31 Amazing Products on Amazon That Basically Work Miracles

How did we ever live before Amazon Prime? Just a few keystrokes and everything we never knew we needed comes right to our doorstep in 2 days. And there’s a world of great products out there — you can order up the latest developments in the K-Beauty craze, try out new kitchen gadgets, or organize your entire closet with a few items. You can do all of your shopping whether you’re killing time waiting for the printer to finish spitting out the umpteenth copy of your presentation, or in your pajamas. But perhaps best of all, you can find amazing products on Amazon that basically work miracles — and you could never find them so easily in a store.

Ah, yes, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a nice long session of retail therapy courtesy of Amazon, particularly when the end result is some honestly revolutionary products that will make your life easier. You see, sometimes retail therapy can be truly rewarding, like when you uncover a product that actually adds value to your life. From cult-favorite solutions for dry feet to the bra that actually provides support, these Amazon superstars are sure to have you sitting by your mailbox just waiting for the next Prime delivery. Get clicking!

1. The Genius Socks That Seriously Moisturize Cracked Feet

Zen Toes Moisturizing Heel Socks, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Cracked heels can be incredibly painful, and with Zen Toes is just the thing to rid you of them. These cotton-blend heel socks let your toes hang out while you slather on a coat of your favorite moisturizer and wake up to soft and supple heels the next morning. Crafted with light compression for support during the night, they also stay put without bunching. Feel-good bonus: Zen Toes employs members of a community rehabilitation program in Wisconsin for their packaging.


2. The Super-Trendy Gold Face Mask That Leaves You Looking Fresh As A Daisy

Elixir Gold Korean Face Mask, $13, Amazon

The Elixir Gold Korean Face Mask is that affordable-yet-luxurious skin care fix you’ve been searching for. Packed with collagen, Coenzyme Q-10, and yes, gold, this spa-quality dermal therapy treatment detoxifies, minimizes pores, brightens, and moisturizes. Why gold? It increases blood circulation, and makes you feel like a Kardashian (okay, that’s just conjecture). The mask is also 100 percent cruelty-free.


3. The Genius Gadget That Will Save You From Throwing Out All Those Berries

Berry Keeper, $10, Amazon

The Berry Keeper is the killer kitchen hack to save you money — this two-in-one device doubles as a colander and enables you to preserve your berries for a longer time in the fridge. Place them in one of two compartments: the bottom for harder berries, like strawberries, the top for softer, like blueberries and raspberries. It also includes a reservoir for water to hydrate the berries, and a vent preserves airflow to keep them fresh.


4. The Cult-Favorite Kitchen Gadget That Will Probably Change Your Life

Instant Pot, $80, Amazon

You can’t post a cat meme on social media anymore without running up against someone’s Instant Pot recipe of the week. That’s because it has six functions and is incredibly versatile: it’s a stainless steel pressure cooker and a rice cooker, plus it sautés, steams, makes cakes, and warms. All this functionality delivers the set-it-and-forget-it ease of a slow cooker and clears the way on your counter by eliminating the need for a bunch of other appliances, too.


5. The Crazy Contraption That Lets You Watch Videos Without Holding Your Phone

Phone Holder, $20, Amazon

The Phone Holder will ensure none of your regular smartphone activities are a pain in the neck — because this adjustable, multi-angle device holds your cell phone so you don’t have to. It’s compatible with just about every smartphone on the market, and crafted from a durable aluminum magnesium alloy to stand up to ongoing use as well as whatever crazy positions you find to bend it into. It’s also stable enough to sit on your desk for use in the office.


6. This Incredible Cornucopia Of Face Masks

Etude House Mask Set, $15 (15 Pack), Amazon

Who doesn’t love applying a soothing sheet mask at the end of a hard day? For the price of this 15-piece set from K-beauty brand Etude House, you can’t not love them. Plus, among this range you find buzzworthy ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, manuka honey, and even snail residue. It also comes with Soltree Oil Hemp Blotting Papers, and one reviewer writes: "These are the masks that made me understand the sheet-mask fuss."


7. The Ingenious Heel Stick That Easily Applies Aloe To Dry Spots

Miracle Heel Stick, $10, Amazon

The Miracle Heel Stick gets its oomph from ultra-aloe processed gel harvested from organically grown mature aloe leaves. That’s then fortified with soothing shea and cocoa butter, as well as tea tree oil, included for its antiseptic properties. Yes, this product is marketed for heels, and smoothing cracks and rough skin fast, but you can totally use it on your rough elbows and cuticles, too.


8. The Funniest Party Game Ever To Win Your Next Night In

What Do You Meme?, $30, Amazon

If you’re looking for a card game, look no further than What Do You Meme? Three to 20 players compete to create the funniest memes by pairing caption cards with photo cards and players rotate to judge the winner of each round. Sure, it's a little NSFW, but one Amazon user says: “I laughed so hard I had a full six pack of abs by the time I woke up the next day.” Now that’s the kind of workout I can get behind.


9. The Little Gadget That Reminds You To Stand Up Straight

Posture Corrector, $27, Amazon

The Posture Corrector is a nifty lightweight brace that will undo the damage you’ve done hunched over your work computer for so many years — it creates a comfortable way to sit up straight, which takes pressure off your back and shoulders. The discreet design isn’t noticeable under clothes, so you can put it on under your shirt or blouse without worrying about people noticing it, and it'll fit almost anyone. Plus, thanks to the body’s long-term muscle memory, you’ll reap the benefits long after you’ve stopped using it.


10. The Instagrammable Bra Everyone’s Talking About

Sticky Bra, $13, Amazon

Sticky Bra.” Granted, when you first read those two words together, your first thought may not be entirely positive, but this is made with pure medical-grade gel and adheres to your skin. Just pull the drawstring for customizable support — and with no shoulder or back straps and a deep front, this bra is terrific for strapless, backless and low-cut dresses.


11. The Wrap That Uses Ice And Pressure To Relieve Headaches And Migraines

Headache Hat, $40, Amazon

If you suffer from migraines like I do, you’ll be asking where this odd-looking oversized cooling head wrap, The Original Headache Hat, has been all your life. Made from soft, comforting cotton, spandex and microfleece, the patented hat wraps around the top of your head down to cover your eyes and most of your ears, blocking out aggravating light. As if that weren’t genius enough, individually wrapped ice cubes provide an instant cooling sensation for all of the pain points on your head. The thick band, which has a Velcro closure, can also be adjusted to apply pressure on those pain points, and one Amazon user has this to say: “Headache Hat changed my life.”


12. The Game-Changing Dry Shampoo That Will Perfect Your Strands Even If They’re Freshly-Washed

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk, $20, Amazon

Use Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk just once, and you’ll be hooked — even if your hair is clean! This longtime celeb fave has been around since 1971 (who knew?), but Amazon users love it because it cleans up hair in minutes, adds volume and texture even to freshly-washed hair, and its ultra-fine powder doesn’t leave a “weird residue.” The Oat Milk formulation is perfect for all hair types. When you’re running out the door, this is the choice you want to make...your hair will thank you.


13. The Revolutionary Straightener That Actually Locks Moisture Into Your Hair

Huachi Flat Iron, $40, Amazon

Want to straighten your hair without damaging it? Well, this Huachi Flat Iron might be the solution — it has an ingenious steam chamber that actually locks moisture into your hair while you're styling. The end result is a 'do universally acclaimed by reviewers as shiny and smooth, plus your hair will have a more nourished-looking overall appearance. As an added bonus, reviewers add that styling with the Huachi also takes less time.


14. The Genius Bottle Cooler That Keeps Your Beer Cold And Has a Built-In Opener

Frosty Beer 2 Go, $30, Amazon

The Frosty Beer 2 Go is a brilliant solution for those who hold onto their beers and soda bottles long enough that they keep getting warm — its unique design that accommodates not only all standard size cans, but bottles, too. Made from insulated stainless steel, it’s super-durable, so it’s ideal for outdoor use. Plus, the detachable lid covers your beer bottle and includes a convenient opener. These guys thought of everything.


15. The Shark Tank Sensation That Keeps Your Gloves Clean And Smelling Sweet

Glovestix, $30, Amazon

Outdoor activities leaving you with sweaty hands and gloves? That can really cause some unsavory odors and bacteria, and now Glovestix has the answer. This unique, award-winning product was featured on Shark Tank because it eliminates 99.9 percent of the odor-causing bacteria on your gloves’ surfaces, thus neutralizing the odor as opposed to just covering it up like cedar would or other refreshers. It even works for boots and shoes, too, and lasts for up to 10 years.


16. The Amazing Tea Set That Comes With An Infusion Pot

Cusinim Tea Set, $40, Amazon

If you’re a tea lover, the Cusinim Tea Set will satisfy even the pickiest palate. Tea lovers are notoriously persnickety people (don’t get me started on lemon vs. milk), and the pot that’s at the center of this set does it the right way with its heat-resistant glass design and removable stainless steel infusion chamber. The brewing volume accommodates up to 4 cups, kept warm by the accompanying cozy sleeve. Plus, it comes with a super-cute bamboo teapot coaster.


17. The Small-But-Mighty USB Travel Humidifier That Also Purifies The Air Without Making A Peep

Cleefun Cool Mist Humidifier, $16, Amazon

It's incredibly lightweight, but this Cool Mist Humidifier really packs a punch: It provides over 3 gallons of output every 24 hours and fits perfectly into a car's cupholder. Not only does this unit have a tiny footprint, it’s also multifunctional — it filters the air, serves as a nightlight with multiple LED settings, and has two mist modes, which both feature an automatic switch-off. Most importantly, it does all of this in near-complete silence. Humidifiers add some much-needed moisture to the air, which helps out people with allergies and keeps skin hydrated, so there's plenty of benefits to this machine.


18. The Genius Gadget For Making Your Home Manicure Foolproof AF

tweexy, $10, Amazon

If you do your own nails, tweexy — a wearable nail polish bottle holder — is definitely one of those things you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without. It’s a flexible silicone ring that fits on any finger, and it's topped with a gripper that holds a polish bottle securely, allowing you to polish freely without having to hold the bottle down. You can even transfer it from one hand to the other, and the rubber wings will hold the bottle securely in its crown.


19. The Revolutionary Foam Roller That Blasts Away Your Post-Workout Pain Two Ways

NextRoller, $100, Amazon

Designed by athletes for athletes, the NextRoller packs an awful lot of recovery and rejuvenation — “the elite recovery methods of the pros” — into its 13-inch long, 3-pound frame. Yes, the NextRoller is covered in foam that digs right into your trigger points to achieve optimum myofascial release. The real secret to this device, however, lies in its three vibration speeds: low intensity (20 hertz), designed to help the body open up over time; medium intensity (40 hertz), designed to target muscles after a tough workout; and high intensity (67 hertz), designed to deliver relief to the muscles needing the most pressure.


20. The Can’t-Live-Without Treatment That One User Compares To A “Star Wars Blaster For Cystic Acne”

Cystic Acne Spot Treatment, $24, Amazon

Anyone suffering from cystic acne knows that it can be quite painful, and this product from TreeActiv has proven to be such an effective remedy. A fresh-smelling combo of Bentonite clay, tea tree water, vitamin C, and essential oils, it goes on thick and works quickly to get rid of redness, swelling, and underlying inflammation. Unlike other remedies, this one also reduces scarring, which makes it a customer favorite. It can be used even in combination with prescription treatments because it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin.


21. The Crazy Underwear Accessory That Makes It Safe For Anyone To Be Downwind Of You At The Chili Cookoff

Subtle Butt, $13, Amazon

If you're feeling a little, um, gassy, Subtle Butt is here to provide a little comfort and security. These activated charcoal pads affix to the inside of your underwear — as the manufacturer says, “it goes exactly where you think it goes” — with a pair of adhesive strips and filters the odor from intestinal gas as it’s released. They’re also antimicrobial, incredibly thin, and remain completely discreet. One reviewer writes: "No longer am I the victim to my own pernicious digestion, but the master of these ocean winds."


22.The Brilliant Utensil For Getting The Very Last Drop Out Of Of Everything You Love That’s In A Bottle

Spatty Daddy, $8, Amazon

Thanks to the Spatty Daddy, your favorite products are now good down to the bitter end — this BPA-free dishwasher-safe spatula gets the most out of just about everything, from your favorite foundation to that delicious garlic truffle aioli. It fits into virtually any bottle, jar, or tube, practically eliminating waste. You’ll find a million reasons to pull out the Spatty Daddy — one reviewer, having purchased it to milk the last drop from her beauty products, raved that it saved her son’s tree was the only thing small and flexible enough to assist in feedings!


23. The Tape That Finally Keeps Your Clothes Completely Secure

Fashion Tape, $16 (3 Packs), Amazon

Fashion Tape is every stylist’s best friend, and now it can be yours, too. This hypoallergenic medical-grade tape is easy on your skin and double-sided to adhere both to you and your #OOTD, plus it leaves no residue. Naturally, we all think of it as useful for preventing those pesky wardrobe malfunctions, but it’s also perfect for quick hems and other repairs — no sewing, ironing or pins required. Use it to keep a sliding bra strap in place, or to hold button-down shirts closed. You’ll wonder how you lived without it all this time.


24. The Genius Cosmetics Bag That Makes Cleaning Up Your Bathroom Counter Amazingly Fast And Simple

Lazy Cosmetics Bag, $9, Amazon

The Lazy Cosmetics Bag could easily cut your bathroom cleaning time in half. This super-cute pouch, made of scratch- and water-resistant Oxford nylon, spreads out like a circle on your counter, providing a clean surface for all your favorite beauty products. When you’re done, simply gather it all and tighten the drawstrings to form a bag, then seal with the Velcro closure — it’s that simple. The strings are long enough to allow for hanging from the back of a door, from a hook on the wall, or in a closet for easy stowing. If you’re a skin-care junkie, buy an extra for all those products, too.


25. The Ingenious Device That Ices Down Any Beverage In One Minute Flat

Hyperchiller, $30, Amazon

If you’re a fan of iced coffee, or basically any super cold (non-carbonated) beverage, it’s time to introduce yourself to the Hyperchiller. This insulated cooler can chill your drink by up to 130-degrees in 60 seconds without dilution, giving you a delicious cold beverage without a trip to the café. While it’s made for iced coffee, as its 12.5-ounce capacity is designed to conveniently fit under most full-size single-cup brewers, the Hyperchiller will also cool any liquid without dilution or a change in flavor, thanks to the two layers of food grade stainless steel at its center. Like your martinis cold neither shaken nor stirred, but cold as ice? The Hyperchiller could be your new BFF.


26. This Magic Wand Makes The Side Effects Of Drinking Wine Disappear

The Wand, $60 (24 Pack), Amazon

Even the most skeptical Amazon reviewers are head over heels for these patented magic wands, because they’re now able to drink wine again without the headaches, stuffiness, flushing and night sweats. The Wand filters out the histamines and sulfite preservatives that trigger allergies in many oenophiles, causing these aggravating reactions and ruining many a fun night out. They’re easy to use, portable, and disposable, as well as FDA approved and BPA-free. One reviewer writes: "OMG!!!! This works. I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream! Thank you PureWine. This is really a breakthrough for me."


27. This Miracle Pillow Looks Funny, But The Comfy, Cozy Rest Side Sleepers Get With It Is No Joke

Side Sleeper, $48, Amazon

This pillow has a weird shape for a reason — it’s crafted specifically to meet the needs of side sleepers, with an ergonomic design that curves around the body to support the head and align the neck and shoulders while sleeping. With everyday bed pillows, your neck is often tilted at an unnatural angle when sleeping on your side. This pillow is a real step up: Crafted from premium shredded plush memory foam, it cradles your head and neck, so you don’t have to support it with your arm, and the lush polyester cover feels supremely soft against skin. Plus, it’s great for travel.


28. The Revolutionary Silicone Scrubber You’ll Use On Everything From Your Cat To Your Casserole To Your Calves

Bump It Off, $10, Amazon

Don’t you just love a gadget that’s multipurpose? You’ll find uses for this silicone scrubber in practically every room in the house: Use it with your favorite spot remover to loosen and lift stains, scrub your pots and pans without scratching, clean your fruits and veggies, use it as a massager and exfoliant, and even groom your pets while watching TV in the living room. Yes, okay, you might want to wash it between all those uses, but you can easily get it clean and sterile — it’s top rack dishwasher-safe. It'll last much longer than your scrubber sponge, and is much more hygienic and eco-friendly, too.


29. These Awesome Eco-Friendly Cloths Are A Delightful Treat For Your Sensitive Skin And Save You Tons Of Money Too

Makeup Remover Cloths, $20 (5 Pack), Amazon

These ultra-soft cloths are an amazing go-to for those who love makeup remover wipes for their cleansing power against a full face of cosmetics, but find them irritating. All these cloths require is water to work their magic — just a few gentle circular motions, and all your makeup will be gone. Users rave about both this cloth’s softness — “Like rabbit fur” says one — and its scrubbing power — “It even took off my super tough Tarte waterproof mascara. A-maz-ing!” Plus, these cloths are chemical-free and washable, meaning it’s good for the environment, too.


30. The Genius Designer Ice Maker Delivers Crystal Clear Ice Every Time

Clear Ice Cube Tray, $14, Amazon

This specialty ice tray is the perfect gift for your friend the mixologist or anyone who just plain loves a good cocktail — and then there are the people who are super picky about ice (raises hand). The insulated base in this device freezes the ice from top to bottom, removing the bubbles and impurities that make normal ice look cloudy to give you four clear cubes of ice. There’s no need to use filtered, boiled or distilled water, just normal tap water will do, and the interior silicone mold removes easily for quick and hassle-free cleaning.


31. The Killer Air Fryer Accessory That Makes Everything Crispy

Copper Crisper, $20, Amazon

If you have an air fryer, this accessory is that must-have you’ve been looking for to make everything you’re cooking just that much crispier and crunchier — and surprise, it’s copper! With this premium ceramic-coated nonstick basket, you won’t need any butter, oil or cooking spray for your french fries, fried chicken, or mozzarella sticks. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, flame-proof, and heat-resistant up to 500-degrees.

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