30 Sensible AF Gifts On Amazon For The Boring People In Your Life

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While some people are drawn to the insanely weird items flooding Amazon's marketplace, others prefer receiving practical and functional items, instead. So even though the sensible gifts on Amazon might not be everyone's cup of tea, we all have friends and family members who opt for function over funky.

A personal preference for practicality might seem lame — after all, who wants socks and insulated water bottles when there's a whole world of fitness trackers and 24 karat gold face masks? But these people are actually onto something, because, when your fascination with the latest gadget wears off, they'll still be keeping warm in their socks and commuting comfortably with piping-hot coffee. By putting rationality over fascination, these so-called "boring" loved ones end up with gifts that have a long lifespan and get used on a regular basis. Also, sensible products are an easy way to find a gift for your friends that are really hard to shop for.

So whether you want your sibling to have an external battery pack for their phone that's always dying, or kitchen supplies for that new apartment they just moved into, here's a selection of the most useful gifts on Amazon. Just keep your fingers crossed that they'll never find out you got it from a list that called them boring.

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