30 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Mind-Blowingly Useful


Plenty of products exist on Amazon to simplify your life and make chores easier to stomach. But then there's the other stuff — the weird and utterly wacky products that'll make you scratch your head and wonder why they even exist in the first place. Sure, some of those end up being total junk, but every once in a while, you'll run across an item that's gloriously offbeat and mind-blowingly useful, too.

Tracking down strange things on Amazon has become a sport of sorts for some people. There's even an entire subreddit dedicated to the weirdest stuff on the site. In this slideshow, I've rounded up some of most unusual products on Amazon right now that are actually genius AF. From a moldable glue that you can use to fix frayed phone chargers to a water bottle that plays music, I found some of the zaniest and most unforgettable inventions that are sure to be life-changers.

Another benefit? Many of these items offer brilliant solutions to common, everyday nuisances. So whether you hate ironing or are tired of losing white shirts to pit stains, the great thing is, there are actually weird products out there designed to help.

by Shayna Murphy

1. A Moldable Glue That Feels Like Putty But Sticks To Absolutely Everything

Sugru Moldable Glue, $15, Amazon

Strong, durable, and able to adhere to virtually anything, Sugru moldable glue starts off like a putty but then hardens into a resilient glue. It can be used to fix frayed phone charges, seal a crack, or molded to create a hook for hanging a towel — the possibilities are endless. It's waterproof, UV-resistant, and electrically insulating.


2. This Mandolin Slicer That Makes Chopping Produce Easy

Mueller Austria Mandolin Slicer, $30, Amazon

Whether it's cauliflower or a carrot, this mandolin slicer slices produce in seconds — and with incredible consistency in thickness. Unlike many mandolins on the market, this one comes with an adjustable blade so can achieve ultra-thin slices or slightly thicker ones (up to 1/16 of an inch). One reviewer raved: "I was completely pleased with this mandolin! It is sturdy, easy to use and makes my life much easier (and fun)."


3. A Unique Massage Tool That'll Help Release Neck And Shoulder Tension

Gaiam Back & Neck Therapy Kit, $13, Amazon

Thanks to the unique hook design, this handheld massager helps you apply pressure and workout hard-to-reach knots without straining your arms. It's made from a sturdy, but lightweight plastic and includes downloadable instructions to help you make the most out of the massager.


4. This 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer That Can Fit All Your Makeup In One Place

Marksign 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer, $25, Amazon

Compact yet still spacious enough to accommodate all of your cosmetics, this rotating makeup organizer is a great option if you're looking to de-clutter your vanity table or countertop. It features a rotating base, so you can turn and view your makeup collection from any angle. It also comes with 18 lipstick slots and eight multi-sized storage compartments, as well as a roomy removable drawer.


5. A Set Of Reusable Storage Bags That'll Preserve The Freshness Of Your Favorite Snacks

Poao Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bag, $17 (Set of 4), Amazon

These reusable silicone food storage bags may cost more than you standard plastic baggies, but they'll save you tons of money in the long run — in fact, they are supposed to last for 30 years. Designed with an airtight seal, plus a leak-proof vacuum and zip-locked container, these bags are even great for storing liquids. They're resistant to both heat and extreme cold, and you can also use them in the microwave or in boiling water.


6. This Handheld Bag Sealer That'll Lock In Taste And Crunch

iTouchless Handheld Bag Sealer, $14 (Set of 2), Amazon

This handheld bag sealer provides an airtight seal that will help your bagged snacked stay fresher longer. To use, just clamp it down on the bag and pull it across the top, and voila, in seconds it's sealed. This set comes with two, both of which have a magnet that makes them easy to store right on the front of your fridge.


7. A Pack Of Foldable Clothes Hangers That Are Perfect If You're Traveling

Daixers Portable Folding Clothes Hangers, $10 (Set of 10), Amazon

These foldable hangers are lightweight, and ergonomically designed to preserve the shape of your garments, from dresses to coats to pants. They are perfect for packing on a trip but are also handy to store in your closet and pull out after a particularly successful shopping trip.


8. This Juicer For When You Want To Add A Dash Of Citrus To Your Favorite Drink

Umbra Sombrero Citrus Juicer, $7, Amazon

This cute little juicer is the ideal accessory when you want to add a splash of citrus to your beverage. Whether you have a water bottle, juice, a soda can, or a beer bottle, this easy-to-use juicer can work with any of them. Just insert your fruit, squeeze it over your bottle or glass, and voila! It also comes apart so it's easy to clean and is built to last.


9. An Electric Head Massager That'll Make You Feel Like You're On Cloud Nine

Tezam Head Massager, $15, Amazon

This electric head massager sends up to 8,500 micro-vibrations per minute, meaning it's an incredibly invigorating experience. If you struggle with headaches, this massager can help release tension, but also works on other parts of the body to loosen up pressure points and tight muscles. Lightweight and portable, it's is battery operated and great to use at home or even at the office.


10. This Expanding Organizer Rack That Can Fit Up To Seven Pans

betterthingshome Pan and Pot Organizer Rack, $26, Amazon

This adjustable pot and pan rack can help you organize your cabinets no matter how large or small. It comes with seven movable dividers, each of which has a special coating that ensures pans are protected from scratches and damage.


11. A Set Of Motion-Sensor Lights That Really Come In Handy In Closets And Dark Hallways

AMIR Motion Sensor Light, $17 (2 Pack), Amazon

These motion-sensor lights come with super-bright LEDs and have intelligent sensors that will activate when you are within 10 feet of them and will auto shut off after 25 seconds of inactivity. Rechargeable and simple to install using an adhesive pad, these lights are a brilliant alternative to standard nightlights.


12. This Splatter Guard That'll Protect Your Kitchen From Grease Stains

Greenful Products Splatter Screen, $17, Amazon

Splatting hot oil can be a real issue when you're cooking, but this screen is the perfect solution. It's made to fit any 11- or 13-inch pot, and prevents grease from ending up on your stove, walls, and your skin. Resistant to heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this screen is also made from BPA-free silicone and is easy to clean using dish soap and water.


13. A Four-In-One Electric Hair Removal Tool That Can Support All Your Grooming Needs

Halcent Cordless Multi-Grooming Kit, $22, Amazon

From trimming your brows to taking care of unwanted nose hair, if you are someone who chooses to groom or remove your body hair, this multi-purpose grooming kit is going to coming is super handy. It's portable and comes with four trimmer heads, designed for body, facial, nose, and eyebrow hair removal. Battery-operated and designed to be portable, this safe and painless to use body shaver can help reduce irritation on sensitive skin and offers incredible value for the price.


14. These Underarm Pads That'll Save You From Ever Having Tell-Tale Pit Stains

Kleinert’s Disposable Underarm Pads, $10 (Set of 12), Amazon

You can prevent your clothing from developing deodorant or sweat stains with these highly absorbent pads that adhere to the inside of your shirt. They're hypoallergenic, one-size-fits-all, and disposable, so once you're done using them, just toss 'em and you're good to go.


15. A Water Bottle That Doubles As A Speaker

Icewater Water Bottle and Bluetooth Speaker, $15, Amazon

Rock out to your favorite songs while you also work up a sweat using this multi-functional water bottle, which doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. You'll be able to hear clearly thanks to this five-watt speaker, which has a playtime of up to eight hours. This also has a 22-ounce capacity and a dust-proof and leak-proof lid, which makes it great to use even if you're tossing it in the backseat.


16. This Hot Air Brush And Styler That Is Suitable For Every Hair Type

Vidal Sasson Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer, $20, Amazon

Once you hair is 90 percent dry — from blow drying or air drying — you can turn to this hot airbrush help finish drying it as well as style it and add volume. It comes with a 1-inch barrel, two heat settings, and has a tip that stays cool, so you're less like to burn yourself.


17. A Pad That Prevents Heel Rubbing, Blisters, And Shoes From Slipping

fibee Heel Pads, $10 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Prevent pain from blisters with these clear heel pads, which are designed for anyone who has ever struggled with calluses, forefoot pain, heel discomfort, or other issues with shoe wear — and honestly, who hasn't? These pads are made from silica gel, are highly elastic, and can keep your shoes from sliding up and down your heel if they get too loose. They're also reusable and come in one size that fits all.


18. This Flexible Flashlight That Can Go Where No Other Flashlight Has Gone Before

Striker Concepts FLEXiT 2.0, $25, Amazon

This may not look like a flashlight, but that's exactly what it is, and it's changing the game. Magnetic and flexible, this is weird-looking flashlight not only allows you to use it hands-free but it also fits into awkward spaces no regular flashlight ever could — which is bound to save the day at some point.


19. A Nonstick Frying With A Detachable Handle That's Great For Camping Trips

Cleverona 11-Inch Fry Pan with Detachable Handle, $27, Amazon

This frying pan is a solid buy for your home because it withstands heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, is 11-inches wide, and is made with durable, reinforced non-stick coating. But the real reason to actually love this frying pan is that it comes with a handle you can snap on or off. This makes it easy to clean and store the pan, but more importantly, if you're cooking over an open fire, it makes it simpler to pack up and store this pan after you're done.


20. These Plastic Cutting Boards That Sterilize In Just 60 Seconds

Kitopia’s Plastic Cutting Board Set, $19 (Set of 3), Amazon

Made from strong, durable polypropylene that's odor- and scratch-resistant, these three colorful cutting boards are simplicity at its finest. Toss these in the microwave and within 60 seconds, bacteria will be history. Safe to use in the dishwasher, these boards also have non-slip rubber ends and textured surfaces, which help prevent against slips and slides during use.


21. A Multi-Tool Card That's Like Having A Whole Tool Box In Your Wallet

smartRSQ 37-in-1 Wallet Multi-tool Card, $18, Amazon

Survive whatever life throws at you with this multi-tool card at your disposal. Whether you need to open a bottle or peel a vegetable, this tool card can come to the rescue. Unlike similar products on the market this one is made from heavy-duty alloy, which won't corrode or rust. It has 37 unique functions, which means it can really enhance your emergency kit and ensure you're prepared for anything. It also fits in most wallets, pockets, and pouches.


22. This Cosmetic Bag That You Can Lay Out Completely Flat And Find Anything In

Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag, $27, Amazon

This Lay-n-Go Cosmo bag opens flat which not only makes it easy to easy everything in your makeup bag, it provides a surface to layout your products and is easy to pack it all back up. Easy to travel with and available in a range of colors, this even has a lip to stop things from rolling off. You can also slip it in the wash if you're worried about getting stains on it, which gives this roomy bag a big edge.


23. An Inverted Umbrella That'll Keep You Dryer Than A Normal Umbrella

Ylovetoys Inverted Umbrella, $21, Amazon

Made with a unique inside-out design, this reversible folding umbrella has an outside wet layer that becomes the inside layer after closing. It not only can help you stay dryer, but it also keeps the umbrella from dripping all over your floors, so your floors and cars don't get exposed to excess moisture. This is three times more water-resistant than a normal umbrella and has an ergonomic handle, so you can hold onto it and still use your smartphone at the same time.


24. This Splatter Lid So Your Microwave Doesn't Get Covered In Crud

Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid, $12, Amazon

Simple but practical, this splatter lid prevents you microwave from getting splattered with grease and food. It attaches to most plate sizes, and when not in use, it attaches to the top of a microwave without obscuring vents, which means you don't have to worry about where to store it, either.


25. A Set Of No-Tie Shoelaces So You Stop Stumbling Over Your Feet

Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces System, $10, Amazon

Instantly turn your sneakers into slip-ons with these no-tie laces. They're made from polyester, lock in place, and are simple to install. Reviewers say it's like combining memory foam with shoelaces, that's the level of comfort they offer. These flat no-tie laces are different from other options and work especially well for hikers, bikers, kids, and anyone with limited mobility.


26. These Silicone BBQ Gloves That You Can Use All The Time To Keep Your Hands Safe During Cooking

SBDW Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves, $16, Amazon

These multi-purpose grill gloves are great for indoor or outdoor cooking, baking, hot food handling, and so much more but what really makes them great is that the flexible silicone doesn't limit your dexterity they way so many oven mitts do. They're heat-resistant, odor-resistant, durable, and non-toxic as well as features an internal cotton lining.


27. A Professional-Quality Spatula So You'll Always Have A Handle On Your Grub

Westmark Double Turner Spatula, $13, Amazon

Reviewers of this double-spatula tongs say it's not only great to have in the kitchen, but also for camping trips. "This combination spatula/turner is great for camping," noted one reviewer. Compact yet lightweight, the tips of this grasp onto meats you're grilling, so flavorful juices are able to escape. Plus, each spatula can be detached from the tongs and used on its own. It's also made from heat-resistant aluminum that is safe to use for up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.


28. This Specially-Formulated Spray That Gets Rid Of Wrinkles

Cold Iron Wrinkle Release Spray, $15, Amazon

Cut your ironing time in half with this wrinkle-release spray, which works as a great ironing alternative to get rid of wrinkles and creases in clothes. This plant-based formula won't stain clothing, and has a crisp mojito citrus-mint spray that'll leave garments smelling great.


29. An Earbud Organizer That'll Keep Cords From Getting Too Tangled

Bluelounge Cable Management System, $13, Amazon

Tangled cords can be a hassle to deal with, especially when it happens to your earbuds. Luckily, with this cable management system, you can organize your earbuds and keep the cord from becoming a big mess. The spool is made from soft silicone and has a magnetic center, which grasps and holds earphones securely to reduce knotting. The slim design of this organizer also makes it convenient to pop in a backpack or purse.


30. This Smartphone Charger That'll Actually Fit In Your Cupholder

iXCC Five-Port Car Charger, $15, Amazon

This USB charging port has five USB plugs, fits in your cup holder, and plugs into your cigarette lighter. It's compatible with most smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices and has a safety chip built in to prevent over-voltage.

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