31 Weird Yet Brilliant Shower Products You Never Knew You Needed

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Everyone's got their one daily thing that they do entirely for themselves. For me, that's my morning shower, and without it, I can kiss all my productivity, patience, and sanity goodbye. It's how I center myself for the day, so I'm pretty familiar with bizarre but brilliant shower products you didn't know you needed. Basically, I'm all about anything that can make those 15 minutes of my day just a little more relaxing and spa-like. If it changes colors or plays my "Happy Songs" playlist on Spotify, you can bet I'm a firm believer in it.

That said, I also shed like nobody's business, prefer water temperatures that are comparable to lava, and shave my legs just about every day. If I'm not careful, my daily relaxation activity goes from bliss to stress, and I'm left dealing with clogged drains, foggy mirrors, and nicks on my ankles.

Thankfully, these awesome shower accessories help with those things, too — by preventing those daily inconveniences, you can start your day off a whole lot smoother. If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom to a high-tech oasis that's a lovely combination of fun and functionality, look no further than these 31 random yet amazing shower products.

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