32 Genius Gadgets Under $40 On Amazon That Are Basically Out Of A Black Mirror Episode

Black Mirror is science fiction, but sometimes it hits pretty close to home — and today’s modern world is actually filled with high-tech devices that would be right at home in the popular show. You see these cool gadgets everywhere: whether it's your techie cousin who always has the newest toys or someone flying a drone in the park, you'll no doubt bump into some of this gear fairly regularly. There's nowhere that the rise of technology is more apparent, however, than with the coolest gadgets on Amazon.

The massive online retailer is absolutely brimming with geeky gadgets and cool technology that makes you feel like you're on a sci-fi show. There are so many genius products on Amazon, in fact, that it's hard to know where to begin.

The range of products is impressive: You have everything from household items to electronics to kitchen gadgets. There are cool grooming tools like electric makeup brushes and automatic blackhead removers. Or there are smartphone accessories like Bluetooth padlocks and chargers that juice up your device by magic.

Some items make your life easier — helping chores go by faster or making cooking more efficient. Others are just plain cool. Take a scroll through this gallery of the most genius products on Amazon and pretend you're in San Junipero or, ya know, one of the less frightening episodes of Black Mirror.

1. A Set Of Virtual Reality Glasses That Morph The World Into 3-D

KAMLE VR Headset, $25, Amazon

These virtual reality glasses will make your Game Of Thrones re-watch a whole new experience. With a high-tech adsorption panel, the glasses connect to your smartphone, offering futuristic 3-D viewing when watching movies or playing video games. The glasses feature knobs you can use to adjust both focal and pupil distance, along with soft PU leather and a foam face protector. Although they can't convert images into 3-D formatting automatically, you can download 3-D apps or watch panorama videos.


2. A Glowing World Map That Mesmerizes You By Levitating Midair

Chavan Anti Gravity Levitation Globe, $20, Amazon

Using powerful electromagnetic technology, this levitating world globe hovers over the C-shaped frame, floating mysteriously in midair. The phenomenon occurs due to a microprocessor at the base that works in conjunction with electronic control components to stay suspended. When you touch it, the spherical globes rotates, showing you all of the countries and regions on the world map.


3. An Audio Adapter That Turns Anything Into A Bluetooth Device

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter, $20, Amazon

If you have an amazing old-school speaker system that doesn't have a Bluetooth, this awesome gadget will magically convert it into a wireless setup for you. Just plug the small device into the RCA jack or 3.5mm input et voilà — instant Bluetooth. Once connected, you can pair it to your smartphone and tablet simultaneously, streaming audio from either one up to 50 feet. It also remembers devices you've connected to it, meaning you can also reconnect with ease.


4. A Magical Kitchen Gadget That Stirs Your Food Automatically

Gourmia Stiriffic Automatic Stirrer, $40, Amazon

Never again walk out of the kitchen for a minute and return to find your food stuck to the sides of the pot and turning into a slimy, burned mess. This genius automatic pot stirrer can mix up pretty much anything, from sauces to hot cereals. Rechargeable and designed to operate at an ultra-soft volume, this clips in place and mounts to most pots, pans, and saucers. One reviewer wrote: "Wonderful tool! What a life saver. I make candies and the hardest part is stirring nonstop. This tool just does all the hard work for me! Loved it. The battery lasts a really long time too. I am able to make several batches, before having to recharge it. I would definitely recommend it."


5. A Modern Security Camera That Streams Footage To Your Phone

COOFO WiFi IP Camera, $50, Amazon

This high-tech security camera features built-in smart WiFi technology that lets you stream the footage it captures directly to your phone or tablet. Its 120-degree wide angle lens and bi-directional rotation range work together to offer a fully panoramic view in 1080p HD. You can speak through the device's intercom to communicate with people in other rooms, and the night vision offers visibility in the dark up to 20 feet via infrared LED beads.


6. A Smart Notebook That Brilliantly Syncs Your Work To The Cloud

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $23, Amazon

Whether you sketch and draw, take notes for class, keep a journal, or use a notebook for work, this smart notepad will automatically sync your work to the Cloud so you never lose a thing. It looks and feels like a regular notebook — but you use a special Pilot FriXion pen that allows it to be digitally scanned and linked to platforms like Google Docs, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox, and others. Once you've filled the book up, simply pop it in the microwave to erase the pages and begin again.


7. A Sharp Stylus Pen That Writes With Impeccable Precision

CoverON Stylus Pen, $11, Amazon

Magically write on your phone, tablet, or other smart device with this amazingly precise stylus pen that works just like a regular ballpoint pen — and if you want to get really low-tech on occasion with a pen and paper — works like one, too. Compatible with any touchscreen device, the smart writing utensil creates sharp, smooth lines that don't smudge or blur. As a bonus, the end has a bright LED light on it that you can use for extra illumination.


8. A USB-Powered Hot Mask That Soothes And Treats Dry Eyes

Aroma Season Dry Eye Compress, $23, Amazon

Forget warm washcloths — this USB-powered heated eye mask is the hot compress of the future. The mask is constructed with a temperature control unit that goes up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a built-in timer. When activated, the heat from the mask opens your oil glands, allowing the layer of lipids to flow back into your eye. It works to reduce dry eyes and elimination.


9. A Genius Gadget That Clears Up Blackheads

BueatyBella Blackhead Remover, $22, Amazon

This fully automated blackhead remover easily eliminates unwanted blemishes and can keep your skin feeling smooth and clear. It comes with four probes, which can help exfoliate dead skin, rejuvenate skin, refine pores, and preserve the look and feel of your complexion. One reviewer raved: "This thing sucks! It sucks a lot and it's so amazing. The wife loves it!"


10. A Cool 3-D Pen That Lets You Make Your Own Toys And Statues

Dikale 3-D Pen With 16 Colors, $40, Amazon

With temperature adjustment and easy one-key operation, this cool 3-D pen is the perfect tool for getting your craft on. It comes with 16 brightly colored filament rolls totaling 160 feet, offering a huge amount of variety right out of the box. To use the pen, all you have to do is plug it in, heat it up, and start playing. "This is a CRAZY amount of filament for the price!" said one happy Amazon customer. " ...There is an assortment of greens, blues, pink, red, purples, black, gray, browns, etc. Even a few luminous colors as well. I tested it out as soon as it arrived and was very pleased."


11. A Handy Coin Holder That Keeps Loose Change Organized

COIN MATE Pocket Organizer Change Holder, $8, Amazon

No more digging around in your purse for loose change — this clever coin holder organizes all of your spare nickels and dimes into a handy round disc. The flat pouch features four spring-loaded slots that are custom fit for quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, totaling up to 18 coins. The slots even adapt to Canadian coins and Euros, so you can use it when you travel, too. The gadget is small enough to fit in your pockets and weighs barely an ounce.


12. A Fire Beam Made From Plasma Waves That's Way Better Than A Lighter

Saberlight Flameless Plasma Beam, $19 (2 Pack), Amazon

This futuristic plasma beam lighter utilizes cutting-edge plasma wave technology to create a fire-hot beam that's capable of lighting candles, stoves, campfires, and more. Aside from eliminating harsh butane chemicals, the saber-like device also allows you to start a fire in the wind and rain, making it the perfect tool for an emergency kit.


13. A Futuristic Electric Razor That Makes Your Legs Smooth As Silk

HATTEKER Cordless Hair Remover, $37, Amazon

Featuring three interchangeable heads, this modern razor combines an electric shaver, cleaning brush, and combed body trimmer — offering an effortless way to smooth your legs, armpits, face, and whatever else you'd prefer to remove. The device has a built-in LED light and offers 60 minutes of shaving time with every charge. It's ergonomically-shaped to follow the curve of your palm, which allows for an easy shave that won't nick or cut.


14. A Simple Smart Plug That You Can Control With Your Phone

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wifi Plug, $20, Amazon

This innovative smart plug allows you to morph any appliance into a wireless device simply by plugging it in. Just stick it in your wall and attach any lamp, fan, iron, kitchen gadget, or other household appliance: You can now control it remotely via its smartphone app. The plug allows you to set up schedules to turn the lights on and off at certain times, or even appear home when you're on vacation. You can even sync it up with Amazon Echo or Google Assistant to add voice control to the magic, too.


15. A Sunrise-Simulating Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up To Nature Sounds

COULAX Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, $15, Amazon

Wake up to the majestic sounds of ocean waves crashing or birds chirping as the sun rises overhead with this natural sunrise alarm clock. The genius device begins before you wake up, emitting slow amounts of light 30 minutes before your wake up time — and grow increasingly brighter until the alarm sounds go off. Rather than waking up to a blaring beep in a dark room, the idea is that the clock simulates waking up in nature to a real sunrise. It also improves your circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep.


16. A Rotating Makeup Brush That Makes Contouring A Breeze

Allstar Innovations Rotating Makeup Brush, $25, Amazon

You don't need to tire your wrist out to blend out contour and foundation — as long as you have this fancy rotating brush that does all the work for you. Just dip the end of it in your favorite cream or powder, turn on the device, and glide it gently along your face. The rotating, 190 RPM tip meticulously blends the makeup with its soft bristles, leaving you with a flawless look. As a bonus, it also uses less product than your average brush — so your products will last a lot longer, too. It even comes with two heads for powder or liquid makeup.


17. A Defrosting Tray That Uses Thermal Dynamics To Unthaw Your Meat Faster

Chiachi Defrosting Tray, $15, Amazon

You'll never have to leave your frozen pot roast in the sink overnight with this genius defrosting tray. The Aero-aluminum device uses the principles of thermal dynamics to defrost frozen food eight times faster than at room temperature — resulting in chicken, pork chops, and other frozen meat being ready to cook within an hour. On top of saving time, the tray is a life-saver on days you forget to defrost ahead of time, and need a quick fix that doesn't involve the microwave.


18. The Keychain That Keeps You Connected At All Times

Fuse Chicken TITAN LOOP Key Chain Cable, $25, Amazon

This ridiculously strong charging cable doubles as a keychain so you know that wherever you will be able to charge your phone. With a USB on one end and a lightning charger on the other, the 9-inch cable is portable and efficient. The cord is reinforced with two layers of flexible, industrial-grade steel that's human-proof, pet-proof, and nearly indestructible.


19. A Cool Desk Lamp That Also Charges Your Phone

TW Lighting USB LED Desk Lamp, $16, Amazon

It's not just a regular desk lamp — this versatile light also features a USB port to charge your phone. With a high-efficiency LED bulb and a modern three-level dimmer, the lamp is ideal to keep by your bedside or at your office desk. It has an adjustable neck and a sleek, minimalist design that doesn't take up much space — so it's perfect for reading, studying, working, or writing in the evening.


20. A Simple Fitness Tracker That Costs Less Than $20

Jawbone Up Move Activity Tracker, $14, Amazon

If you like fitness trackers but hate the idea of plunking down hundreds of dollars for one, this affordable monitor offers most of the same features for less than ten bucks. Plus, it doesn't look bulky and out of place like some of the thick plastic bands. The cool tracker — which comes in four color options — records steps, exercise, and even sleep quality. You can also use its companion app to connect with friends to set goals and challenge each other. One reviewer even writes: "Very durable...even went through the washing machine (I accidentally left it hooked on my pants) and still worked fine."


21. A Backlit Neon Keyboard That's Perfect For Gaming

EagleTec Illuminated Gaming Keyboard, $40, Amazon

Featuring a neon blue backlit LED, this mechanical gaming keyboard has double-shot, injection-molded keycaps that deliver precise and uniform lettering that won't rub off. It's made of aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS with tough, plate-mounted mechanical key and switches that can withstand all-night gaming marathons. When you're not playing World of Warcraft, the keyboard also makes a great office tool with its audible click sounds and tactile bump feedback.


22. A Smoothie Bottle And Blender Combo That Runs Without A Cord

ZOCYE USB Juicer Cup, $19, Amazon

Your morning smoothie routine just got a little easier, courtesy of this awesomely portable blender. The all-in-one machine uses six razor-sharp stainless steel blades to pulverize fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes. It also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, which you can power up via USB, power bank, or your phone's actual charger cable, and has a battery capacity of 2000 mAh, so that each time it charges, it's good for up to 10 to 12 additional sessions.


23. A Color-Coded LED Shower Head That Displays The Water Temperature

YOO.MEE LED Thermometer Shower Head, $28, Amazon

This genius shower head eliminates the need to turn the faucet back and forth over and over again, running your hand under the water to determine if it's hot enough (and burning yourself half the time in the process). With a bright LED that displays the temperature, all you have to do is turn the water on and watch the screen. It turns colors as an additional indicator, going from blue to green to red to flashing red — all depending on how hot or cold the water is. The shower head has strong, high-pressure jets and comes with the hose, bracket, and tape included.


24. A Tiny Handheld Vacuum You Can Use To Wipe Up Crumbs

Ogrmar Portable Vacuum Dust Cleaner, $13, Amazon

This impossibly convenient device works like a miniature vacuum cleaner. You can use it to suck up crumbs on your desk, clean crackers off of your shirt, or remove dust from your keyboard. The handheld apparatus is built with a high-speed centrifugal fan that operates on two simple AA batteries. It's fully cordless and ultra-lightweight — and it's the perfect gadget to keep by your desk or in your car for quick cleanups.


25. This Laser Projection Keyboard That Will Make You Feel like You're Living In 3018

AGS Projection Keyboard, $30, Amazon

Like something out of an Inspector Gadget episode, this laser projection keyboard can be paired with your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and used, well, in place of your keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac OS, and Android.


26. A Lightbulb That Helps You Sleep

Lighting Science GoodNight Sleep Light Bulb, $16, Amazon

Drift off to bed in blissful sleepiness with this high-tech sleep-inducing lightbulb. Using the same technology as NASA astronauts, the LED bulb restricts the amount of melatonin-blocking blue light waves it emits, allowing your body to produce more of the hormone it needs for deep sleep. It's also especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia, because it regulates your circadian rhythm and promotes more restful nights.


27. A Flashlight Glove That Lets You Shoot Light From Your Fingers

Atomic Beam Glove Flashlight, $20, Amazon

If you've ever wanted to point your finger and shoot light out of the end like a superhero, now is your chance. This awesomely ninja-like flashlight glove features an index finger and thumb with built-in LEDs you can use to point light into dark spaces. Just slide your fingers inside, wrap the strap around your wrist, and turn the button on. It also has stretchy materials and an ambidextrous design.


28. A Magical Wireless Charger That Juices Your Phone Up Without A Cord

Yootech Wireless Charger, $14, Amazon

This brilliant wireless charger means you never have to deal with plugging and unplugging your smartphone every time you go to juice it up. Instead, just lay your phone face down on the device and it will automatically start charging it — it's equipped with technology that combines temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention to make sure it is safe and your phone is protected.


29. An Amazingly Helpful Smart Water Bottle That Reminds You To Hydrate

Levitom Smart Water Bottle, $25, Amazon

Staying hydrated is important — yet for some reason, it's so hard to do. This utterly genius smart water bottle helps you get your eight glasses a day by sending a reminder to drink up every two hours. In addition to hydrating you internally, the bottle has a cool sprayer built in that you can use to mist yourself down with and stay cool on the outside. It even has a flashing SOS LED light for emergencies.


30. A Brilliant Bluetooth Smart Lock You Can Open With Your Phone

Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock, $40, Amazon

If you hate fiddling with combination locks, you will adore this easy-to-use Bluetooth-enabled padlock. The smart lock opens with a simple tap on your phone, allowing you to access it remotely and unlock it for other people from a distance. You can share access, either temporarily or permanently, via a simple keypad code — and it also sends you alerts when the battery is low or someone is trying to tamper with it.


31. A High-Grade Power Bank That Also Works As A Flashlight

Power Bank With Flashlight, $17, Amazon

This portable power bank doubles as a flashlight, making it a fantastic tool to keep stored in your car, purse, or around the office. It has a double USB port that lets you charge your phone and tablet at the same time, along with over-voltage and short circuit protection. The flashlight is super bright, and the whole apparatus is fantastically lightweight, too.


32. An Innovative Curling Device That Creates Wavy Hair Automatically

Kiss Ceramic Instawave Automatic Curling Iron, $48, Amazon

Made for people who don't like using regular curling irons and wands, this ceramic Instawave device creates salon-like waves with the push of a button. The patented curling dial catches your hair automatically, morphing straight locks into a mane of gorgeous curls. The wand won't get stuck, and the device is designed so that your hair can't get tangled up in it — and it rotates counter-clockwise and clockwise for a natural look. Best of all, it has a 90-minute automatic shut-off feature so you never have to worry about whether you remembered to turn it off.

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