30 Vegan St. Patrick's Day Recipe Ideas

by Rachel Krantz
Daiya Foods

If anyone knows eating green food, it should be vegans. On a healthy vegan diet, you might eat more green foods in a day than most people get in a week. It's part of why a vegan diet is so good for you — but don't think that means we don't like to party, either. Contrary to a question I often get, there's nothing about a vegan diet that says you can't drink or otherwise be hedonistic, which is why these vegan St. Patrick's Day recipe ideas are a perfect combination of what we love: eating green, and celebrating life.

Whether you'd like all your food green this St. Patrick's Day, or you'd like to pay homage to classic Irish dishes, I've got you covered. While Irish food isn't exactly known for being vegan-friendly (they invented the meat and potatoes diet, after all), as you'll see below, any classic Irish dish can be made vegan.

Even better, if you start the day off with some of these healthy green recipes and keep eating your greens throughout the day, you'll be getting the vitamins you need to help you fight a hangover in advance. That said, not all these recipes are healthy — some of them are just plain awesome drunk food. I mean, what fun would St. Patrick's Day be without something deliciously sweet or savory to eat at 3 a.m.?

Super Green Smoothie Bowl

Minimalist Baker

Start your St. Patrick’s Day out on a healthy and green note with this lovely smoothie bowl by Minimalist Baker. You’re going to need all the vitamins you can get if you’re planning on a night of drinking.

Green Monster Overnight Oats

Oh She Glows

I mean, just imagine giving this to someone who you know gets super-into St. Patty’s Day as a present in the morning. Hilarious. This recipe by Oh She Glows is tastier than it looks — promise.

Spinach Pancakes

Daiya Foods

These "healthy" pancakes by Daiya Foods happen to look cool as hell for St. Patrick's Day.

Iced Vanilla Bean Matcha Latte

Oh She Glows

A delicious and green way to get your caffeine in the morning, save five bucks on that matcha latte and make it at home using this Oh She Glows recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie

Minimalist Baker

Another sexy green number by Minimalist Baker, this filling smoothie will celebrate both St. Patrick’s Day and the fact that it can always be pumpkin spice latte season, if you believe.

Peppermint Patty Green Monster

Oh She Glows

This smoothie by Oh She Glows is made just for St. Patrick’s Day, and tastes as good as it looks.

Colcannon Puffs

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

A potato-based Irish classic, these puffs by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen make for a great appetizer — and drunk food.

Spicy Spinach Shamrock Crackers

Oh She Glows

If you really want to go for it in holiday spirit, make these sneakily-healthy crackers by Oh She Glows.

Cheddar Beer Soup

Connoisseurus Veg

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the beer, so try this Connoisseurus Veg recipe, which uses cashews and lots of spices for that cheesy flavor — as well as tempeh bacon. Yum.

Green Chili Queso

Minimalist Baker

If you’re having people over, this spicy green chili queso dip by Minimalist Baker won’t disappoint.

Green Gouda Goddess Grilled Cheese

Why not make your own green grilled cheese with this recipe from Vegan Richa?

The Best Damn Mashed Potatoes

Minimalist Baker

If you want to keep it classic, Irish style, these mashed potatoes by Minimalist Baker won’t disappoint.

Irish White Bean & Cabbage Stew

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

This traditional Irish soup by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen can be made in your crockpot — easy.

Irish Potato Cakes With Avocado Cream

Vegan Richa

I’ve yet to make a dud from Vegan Richa, and these Irish potato cakes look like just the way not to break my winning streak.

Lentil & Quinoa-Stuffed Cabbage

Connoisseurus Veg

Another Irish classic is apparently cabbage — and these stuffed beauties by Connoisseurus Veg will keep you full and healthy (and help soak up the booze).

1-Hour Shepard’s Pie

Minimalist Baker

This easy recipe by Minimalist Baker pays vegan homage to an Irish classic, and will definitely keep you full.

Dublin Coddle With Vegan Irish Sausage

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

Another classic Irish dish made vegan, this recipe by Fat Free Vegan Kitchen should impress even your Irish grandma.

Pesto Pasta Salad

Minimalist Baker

Every day where I eat pesto is a holiday, as far as I’m concerned. This recipe by Minimalist Baker is good for groups, and keeps things green.

Shepard’s Pie With Chickpeas & Sweet Potato

Vegan Richa

If you want to play with the classic shepherd's pie, try this recipe by Vegan Richa, which uses sweet potato and chickpeas to a very attractive result.

Green Bean Casserole

Minimalist Baker

Keep it green and hearty with this green bean casserole by Minimalist Baker.

Thai Green Curry

Connoisseurus Veg

This recipe by Connoisseurus Veg is perfect for when you want to keep things green and Thai curry is your go-to drunk food. (Raising my hand to that one.)

Samosa Potato Cakes With Green Chutney

Minimalist Baker

With just 10 ingredients, these lookers by Minimalist Baker pay homage to both potatoes and the color green. Score.

Coconut Gin & Tonics

Minimalist Baker

Keep your drinking light and greenish with this recipe by Minimalist Baker. If you really want them greener, I guess you could also buy some food coloring?

Homemade Bailey’s

Oh She Glows

While Bailey’s is now making a vegan version of their drink (I also seriously recommend the brand Almondaire), you can also easily make your own Bailey’s using coconut milk with this yummy recipe by Oh She Glows.

Creamy Lime Pie Bars

Minimalist Baker

These lime pie bars are so tasty I actually like making them without the crust sometimes, just to get straight to the filling. Either way, this recipe by Minimalist Baker is the perfect green treat for St. Patrick's Day.

Cherry Chocolate Porter Bread

Connoisseurus Veg

Keep the beer theme going with this delicious porter “bread” (read: cake) by Connoisseurus Veg.

Mint Brownie Ice Cream

Minimalist Baker

If you have a mint chocolate chip-lover in your life like I do, this ice cream by Minimalist Baker will be much-appreciated.

Guinness Chocolate Cake

Wallflower Kitchen

If you want your cake even richer, go for this beauty by Wallflower Kitchen made with Guinness. I bet it also goes great with more Guinness.

Pistachio Matcha Chocolate Cups

My Darling Vegan

Pistachio + Matcha + Chocolate = best threesome I can imagine. Keep up the green spirit with this recipe from My Darling Vegan.

Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream

Minimalist Baker

This ice cream by Minimalist Baker is going to make the perfect snack when you open your freezer at 2 a.m. I mean, you're welcome.