31 Life-Hack Products On Amazon Devout Redditors Swear By


It might sound dramatic, given the fact that they're complete strangers — but when it comes to life advice, I'd trust Reddit users with just about anything. Nowadays, most of my Reddit research goes toward finding quirky but brilliant products that I never would've found otherwise — but if Reddit was around when I was growing up, I think I would've been a hell of a lot less confused about how to adequately handle puberty. (Yep, it's that useful.)

While the so-called "front page of the internet" is filled with threads on virtually any topic you can think of, it's especially awesome if you're looking to do some informed shopping. The best beauty boards have some of the most wonderful makeup recommendations I've ever found, and Reddit's Shut Up And Take My Money has inspired many an article about random but clever products that'll change your life. But why am I so quick to entrust the fate of my paychecks to a bunch of people I've never met?

Simple: Since Reddit users are typically thorough and descriptive, I often know everything I need to know about a product before clicking the "add to cart" button. Pertaining to all things tech, lifestyle, and beauty, they're really great at finding the life-hack products that are total game changers. If you're looking to improve your daily routine astronomically, check out 31 of the best product recommendations sourced from real Redditors.

1. These Tracker Tiles So You Can Find All Your Essentials, Including Your Phone On Silent

Tile Mate Key Finder, $33 (4 Pack), Amazon

"I bought Tiles for my keys and wallet because I lose them so often," says Reddit user Nach0Man_RandySavage. "It's pretty useful to make your keys play a sound when you can't find them." This genius invention uses Bluetooth capabilities to help you locate any of your essentials. Simply loop one onto your key ring, stick one onto your luggage, and slip one into your wallet. Your phone then becomes the remote control to make all of the aforementioned items beep, and they work the other way around, too — If you lose your phone, clicking a Tile will make it ring, even if its on silent.


2. Make Your Own DIY Makeup Remover Pen With This Ingenious Hack

Pentel Arts Aquash Fine Point Water Brush, $7, Amazon

Rather than spending a ton of money on fine-point makeup remover pens that only last so long, Reddit user YukinoRyu makes their own with Pentel Arts Aquash pen brushes. Simply fill one with your favorite makeup remover, and thanks to the easy-squeeze barrel, you can apply just right amount anywhere you need it. "[The medium size is] precise enough when I need to erase in a straight line," YukinoRyu says, so if your eyeliner wings get a little out of hand, this is the ideal way to fix it without having to start all over.


3. A Solid Dash Cam — Perfect In Case You Ever Have To Prove That An Accident Wasn't Your Fault

JEEMAK Mini Dash Cam, $30, Amazon

"Dash cam," says Xenomorphs_in_disney. "Best investment I've ever made. You're instantly more credible than the other guy if there's an accident. Not to mention it's a great incentive to drive safe." This one from JEEMAK is extra small and unobtrusive, but it features a wide-angle HD resolution that can capture three lanes of traffic at once. It even has a G-sensor that'll automatically save the footage should a collision occur. The best news? It's also incredibly affordable, too.


4. A Simple Hack But A Great One: The Power Strip That Lets You Charge Everything All At Once

Zettaguard Mini 4-Outlet Travel Power Strip, $25, Amazon

Cool_Eth's recommendation is simple, but life-changing: "Power strips with USB ports." That way, you'll never run out of places to charge your devices — even if you don't have enough bricks. The Zettaguard travel power strip is surge-protected, has four grounded AC outlets, and five USB plugs that auto-detect your devices to maximize charging speeds. It's durable enough to keep on the floor, but sleek enough to live on your work desk or counter, too.


5. A Pressure Cooker To Make A Seven-Hour Roast (Or Anything Else) In Under 90 Minutes

Instant Pot Six-In-One Programmable Pressure Cooker, $60, Amazon

According to fernleon, a quality pressure cooker will absolutely change the way you prepare dinner, and a slow cooker does not even compare. "You can cook just about anything in a pressure cooker, from vegetables and grains to meat and fish. It significantly reduces the cook time for foods. Tough cuts of beef come out from the pressure cooker moist and tender while the slow cooker meat tastes dried out and overcooked."

Thankfully, the Instant Pot pressure cooker is widely considered one of the best — because it gives you six appliances in one and has ten built-in smart programs, so all you have to do is add in your ingredients and press a button. Most importantly, it can cook a seven-hour roast in 90 minutes.


6. This Oil Apparently Attracts Fish Like Bees On A Half-Melted Popsicle — So It's Awesome For Camping Trips

NOW Solutions Anise Oil, $7, Amazon

Yoshi_King12 is a fishing enthusiast that swears by anise oil. It apparently attracts all kinds of fish when rubbed on your bait. "I guarantee if a fish swims by a spot where there are 20 people fishing with the exact same set up but only [one] person with the oil of anise...the oil will catch the fish." This one is really affordable, but is made using only 100 pure oil distilled from anise seeds. (It can also be used for aromatherapy and DIY beauty recipes.)


7. A Simple Gadget That Overcomes Dry Skin, Sore Throats, Allergies, And Static

Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier, $51, Amazon

"Gone are the days of waking up every day in the winter with a sore throat and a crackly voice," says CliffGarbin, who finally bought a humidifier. According to countless other users, it's also an awesome method when it comes to tackling allergies, dry skin, and static electricity. The Honeywell Germ Free humidifier is one of the most highly-recommended options on Reddit because it's affordable, can run for up to 24 hours on one filling, and is one of the few models that won't get moldy within a couple weeks. That's because it's treated with an antimicrobial solution and has a filter that you can remove and replace.


8. An Ergonomic Stool That Actually Helps You Poop Better

Squatty Potty, $17, Amazon

In the category of products that've totally changed people's lives, user verywarymanx recommends "a Squatty Potty," and 925Copper agrees: "I have IBS-D. It makes a world of difference for me." This odd but surprisingly popular stool hacks your bathroom routine by lifting your legs up into a squatting position. This apparently straightens out the kink in your colon, helping you to quickly and effortlessly get things moving. It hugs your toilet bowl to prevent bathroom clutter, is ergonomically shaped thanks to its soft-texture grip and subtle slope, and is durable enough to support up to 350 pounds.


9. A Device That Allows You To Throw Out Your Iron

Joy Mangano My Little Steamer Go Mini, $20, Amazon

"A handheld steamer," says Saeta44, who recommends the Joy Mangano My Little Steamer. "[It] has changed my 'getting ready in the morning" game forever.' I cannot think of a reason to own an iron anymore and it just works so damn well." Thanks to its 900 watts of power, it removes wrinkles easily and helps sanitize garments in seconds. It also has a large capacity well, an 8-foot retractable cord, and five color options — plus it's extremely easy to travel with.


10. Heal Everything From Acne Scars To Burns With This Snail Mucus Essence

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, $21, Amazon

A cult-favorite on the beauty boards, Cosrx snail mucin uses actual snail secretion to hydrate and plump up skin, but ohsnowy uses it to heal everything else, too: "Oven burn on my knuckle. Ingrown hair. Oil splatter scald on my foot (yes, I'm a messy cook). Scrape on my arm. Anything that needs healing, I add snail." It's filtered and 96 percent pure to get the most nourishment possible — plus, it soaks into skin quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue.


11. This Cult-Favorite Bottle That Preserves The Taste And Temperature For Days

Hydro Flask Water Bottle, $45, Amazon

In a Reddit conversation about the importance of a good water bottle, 8bitcaffeinated says "I left my Hydro Flask in my car in 80 degree heat yesterday for a couple hours." Despite that, "the water was still cold and tasted great after." Others are obsessed because it's extremely durable, has tons of different lid attachment options, will keep you drinking water all day long, and can preserve the temperature of your hot or cold drinks for up to three days, thanks to its vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior. This one has a BPA-free straw attachment and tons of color and size options, too.


12. A Game-Changing Hair Tool That Makes It Look Like You Got A Professional Blow-Out

Conair Spin Infiniti Pro Hot Air Brush, $39, Amazon

When it comes to styling your hair quickly and easily, akua420 says that the Conair Spin Infiniti Pro hot air brush "is absolutely a game changer." Basically, it doubles as a straightening brush and a blow dryer because it directs the hot air through the center and between the bristles. In addition to its ceramic technology and concentrated ion generator, it also automatically spins to grab and volumize the hair without you having to move your wrist. "I have no talent doing hair, and now my hair looks beautiful like I've had a professional blow out when I use this."


13. A Game-Changing Pizza Stone For The Avid Home Cook

Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone, $30, Amazon

"Pizza stone" comments ninamica. "Once you reheat pizza using one you never go back. You just get it really hot and add pizza, tastes like fresh from pizzeria. Plus really good for reheating chicken wings too, gets them all crispy again." This pizza stone from Heritage is made from durable, quality ceramic, which heats evenly, won't break, and doesn't stain. It also warms up much faster than other stones and is super easy to clean. "My stone rarely leaves the oven. I cook everything on it," Reddit user rcowie agrees.


14. A Tongue Scraper Cleans Your Tongue So Effectively, It Actually Improves The Taste Of Food

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $7, Amazon

"Legit blew my mind that food tastes different if you don't clean your tongue regularly," HeavySweetness comments about the importance of tongue scrapers, which is why the Dr. Tung's tongue cleaner is a solid investment and a popular choice. It's made from sanitary stainless steel, but has two rubber handles for comfort and control. OC2k16 agrees, "Seriously, people need to get this. Brushing your tongue helps, but a scraper really does do a better job."


15. A Miracle Mixing Liquid That Instantly Revives Your Old Makeup

Inglot Duraline Liquid Sealer, $16, Amazon

Most people throw out their eyeliners, shadows, primers, and mascara once they get cakey or low on product, but according to Kmfr77, there's a better way. Inglot Duraline liquid sealer "is magical and does all the things," because it's a transparent, hypoallergenic formula that instantly revives your old makeup so it's easier to apply. Some also add it to their lip products to boost hydration and avoid that dry, flaky look — especially in the cold winter months.


16. A Light That Mimics The Sunrise Inside Your Bedroom To Hack Your Circadian Rhythm

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $98, Amazon

According to one Reddit user, the Philips wake-up alarm clock "made a huge difference" when it came to waking up peacefully and well-rested every morning. "Just the gradual process of waking up rather than the adrenaline shot of an abrupt noise starts my day off completely different." It hacks your circadian rhythm using a 200 LUX white light that mimics the sunrise, and it has dimming settings as well as gentle nature noises or FM radio. Lots of other users agree that it's definitely worth the price — especially since hooking your room up with smart bulbs is just as (if not more) expensive.


17. If The Dry Shampoo Life Hack Never Worked For You, This Brand Could Be The Answer

Batiste Dry Shampoo, $16 (3 Pack), Amazon

Dry shampoo is a pretty well-known life hack, but for loads of people on Reddit (like Panndademic), it never quite worked as intended: "It always just made me feel like 'well now my hair feels like I didn't rinse after shampooing' on top of the greasiness of delaying a wash." Batiste dry shampoo was the game-changer for so many users, because it actually absorbs dirt, odors, and oil without a chalky, heavy residue. For anyone with thin hair that's easily weighed down, this is huge. "A couple days ago someone actually complimented my hair after using Batiste and nothing else that morning."


18. A Knife Is That's Fun To Cut With, Reddit Users Are Cooking Entire Meals Solely Because Of It

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, $39, Amazon

Reddit users agree that having a great quality knife in the kitchen will make cooking more enjoyable, a hell of a lot easier, and much less teary when chopping onions. RowingCox (among others) recommends the Victorinox Fibrox Pro. "I have couple chef's knives but this is my go to 9/10 times. Even over more expensive options." Despite the fact that it's pretty affordable, the high-carbon stainless steel blade and slip-resistant ergonomic handle cut wonderfully and feel even better. "I had no idea cutting things could be so easy," says catfroman. "Like seriously, it's fun to just find shit to cut and at the end you have food."


19. A Shampoo Bar That's Biodegradable, Airport-Friendly, And Flat-Out Works Better

Coconut Argan Oil Shampoo Bar, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

"I swear by this stuff," says beesandsnakes in a comment about J.R. Liggett shampoo bars. "My hair is soft and shiny, my curls have volume for hours, and my scalp is neither greasy nor dry." They're an entirely biodegradable alternative to bottled shampoo, and they use quality ingredients and natural oils (like coconut and argan) to cleanse hair without stripping it of its moisture. "Bonus, the bars have minimal packaging, a nice scent, and you can slice off chunks for travel (easier going through airport security, will not explode in your bag, and doubles as body soap)."


20. A Waterproof Shower Speaker Makes Your Morning Routine Way More Enjoyable

VicTsing Shower Speaker, $20, Amazon

Reddit user PBR_MeASAP says that a waterproof shower speaker was the "best $25 [they] ever spent." The VicTsing shower speaker is even less on Amazon, and thanks to its crystal clear output, built-in mic, and six-hour rechargeable battery, it's way better than putting your phone in a plastic bag. It even has a hook and a suction cup so you can attach it virtually anywhere in your shower. With a 4.3-star rating and over 6,000 reviews, it's one of the most popular options on Amazon.


21. The Hydrocolloid Patches To Help Blemishes Heal Fast Without Scars Or Dry Spots

Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Dots, $13 (36 Pack), Amazon

AerinHawk uses hydrocolloid bandages, like these Mighty Patch dots, "for sucking the icky innards out of breakouts with absolutely no dried out craters the next day." They come in discreet, transparent patches that both protect the skin and soak all the gross stuff out of it, so the blemish can heal a ton faster. User sunsh1neee agrees: "These are legit lifesavers! Though the amount of gunk that comes out is truly horrifying sometimes."


22. This Cleanser That Gets Rid Of Rust And Build-Up Like Nobody's Business

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

In a thread about products that work almost too well, shenuhcide says, "I used Barkeepers Friend on my tub when I first moved in. It likely had years and years of soap scum on it... All the grey/dark scum scrubbed off easily and the bath tub was no longer disgusting. I wish I had taken before and after photos." Bar Keepers Friend soft cleanser is a premixed version that works just as well on rust stains, mineral deposits, grime, and soap scum — but it's ready to use right out of the bottle. Basically, if you want any fixture, appliance, counter, or utensil to look like you bought it yesterday, try this stuff.


23. These Smart Plugs Let You Control Your Electronics From Anywhere

Etekcity Voltson Wi-Fi Smart Plug, $26 (2 Pack), Amazon

"I have several smart plugs in the house," says CorgiAttackkk. "They plug into your normal plug and then you can plug your lamp or what not on it and control turning it on and off with an app. You even can do an automatic timer also. It's fantastic especially if you're already comfy and want to turn the light off." This pack of two is a number-one best-seller on Amazon because they work alongside Alexa or Google assistant, don't require a hub, install and connect easily, and even help you track your power usage.


24. A Quality Robovac — So You'll Only Have To 'Touch Up' Vacuum Once A Month

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S, $230, Amazon

One of the most life-improving purchases ever for smokehidesstars? "An inexpensive robovac, especially if you have a cat or dog that sheds a lot... I have one made by Eufy and it's amazing - I've gone from vacuuming weekly to "touch-up" vacuuming monthly." This is one of the more popular brands on Amazon because it can handle both hardwood and low-pile carpet, lasts for up to 100 minutes per session thanks to its powerful battery, and has accurate sensors to avoid walls, obstacles, and drops. It also automatically docks itself for charging and is surprisingly quiet, but despite all these high-end features, it's one of the most affordable models on the market.


25. These Unique Tools Are Easier Than Floss And More Hygienic Than Toothpicks

Piksters, $15 (40 Pack), Amazon

While trying to get away from toothpicks, Lady_badcrumble found Piksters and hasn't gone back. "They’re like a toothpick, but without all the porous wood soaking up bacteria. It’s like a little pipe cleaner, made to go between your teeth. I’ve seen a visible change in my gums and there’s a bonus: they feel fantastic to use." Basically, it's a portable and comfortable way to floss and brush simultaneously, and they even come with individual caps for easy travel.


26. This Water Repellent To Weather-Proof Your Windshield And Other Glass Surfaces

Rain-X Water Repellent Glass Treatment, $8, Amazon

According to several Reddit users, the Rain-X glass treatment actually repels water, causing it to bead up and roll away from the glass in seconds. It improves driving visibility, saves you money on wiper blades, and repels salt, mud, bugs, and snow, too. Some even use it on glass shower enclosures and side-mirrors to prevent fogging and streaking. Simply clean the surface, dampen a cloth with Rain-X, and apply two coats in a circular motion. After that, you'll have months of great visibility and a hassle-free windshield.


27. This Keypad For Your Front Door That Locks Automatically In 30 Seconds

Kwikset 909 SmartCode, $85, Amazon

"Paid $80 for a digital/keypad door lock for my front door," says ksuwildkat. "It auto locks after 30 seconds. No more wondering if I locked up. No more worries about keys. I can go on a run and not carry anything. I will NEVER not have a digital door again." The Kwikset 909 SmartCode also has a back-lit keypad for secure keyless entry, is surprisingly easy to install according to reviewers, and is both sleek and durable simultaneously.


28. An Intuitive Gadget That Lets You Turn Any TV Into A Smart TV

Roku Express, $30, Amazon

According to cplcarlman, "A Roku player with the PLEX app" is one of the best life-hack products because it gives you the "ability to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc." and is "enhanced by [your] ability to access home movies, photos, movie files, and music files using [your] remote control." It comes with an HDMI cable, hooks up to virtually any television, and turns it into a smart TV instantly. You can then watch all your favorite subscription services as well as access hundreds of apps, and people totally love its simple remote and intuitive navigation.


29. According To Reddit Users, Oil-Free Skin Care Is Not The Way To Go

KOSE SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil, $10, Amazon

Few people think to cleanse their skin with oil, but according to GalenYk, one in particular makes all the difference when transforming a red, uneven complexion: Kose Softymo speedy cleansing oil. "I started using [Softymo], and within three days the permanent redness on my chin was GONE. It was the calmest my skin had been since high school." People absolutely love it because it's gentle on sensitive areas, removes all traces of makeup with minimal effort, and helps to balance sebum production.


30. A Ridiculously Popular Power Bank To Extend Your Battery Life By One Entire Charge

Anker PowerCore+ Mini, $22, Amazon

"Since everyone nowadays is always on their cell phones, charge anxiety is definitely a thing as your phone's battery life starts getting low," says BPSteve, which is why a solid portable battery charger is a great investment. Loads of Reddit users recommend Anker because they're known for their powerful, reliable, and sleek products, and with 26,000 reviews, the Anker PowerCore+ Mini is easily their best-seller. It's roughly the size of a lipstick, but has a 3350mAh battery to add over one full charge to most smartphones. It also has a classy but durable aluminum exterior that comes in your choice of four colors.


31. An Affordable Bidet Attachment Vastly Improves Your Toilet

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Toilet Attachment, $25, Amazon

User Brooklyyyn23 advises people to "stop wiping [their butts] like pilgrims and invest in a bidet attachment," which has proven to be a major life improvement for this particular Redditor. The Astor bidet is a popular choice because it attaches to your toilet in ten minutes, doesn't require any external parts, and is incredibly affordable, despite its high reviews. It also has several settings and uses nothing but water pressure to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

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