover, $8, Amazon

This nifty red wine stain remover breaks down stains by attacking pigment at a cellular level. Originally created for scientists to remove stains from their hands after the lab, this formula works without nasty chemicals like peroxide, chlorine bleach, or phosphates. The non-toxic formula is safe on skin and can be used on clothing, linens, sofas, and carpets. Not only does it work on older stains, it can also tackle berry juice or makeup.


5. A Mini Vacuum Cleaner That Sweeps Up All Of Your Crumbs

Honbay Ladybug Desk Vacuum Cleaner, $9, Amazon

This miniature dust vacuum is the easiest way to pick up crumbs after a late night snack. The lightweight vacuum runs on batteries and is about the size of your palm — and works great on tabletops and in corners to quickly suck up crumbs. One reviewer raved, "It's an extremely versatile little tool with a strong vacuum that you can use to tidy any small spaces." It's also quieter than a hairdryer.


6. These Silicone Oven Rack Protectors That Prevent Baking Burns

Aprince Heat Resistance Oven Rack Protectors, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Clumsy bakers rejoice — these over rack protectors mean you can finally tackle your latest blogger recipe without fear of painful burns. The silicone protectors are 36 centimeters long and attach to your oven racks to prevent accidental burns and injury. They're not only heat resistant up to 446 degrees, but BPA-free and 100 percent waterproof for easy cleaning. It's no surprise one reviewer wrote they were "feeling much safer already!"


7. These Rug Grippers That Guarantee You Won't Trip Over Your Carpet

X-Protector Rug Grippers, $17 (8 Pack), Amazon

If you're always tripping over corner edges, these rug grippers are the perfect solution. They keep your rug in place on any hard floor, while also weighing down corners once and for all. Just one-eighth of an inch thick, the grippers attach to any rug shape or size, and it comes with a renewable sticky surface that can be used over and over again.


8. These Stainless Steel Finger Guards That Protect Your Fingertips While Prepping Dinner

Pretty Handy Stainless Steel Finger Guards (set of 4), $10, Amazon

These finger guards are made from high-quality stainless steel that protects your fingertips while chopping, slicing, and dicing. Sold as a four piece set with three standard sizes and a thumb piece, the adjustable guards can also be used to protect nail polish or peel produce. One reviewer wrote, "I have been investing in different tools and protective gear since I nearly sliced off the tip of my thumb in the everyday activity of slicing carrots last month. These are the very best innovation by far!"


9. A Guard That Protects Knives From Wearing Out And From Accidentally Slicing You

Ergo Chef Universal Knife Edge Guard, $11 (5 Pack), Amazon

Protect knives from dulling with these edge guards — and also protect your hands from getting cut by knives hanging out in your kitchen drawers. The pack comes with sizes that will fit anything from a utility knife to a paring knife, and they all have a flared top to easily slide on. One reviewer writes: "They slip on without damaging the edges, and they hold on without slipping while in the drawer. They do a good job protecting our fingers while we search for the right knife." They can also easily wipe down with a damp cloth.


10. The Bath Mat To Prevent Any Slips In The Shower

The Original Gorilla Grip Mat, $15, Amazon

Made with 324 small suction cups, this gorilla grip mat won't move in the shower or tub, perfect for anyone who manages to slip while reaching for the shampoo. Best of all, it's made from BPA-free antibacterial materials that are resistant to mildew and dry quickly. It's even machine-washable, and will last for years without yellowing.


11. A Table Runner That's Heat Resistant Up To 300 Degrees So You Won't Ruin Your Countertops

Trivetrunners Kitchen Table Runner, $26, Amazon

If you're constantly ruining countertops with your hot pots, it's time to incorporate a Trivetrunner into your kitchen decor. The handy kitchen item is designed to act as both a decorative table runner and a long trivet for hot dishes. It's made from an insulated natural polymer and polyester blend that's heat resistant up to 300 degrees. The waterproof table runner features a thin design that's also anti-slip and durable enough to last.


12. A Phone Ring Holder So You Won't End Up With Another Cracked Screen

Ringsky Phone Ring Holder, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

These flexible ring holders attach to any smart device for additional grip, so you won't have to worry about smashing your phone to the ground every time you trip or try to take a selfie. The rotating rings attach to any flat surface and can also be used as a kickstand to support up to 11 pounds. Available in a variety of colors and shapes, the grip attaches with a reusable self-adhesive to make this holder completely clumsy-proof.


13. The Battery Powered Candles So You Won't Burn Your House Down

Comenzar Flameless Candles, $26 (9 Pack), Amazon

These flameless candles are battery-operated, look like they're made from real ivory wax, and can be operated with a tiny remote control. And if you're worried about leaving candles burning when you leave the house, they're the safest option you can buy. The LED lights come in a pack of nine with a timer option and automatic turn-off. Now you can finally ditch the worst part of candles — smoke, matches, and dripping wax — without losing any of the ambiance.


14. A Bruise Cream That Uses Vitamin K To Speed Up Recovery

Miracle Plus Arnica Bruise Cream, $10, Amazon

This best-selling bruise cream (it has almost 1,000 reviews) treats your skin to a healthy serving of Vitamin K in a lightweight non-greasy cream. It's paired with willowherb — a natural herb that calms redness — to help calm and soothe bruises while also treating inflammation and discoloration. Finally, it's fortified with L-Arginine and horse chestnut, which support healthy circulation to aid skin with speedy recovery. If you are quite used to knocking into furniture and tables and doors, this might be a good thing to have in your medicine cabinet: "I tend to bump my shins and thighs on random things....This stuff is pretty impressive."


15. A Lint Sweeper That Works As Well As A Vacuum

Mighty Vac Pro, $25 (2 Pack), Amazon

This handheld, miniature sweeper is a great option for anyone who can't leave the house without spilling crumbs or making spills. It's a roller on one side that picks up spills and messes, and a lint brush on the other to get rid of pet hair or tidy up clothing. Safe for use on furniture, fabrics, and most surfaces, reviewers write things like: "These are awesome. Convenient. Light weight. Efficient. I keep one in my vehicle, one in the kitchen, and one in the TV room. The roller brush side picks up crumbs, dust and even sand in my rugs."


16. A Food Chopper That Combines A Knife & Cutting Board To Keep Your Fingertips Safe

Allstar Innovations Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper, $8, Amazon

This clever kitchen tool combines a sharp stainless steel knife and a miniature cutting board together to make one invention that cuts, slices, and dices food. Use it for prepping produce, carving meat, or serving cheese, so you can save time and cut down on dishes. The dishwasher-safe tool also comes with a locking safety hinge to help prevent accidental cuts. It's a win-win!


17. The One Tool That Helps You Get All Those Things You Dropped Behind The Couch

Suction Cup Reacher Grabber, $15, Amazon

Made with an ergonomic handle, brushed aluminum, and a handle that has two suction cups, this sturdy reacher helps you securely grab all those things you dropped behind the couch or underneath your bed. It'll also help securely grab things on shelves, and the strong jaw can hold up to 5 pounds. It can also be used outdoors.


18. A Maximum Strength Burn Gel Packed With Soothing Aloe, Vitamins & Lidocaine

Alocane Emergency Burn Gel, $8, Amazon

If you're consistently burning yourself in the kitchen, you should definitely have some emergency burn gel on hand. This one has a water-based formula, which is quickly absorbed by the skin and crafted with soothing aloe, healing Vitamin E, and maximum strength lidocaine hydrochloride— an FDA-regulated topical anesthetic. It's recommended to treat first degree burns from fire, heat, sunshine, lights, friction, and electricity. Reviewers raved that it "takes away pain almost instantly" and even "helps alleviate the itching after a nasty sun burn."


19. These Clear Corner Guards So You Won't Have To Treat Your Kitchen Like An Obstacle Course

The Hamptons Baby Corner Guards, $10, Amazon

These soft corner guards securely attach to your table's corners, so you might just wake up tomorrow with a few less bruises. They're shaped like a flexible ball for 360-degree protection and are super soft. Unlike foam, these corner guards are not an eyesore and easy to install. They're pre-applied with a non-hardening gel adhesive, letting you install in minutes for years of protection.


20. A Balance Assist Bar That Makes Getting In And Out Of The Shower Less Hazardous

Changing Lifestyle Safer Grip Balance Assist Bar, $9, Amazon

When you're clumsy, slipping in a wet bathroom after a shower can be a real worry. Luckily, this safety grip makes getting in and out of the shower or tub a little easier. The sturdy plastic handle uses two stable suction cups to attach to any non-porous surface, like tile or plastic. To install, just place the handle in your preferred location and flip down the two latches — and it won't move anywhere after you secure it.


21. A Cutting Board That Gives You Perfect Aim

Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot, $13, Amazon

This durable cutting board has non-slip feet, won't get scratched from knives, and has a soft-grip handle, so it's great for anyone who can't cut vegetables without cutting their fingers. However, it also folds up to create a chute, which easily guides whatever needs to go into the pot — without spilling it on the way. Reviewers say they used this for a long time without the board showing any wear or tear.


22. A Natural Way To Get Rid Of Stains

BunchaFarmers Stain Remover Stick, 8 (2 Pack), Amazon

This 100 percent biodegradable stick is made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, vegetable oil, and lemon essential oil — but it can remove tough stains like grass, salt, grease, blood, and wine without much effort and no discoloration to fabrics. Apply directly to clothes, cut it up and add to laundry, or melt it down with water for a concentrated spray, and the results are instant. It can even be used on leather.


23. A Donut Power Strip That's Designed To Store Its Own Extension Cord To Prevent Tripping

NTONPOWER Portable Power Strip, $20, Amazon

This power strip has a 15-inch cord that can wrap right around the base. That means you can charge up to six devices at once without fear of tripping on your iPad or its cord. It features three outlets and three USB ports with auto-sensing technology that distributes optimal amps. There's also overcharge, short circuit, and over-voltage protection built-in.


24. A Microwave Mat That Let's You Pick Up Messes With Minimal Effort

Prepsolutions Silicone Microwave Mat, $7, Amazon

Trying to lift your bowl of soup out of the microwave is no easy feat, but with a silicone microwave mat, it gets just a little bit easier. The 12-inch mat can be used to carry heated bowls or plates safely to your table — but can also be used as an added non-stick surface for easy microwave clean-up. It can also be trimmed to fit your microwave, and it's safe for the dishwasher.


25. A Night Light That Illuminates Your Bedroom For A Clear Path To The Bathroom

WILLED Under Bed Light, $18, Amazon

This motion activated light can be used under a bed, on the stairs, near the bathroom, or by a cabinet for a soft glow that makes stumbling out of bed a little safer. The 5-foot LED strip, which comes in a soft yellow and white light option, can be easily installed with adhesive tape. It can also be used with as continuous lighting or with a time switch for 30, 130, or 380 seconds of light. It even comes with a dimmable power adapter for complete control.


26. A Foam Toe Protector That Attaches To Your Bed Frame

Madico Toe Saver 2000, $14, Amazon

This toe saver really lives up to its name by providing 360-degree foam protection against your bed frame. The biggest bully in the bedroom, bed frame legs, are completely covered by this set. It comes with four sleeves that interlock in three different sizes for an added layer or protection when rolling out of bed. Most reviewers wrote the toe savers served their purpose well and protected against stubbed toes.


27. A Retractable Utility Knife To Easily Open Up Packages

All Purpose Utility Knife, $14, Amazon

A utility knife is useful to cut packages open with ease, and is great for DIY projects around the house — but this one has a locking blade and a quick-release button to help keep your fingers safe. The ergonomic rubber grip makes it easy to control, and it comes with five replacement blades, so you won't end up using a dull blade.


28. An Automatic Curling Iron That Makes Styling Your Hair Safer

Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret, $60, Amazon

When you're unwieldy, the thought of bringing a hot hair tool anywhere near your face is a little frightening. But Conair's Infiniti Pro takes the guesswork out of styling by curling your locks for you. It heats up to 400 degrees and uses tourmaline technology to eliminate static, reduce frizz, and protect hair from damage. Choose from two heat levels and three timer settings to get the perfect loose, medium, or tight curls. One reviewer writes: "I’m addicted to this curling machine. Effortless and makes my hair so full. The curls don’t straighten out after a few hour like they did with a curling iron. Curls are lasting for two days. Highly recommend this product."


29. A Lid That Prevents Pots From Spilling Or Boiling Over

AuSincere Spill Stopper Lid Cover, $16 (2 Pack), Amazon

These silicone lid covers are heat-resistant up to 482 degrees and will prevent oil from splashing when frying, water from boiling over in a pot, and can even be used as a microwave cover. It also has an easy-to-grip handle, and a steam release vent to keep things from drying out.


30. These Cut-Resistant Gloves That Protect Your From The Dangers Of The Kitchen

Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves, $10, Amazon

These cut-resistant gloves are crafted out of HDPE and a super elastic nylon, so they conform to your hands comfortable — and prevent any and all cuts from sharp knives as you're cutting things in the kitchen. The flexible design lets you chop, slice, and shuck your food without losing dexterity. The machine washable gloves come in four sizes and have a built-in loop attached to each wrist for hanging storage.

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