31 Quotes From Celebs About Their Kids That Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

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Being a parent is not an easy job, even for celebs. It turns out that kids don't care how famous you are; this will not stop them from demanding food, wanting to watch television, or just generally pooping everywhere. The trials of parenthood are often humanizing for celebs, which is why we love to hear their hilarious stories. It doesn't matter if they are new parents like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend or seasoned vets like Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph, so many celebs have funny, moving quotes about their kids.

Whether it's on talk shows, award stages, or just in personal social media posts, celebrity parents love to talk about their kids — and they're even getting great material from their children, too. While usually the anecdotes are funny, they often show just how much the parents care about their kids. It's not uncommon for even famous parents to get a bit emotional when they talk about their children and, often enough, it'll cause us to do the same.

Whether hilarious or just plain adorable, these stories are bound to make you tear up a bit. Here are some of the best quotes from celebs about their kids and being parents.

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