32 Genius Gadgets Under $40 On Amazon That Are Basically Out Of A Black Mirror Episode

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Black Mirror is science fiction, but sometimes it hits pretty close to home — and today’s modern world is actually filled with high-tech devices that would be right at home in the popular show. You see these cool gadgets everywhere: whether it's your techie cousin who always has the newest toys or someone flying a drone in the park, you'll no doubt bump into some of this gear fairly regularly. There's nowhere that the rise of technology is more apparent, however, than with the coolest gadgets on Amazon.

The massive online retailer is absolutely brimming with geeky gadgets and cool technology that makes you feel like you're on a sci-fi show. There are so many genius products on Amazon, in fact, that it's hard to know where to begin.

The range of products is impressive: You have everything from household items to electronics to kitchen gadgets. There are cool grooming tools like electric makeup brushes and automatic blackhead removers. Or there are smartphone accessories like Bluetooth padlocks and chargers that juice up your device by magic.

Some items make your life easier — helping chores go by faster or making cooking more efficient. Others are just plain cool. Take a scroll through this gallery of the most genius products on Amazon and pretend you're in San Junipero or, ya know, one of the less frightening episodes of Black Mirror.

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