30 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Mind-Blowingly Useful

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Plenty of products exist on Amazon to simplify your life and make chores easier to stomach. But then there's the other stuff — the weird and utterly wacky products that'll make you scratch your head and wonder why they even exist in the first place. Sure, some of those end up being total junk, but every once in a while, you'll run across an item that's gloriously offbeat and mind-blowingly useful, too.

Tracking down strange things on Amazon has become a sport of sorts for some people. There's even an entire subreddit dedicated to the weirdest stuff on the site. In this slideshow, I've rounded up some of most unusual products on Amazon right now that are actually genius AF. From a moldable glue that you can use to fix frayed phone chargers to a water bottle that plays music, I found some of the zaniest and most unforgettable inventions that are sure to be life-changers.

Another benefit? Many of these items offer brilliant solutions to common, everyday nuisances. So whether you hate ironing or are tired of losing white shirts to pit stains, the great thing is, there are actually weird products out there designed to help.

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