30 Weird Things With A Cult Following On Amazon That Are Practical AF

By Emily Estep
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If you're still irritated that smartphones don't have headphone jacks anymore, you might be wondering — where have all the practical items gone? Never fear! There are still a lot of products that are practical AF out there, intuitive to use and quick to master. If only phone companies would take the hint!

These practical items can initially seem pretty weird, but sometimes you have to sacrifice normalcy for true genius. For example, you may have never considered installing a motion sensor light directly inside your toilet, but now I bet you want one to illuminate your path when you wake up after a rowdy night out.

Weird yet practical gadgets are all over Amazon, with some testing better than others. We've done the homework and found some of the very best: Amazon products that have a huge cult following, with many boasting more than 1,000 excellent reviews. This way, you won't be taking such a huge leap when you commit to purchasing a USB solar charger that drapes over your back on long hikes.

These genius ideas are so brilliant that it's hard to believe they're not a staple in every home, from kitchen gadgets like an herb stripper to money-saving, environmentally-friendly dryer balls. And once you get them, you’ll see — they’re practically brilliant.

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