31 Hurricane Irma Tweets That Emphasize The Storm's Intensity As It Makes Landfall


Hurricane Irma has just made landfall on the tiny Caribbean island of Barbuda, with many reports indicating that the eye of the storm passed directly over the island. Understandably, many people are very concerned about the storm's impact on the tiny island, as well as by what impact the storm will have on other Caribbean islands and possibly the United States. This concern is exemplified in many of the recent tweets about Hurricane Irma.

Twitter users have begun sharing some of the very few updates available thus far from Barbuda. Additionally, many users are expressing horror and shock at the size and scope of the storm, which is reportedly one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic.

Many users have indicated that their friends and relatives reside in areas possibly in the storm's upcoming path, including the rest of the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico, as well as Florida and other U.S. states. They have expressed extreme concern for their welfare, especially considering how strongly the hurricane seems to have impacted Barbuda, and are wondering how exactly they can help those still awaiting the storm's arrival.

Hurricane Irma is clearly a very powerful storm and, unfortunately, its complete trajectory and full impact is still very much unknown. In the meantime, those on Twitter are seeking comfort among others as well as sharing storm updates and information.

1. Eye Of The Storm

Lala on Twitter

The impact of very large storm like Irma could be devastating for the tiny island of Barbuda.

2. Irma's Arrival

Robin Seemangal on Twitter

A video clip from a local television staton in Barbuda reveals terrifyingly high winds and significant rain as the storm arrives.

3. Wondering Where Irma Will Hit

Michele Miller on Twitter

This woman describes her concern as the world waits to see what path Irma will continue to take.

4. Terrifying

Rachel L on Twitter

This Twitter user notes how fearful she (and likely many others) are of Irma and its potential for destruction.

5. Worried For Honeymooners

Elle Tee on Twitter

This woman notes that her brother and his wife are stuck on the popular tourist island of St. Martin, which unfortunately seems to be directly in the hurricane's path.

6. Eye Over Barbuda

Patrick Coady on Twitter

This satellite image shows the small island of Barbuda being completely encapsulated by Hurricane Irma.

7. Prayers For Everyone

. on Twitter

This Twitter user expresses the sentiments of many as they watch Hurricane Irma unfold.

8. Can't Sleep

m on Twitter

This woman is so worried, she can't sleep.

9. As Strong As An Earthquake

Khaleesi on Twitter

This Twitter user notes that Irma is reportedly such a strong storm that it is registering on earthquake-detecting seismometers.

10. The World Must Help

Juliana Diaz on Twitter

This Twitter user notes that people need to be prepared to help others in the wake of Irma, just as they did (and are continuing to do) following Hurricane Harvey.

11. Keep Donating

Santiago Sullivan on Twitter

This Twitter users strongly encourages others to donate to help those affected by Irma, as the storm's impact could be catastrophic.

12. No Contact

Robin Seemangal on Twitter

This tweet notes that nearby islands reportedly lost contact with Barbuda, something which, if accurate, is highly disconcerting.

13. Looking For Updates

SheriH/gab.ai on Twitter

Many users expressed concern for the seeming lack of information coming out of Barbuda thus far and are fearful for the island's residents.

14. No Communication

G on Twitter

No word yet from Barbuda.

15. Waiting For Daylight

The Invisible Man on Twitter

Unfortunately, Irma hit Barbuda in the middle of the night, rendering conditions even more challenging for its residents and meaning that the full extent of Irma's destruction will not be known until daytime.

16. No Fear

Martin A. Ross on Twitter

This man commends the brave "hurricane hunters" who fly planes through storms in order to better understand and track their movement and intensity.

17. Global Warming

Writer C.C.Allentini on Twitter

This Twitter user speculates that the preponderance of significant hurricanes lately may be a sign of worsening global warming.

18. Irma Vs. Katrina

Ruth Moreno on Twitter

Having experienced Hurricane Katrina while in the Caribbean, this woman believes that Irma's trajectory is unfortunately even more alarming.

19. Look After Your Pets

MariaSteve Smith on Twitter

This woman reminds those in the storm's path to take care of their animals, as well as themselves.

20. Really Scared

Emily Davis on Twitter

This Twitter user describes her profound fear of Irma, something which many are likely feeling.

21. Donate To The Red Cross

Caitlin Kelly on Twitter

This woman encourages others to donate to the disaster relief organization to help provide as much funding and as many provisions as possible as the world waits to find out the impact of Irma.

22. If You Need Help ...

☻ᏒᎥϮ ♛ on Twitter

This Twitter user encourages those seeing assistance to let others on Twitter know what they need.

23. Nowhere To Go

Garrett on Twitter

This Twitter user highlights the terrifying prospect of facing a hurricane while on an island.

24. Extremely Worried

caitlin on Twitter

This woman, like many users, is looking for updates on the welfare of Barbuda's residents, as little information is currently available.

25. Bird's Eye View

Wayne Eric Chew on Twitter

The satellite image of Irma demonstrates its alarming power and size.

26. No Sleep

Robin on Twitter

This Twitter user notes that they will not sleep until they know that those in the Caribbean are safe.

27. Plane Views

Jenny Moure on Twitter

This woman shares a scary picture that reportedly shows what Irma looks like from the inside of a plane that is flying through the storm.

28. Protect Us All

Nelva on Twitter

A woman seemingly on the island of St. Martin asks for God's protection as the hurricane approaches.

29. Incredibly Strong Winds

👨‍🚀 Rick Hunter 🚀 on Twitter

This Twitter user makes note of the incredible (and terrifying) strength of the winds in Barbuda as Irma hit.

30. Don't Want To Think The Worst

Hurricane Watcher on Twitter

This Twitter user hopes that the lack of communication from Barbuda thus far means that equipment is damaged but that residents are still safe.

31. Hurricane Checklist

Mohammed on Twitter

Overall, sadly Irma is still unfolding and could continue to impact a variety of places throughout the Caribbean and the United States. These tweets exemplify the concern and fear many are feeling as Irma makes its way through the Caribbean and demonstrate the storm's terrifying power. Hopefully those in Irma's path are staying safe and know that many are thinking of them and are ready to help after the storm passes.