31 '90s Movie Posters That Still Make No Sense

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One of my favorite things about going to the movies is walking around the lobby and looking at the framed, one-sheet posters of upcoming film releases. Pursuing full-size new movie posters is part of the theater experience that streaming channels can’t quite replicate. Movie posters have the difficult job of summing up a movie’s tone, story, and appeal, all in a single graphic. There are designs that have become classics, like The Rocky Horror Picture Show lips or Jaws floating right below a bikini-clad swimmer. But some movie posters — especially ones from the ‘90s — can be a little misleading about the subject matter, or just not seem to have a real purpose. These 31 ‘90s movie posters seriously make no sense, even when viewed today.

It’s not that all of these movie posters are bad, exactly. (Though, let’s be real: some of them very much are.) You might even see some of your favorites on this list — even images that have become iconic. But look at each one individually. Really look, and try to imagine that you know nothing about the movies they’re advertising. Now, could you blame an uninformed viewer for getting confused? Keep on clicking to see the 31 movie posters from the ‘90s that still, to this day, make zero sense.

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