30 Life-Hack Products On Amazon Prime That Will Save You Time & Money

I'm all for saving time — but sometimes you've gotta sink a little extra of it into research if you want to discover all those totally brilliant hacks that'll change your existence. That's why these incredibly effective life-hack products on Amazon Prime are such big hits with reviewers, because they basically do all that legwork for you.

Having affordable but useful products around that solve some of life's most annoying problems can be a great way to feel like you're utilizing your time in a smart way — and using your money wisely. Amazon is brimming with the kind of innovative items that offer creative solutions to problems you've always had, like losing your socks or trying to keep produce from spoiling fast in the fridge. If you've always struggled to get the perfect vampy wings from your normal eyeliner, there's even a brilliant liner that'll fix that issue in seconds.

Ready to shave a few minutes off your day, and maybe save some extra cash in the process? Then you'll love this list of the best life-hacking stuff that money can buy, and that every person trying to adult could use if they're eager to start living as their best, most time-saving selves.

by Shayna Murphy

1. A Microwave Set That'll Nuke Anything You Need It To

MicroBuddy Microwave Cooking Set, $18 (Set of 9), Amazon

Good for more than just preparing leftovers, the MicroBuddy features a set of nine cooking containers, which can help you get delicious home-cooked meals in just minutes. Each BPA-free container has an elevated tray that keeps food away from water while the steam is circulated around the dome-shaped lid. This helps seal in nutrients and flavor, and also can help shorten traditional cooking times. From veggies to crab legs, there's nothing you can't prepare with this.


2. This Game-Changing Spatula That You Can Use In So Many Cool Ways

Fat Spatula 3-in-1 Kitchen Utensil, $10, Amazon

This multi-purpose utensil looks like a spatula, but it also functions as a strainer and set of tongs, too. It has a non-stick surface, is coated with nylon, and is resistant to heat for up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This affordable option is like having three tools in one, and can save you serious cabinet space and money in the long run. Best of all, this dishwasher-safe gadget doesn't retain odors or stains and is really built to last.


3. A Set Of Insoles Made For All Those Cheap Uncomfortable Pairs You Have At Home

Pedag Cotton Terry Insole, $8, Amazon

You'll feel like you're barefoot and beyond comfortable with this cotton-terry insole from Pedag — so it's great to save you some shoe shopping dollars (and hours), because it'll revamp all those uncomfortable shoes you have around. Made with premium padded latex, it's grooved and perforated to promote air circulation. It'll also keep your feet and shoes feeling really fresh, and since this is washable, you can reuse it repeatedly, too.


4. This Molded Pancake Pan Delivers Quick Bites That Are Better Than The Ones At The Diner

Gourmia Pancake Maker, $28, Amazon

With an almost perfect five-star rating on Amazon, this pancake maker is versatile and absolutely perfect for preparing multiple pancakes in half the time. It comes with seven built-in molds, so you can make silver-dollar pancakes in different flavors all at once. It also has an innovative induction bottom, comes with black nonstick coating, and is safe to use with wood, nylon, or coated utensils. It's great for egg bites, too.


5. These Body Wipes Save You A Trip To The Shower — And They're Only $1 A Wipe

ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes, $10 (Pack of 10), Amazon

Whether you're sweaty from a workout or you just want to feel freshened up before a meeting, these extra-thick body wipes are a must. Made with soothing aloe vera, vitamin E, and witch hazel, they kill up to 99.9 percent of germs and remove sweat, dirt, and odor, so you'll feel like you just stepped out of the shower. They also dry quickly, leave no sticky residue, and reviewers write: "Shower Pill delivers on its promises. One wipe can cover your whole body unless you've been mud wrestling. You genuinely feel clean when done wiping. And the single-use packaging makes Shower Pill the king of portability."


6. A Way To Heat Up Your Lunch On-The-Go (Even When There's No Microwave)

Yescom Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box, $24, Amazon

No microwave? No problem — if you have this electric heating box, which is made from stainless steel and other resilient materials to provide a safe and reliable way to heat up lunch. All you need is an outlet, and you can heat up your favorite meal right there on the spot. It makes taking your lunch an option no matter where you are — and will save you the time you often wait for the office microwave, too. "This exceeded my expectations," wrote one reviewer. "It makes taking lunch to work so much better and adds more options."


7. A Clever Way To Keep Track Of Your Keys

Savvy Home Magnetic Key Rack, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

Forget calling your locksmith because you forgot your keys for the millionth time — and start leaving the house on time because you always know where your keys are. This key rack is incredibly unique because it's magnetic and easily attaches to any outlet (preferably the one right by your door), and you don't need a handyman, a level, or a drill to install it. They can also hold up to 3 pounds of weight per magnet, and are safe to use with other electronic components.


8. A Quick And Super-Fun Way To Clean Makeup Brushes In Seconds

AsianiCandy Makeup Brush Cleaner, $22, Amazon

Clean and dry your makeup brushes in seconds with less mess using this cleaner — and make them last longer in the process. Designed to be more hygienic and economical, this cleaning tool gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, cosmetic residue, and bacteria. They quickly spin in water and soap, then spin dry so you can use the brushes right after cleaning them. It comes with eight different rubber holders, and is compatible with the majority of brushes on the market.


9. A Utensil That Makes It Super Easy To Slice And Pit Avocados

Amco Avocado Slicer and Pitter, $10, Amazon

Forget buying $12 avocado toast — prepare them at home simply using this multifunctional device, which guacamole fans will totally love. The nylon loop end removes pits with ease, and the wire slices and scoops them. Another perk of this tool is that it's dishwasher-safe, so it's definitely built to last.


10. This Hair Chalk That Can Turn Your Hair Into So Many Vibrant Shades

Maydear Temporary Hair Chalk, $13 (Set of 6), Amazon

If you want to experiment with new colors but you don't want to cause long-term damage to your hair, this simple-to-use hair chalk could be the perfect solution. Each pack comes with six eye-catching colors, including blue, green, red, rose, and orange. Non-toxic and non-allergenic, these chalks can also wash out easily with shampoo and water. One reviewer writes: "Easy to apply and no mess. They really work well on dark hair."


11. A Kitchen Tool That's Like Having A Whole Kitchen Set In One

TNK Brand Stingray BBQ Tool, $20, Amazon

You'll save a ton of money with this seven-in-one BBQ tool, which is made from durable stainless steel — and is like having an entire kitchen set in your hand while you cook. It functions as a spatula, fork, set of tongs, and so much more. It also comes with rubber grips, so it's not as likely to slip during use, and can protect your hand while you cook over the grill. There's also a feature that releases the food from the fork to the plate, and a bottle opener.


12. This Two-In-One French Press Coffee Maker That You Can Take With You Anywhere

AmoVee French Press Travel Coffee Maker, $20, Amazon

This two-in-one travel coffee maker is hands down the best way to make coffee, especially when you're busy in the morning. Made with BPA-free plastic and heat-resistant silicone, this comes with a spill-resistant lid, so you never have to worry about getting scorched by hot beverages when you're going about your day. Get the freshest, tastiest brew imaginable with this traveling delight — and it's easy to clean and can be used with tea, too.


13. A Plug That Allows You To Control All Your Favorite Devices At Once

Gosund Smart Plug Outlet, $13, Amazon

This smart plug is the best way to control all your electronic devices from your phone whenever you want. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, iOS, and more, this smart device makes it so easy to set schedules and timers for a range of things, like A/C units, lights, a range of other household appliances, and various products. Reviewers also say it's simple to install and takes just a few moments. It'll also save you money in the long run, because it can cut down on your energy bill.


14. The Best Portable Blender That You'll Swear Is Better Than Your Countertop One

Ordergo Portable Blender, $33, Amazon

Get all the quality smoothie action you can think of with this portable USB blender, which one reviewer described as "simply amazing," and "easy to use, clean, durable, effective, and safe." Lightweight while still able to pulverize through ice and frozen fruit, this comes with stainless steel blades, a high-powered motor, and charges on-the-go, so you can really take it anywhere. It's the perfect solution for those that are tempted to spend a lot of money on smoothies.


15. A Special Pen That'll Actually Help Protect You From Damaging Sun Rays

L'AUTRE PEAU Sunscreen Pen, $10, Amazon

With this tiny but incredibly effective pen, you can protect your skin from damaging UV rays and ensure you have sunscreen with you wherever you go. This sunscreen never glides on greasy — instead, it feels like nothing's there (which is great for anyone who is too impatient to waste all the time rubbing it in). Equipped with SPF 30, it's easy to apply and really does keep your skin safe when you're out in the sun. It has a light tropical scent, and one reviewer writes: "I would recommend this product for anyone but especially for people with an active lifestyle that needs to reapply sunscreen quickly."


16. These Wine Stoppers That'll Keep You From Throwing Out Leftover Wine

AVINA Wine Accessories Wine Stoppers, $20 (Set of 3), Amazon

You'll never have to throw away good wine again when you've got these wine stoppers, which were designed to help eliminate spills, preserve open bottles, and make fridge storage even easier. These leak-proof clamps are designed to fit all standard bottles and come with an easy push and lock mechanism, so you don't have to force corks back into bottles. Simpler to use than vacuum sealers, this set of three also makes a great gift for wine drinkers.


17. A Better Way To Get Curly Hair That Doesn't Involve Frying Your Hair

CC&SS Foam Hair Curlers, $13 (Pack of 20), Amazon

Want curly hair but would prefer to avoid hot curling irons at all costs? You can get the best of both worlds with these hair curlers. Ideal for any hair type, these spongy foam curlers work while you sleep to give you bouncy, smooth curls. Reviewers say they save money because you don't have to make costly trips to the salon, and by using them with hair that's mostly 70 percent dry, you can get the most benefits from them.


18. This Drying Rack That You Can Fold Up And Take With You

AmazonBasics Foldable Drying Rack, $18, Amazon

This drying rack is one of those basic essential adult things that you probably don't want to spend money on, but can get a ton of value out of having around — which is the absolute best kind of life-hack. By air drying, you'll save on your drying bill and you can preserve delicate materials with ease. Made from lightweight yet durable steel, this accordion design folds flat for better storage and can hold up to 32 pounds.


19. A Straightener That Detangles And Gives Salon Results — Fast

KINGDOMCARES Hair Straightener Brush, $28, Amazon

Don't waste hours straightening your hair when you could just be using this straightening brush, which was designed to give you smooth, frizz-free hair in half the time it normally takes to use a flat iron. It heats up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit, is safe on all hair types, and will make you feel like you just stepped out of the salon. It works on all hair types and comes with an automatic shut-off, which kicks in after 20 minutes of operation. This styling tool also will never scald or cause breakage to your hair.


20. These Cloths For Removing Makeup Without Any Chemicals

Makeup Remover Cloth, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

No chemicals are needed when you've got these makeup remover cloths — just use water and you can get rid of everything in seconds. There's no need for cleansers or harsh products. These eco-friendly, microfiber, reusable cloths are machine-washable too, so they'll be good to go for longer than you ever thought possible.


21. A Pen That Has Nine Different Functions (And All Of Them Make Life Easier)

Kalogyl Stylus, $12, Amazon

"I can't tell you how many times this has come in handy, the pen writes great and all the little tools are so convenient, I always have a pen on me anyways so its awesome to have a toolkit as well," raved one reviewer of this stylus, which functions as nine tools in one. Whether you're looking for a pen, a level, a ruler, a screwdriver, or more, you'll have everything you need to feel prepared in your pocket with this — and of course, it makes your tablets more functional, too.


22. This Weird But Brilliant Tool That'll Keep Produce From Spoiling For Longer Than You'd Expect

Bluapple Combo Pack, $17, Amazon

Here's one tool that's truly one of a kind. Aptly named because its shaped like a blue apple, Bluapple is designed to keep produce fresher for longer than usual. That's because it slows down the rate of spoilage by absorbing ethylene gas, which is what signals produce to ripen. By absorbing and neutralizing the ethylene gas, you'll be able to enjoy fruits and veggies without stressing so much about spoilage.


23. A Set Of Locks That'll Keep Your Socks From Getting Lost In The Wash

Helping Hand Sock Locks, $7 (48 Count), Amazon

Sick of losing socks in the wash? Then you need these sock locks, which you put on socks before laundry. Put them in the wash to keep them together — and they also work in the dryer. They fit any sock, and measure only about 1-inch in diameter. This product is odd but useful, and will keep your sock budget for the year fairly low. One reviewer writes: "Overall: the product is cheap, accomplishes its claims of locking up sock pairs, doesn’t fall apart in the washer or dryer, and are very convenient for storing."


24. This Eyeliner Stamp For When You Want A Vampy Look

Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamp, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

For sharp wings that'll take your look to the next level, you need this two pack of eyeliner stamps from Vogue Effects. The liner — which is surprisingly long-lasting — can start you off with that bold look, while the stamp on the other end gives you picture-perfect, straight AF wings in an instant. They're smudge-proof, waterproof, and made with wax that dries fast and stays put all day long.


25. A Defrosting Tray To Thaw Out All Your Meats

LREGO Defrosting Tray, $28, Amazon

Take the stress out of cooking with this defrosting tray — which is perfect for those that always forget to take their protein out of the freezer the day they need to. The high-density alloy is especially exceptional because it's designed to get things to thaw out at 20 times faster than their usual rate, the integrated gutter collects any juice or water from collecting on the countertop, and it's eco-friendly — no chemicals or electricity need to be used.


26. These Magnetic Eyelashes That'll Give You Fuller, More Natural Eyelashes

Nylea Magnetic False Eyelashes, $16, Amazon

Avoid the glue altogether, but still rock a great set of falsies with these magnetic eyelashes, which come in various sizes and can help you have thicker-looking lashes with ease — just line them up on your lashes, and the secure magnet will keep them secure all night. Cheaper than getting eyelash extensions, reviewers love these. "It completely exceeded my expectations! The eye lashes themselves are soft and natural."


27. A Liquid Welder That's Stronger Than Glue, Adhesive, And Epoxy

Bondic Pro Kit Liquid Welder, $30, Amazon

This liquid welder seals and hardens things like a glue, but that's the beauty of it. It's actually tougher and more resilient than glue, and exists as the world's first liquid plastic welder. Resistant to heat and water, it dries and creates a permanent bond, and gets activated through UV LED light. "This is amazing stuff," raved one reviewer. "Not glue, only hardens where the light can reach it. Very strong. Very fast."


28. This Super-Cheap Sonic Toothbrush That'll Help Make Your Smile Brighter

Triple Bristle Go Travel Sonic Toothbrush, $30, Amazon

This sonic toothbrush is battery operated and delivers powerful vibrations that'll stimulate your gums, while the actual toothbrush provides a deep clean. The brush head is angled at 45-degrees, it has three modes, (one that's a pleasant massage) and you can pack this up easily and travel with it, making it a must-have on longer trips.


29. A Motion Sensor Switch That'll Feel Like A Life-Changer When Your Hands Are Full

Lutron Maestro Sensor Switch, $24, Amazon

If you're busy or just don't have the spare hands to turn on a light, you'll enjoy having this motion sensor switch installed. Reviewers say it's amazingly easy to install and works well in kitchens, laundry rooms, and closets. While it works with all bulb types, 250-watt incandescent, halogen, or ELV bulbs may be ideal. It also switches on and off automatically, and can detect motion quickly for up to 900 square feet — so you'll save money on your energy bill over time.


30. These Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls That Last For Up To 1,000 Washes

Low Country Home And Kitchen Laundry Balls, $24 (2 Pack), Amazon

Dry your clothes without any harsh detergents or chemicals using these eco-friendly laundry balls. Suitable for all washers, these balls are great for those with sensitive skin because they don't have any harsh dyes, perfumes, chemicals — and can reduce chafing, rashes, and outbreaks caused by exposure to harsh irritants. Good for up to 1,000 loads of laundry, these balls are a great investment.

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