31 Comfy Outfits Under $35 That Actually Make You Look Good When You're Being Lazy

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I’m a firm believer in fashion psychology: that the clothes we wear send a powerful message to ourselves. When you’re at home all day, it’s tempting to reach for the joggers again — and yeah, you definitely need a few great pairs of those too — but sometimes you just want to dress up a little bit, if only for yourself. Comfy outfits that actually look good are a rare breed but they really are a gift from the fashion gods.

You might be surprised by some of the styles here — after all, a button-down dress wouldn’t typically strike you as a “lazy day” outfit, but if it comes in a stretchy jersey that feels like a pair of famously buttery soft leggings? That’s another matter entirely. You’ll find lots of dresses here for their one-and-done ease, as well as trendy separates from of-the-moment bike shorts to Insta-worthy statement tops that are secretly so comfortable. Classic tees and easygoing button-downs are all on the menu, as well as cozy cardigans to layer on when the weather gets chilly.

In terms of material considerations, cotton is classic because it’s soft, durable, and breathable. Rayon blends are popular — they seriously feel like pajamas — but a quality polyester knit can lock in the same qualities. And an airy crepe literally floats over you.

Loose, flowing silhouettes are easier to curl up in (or spread out on the couch) but if you want more shape, soft-belted waists anchor oversized styles, and a delicate elastic band on off-the-shoulder pieces creates shape that can still move with you.

Below you'll find 32 stylish finds you’re going to rave about to friends, “You won’t believe how comfortable this is.”

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