32 Hidden Gems On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews


There are a lot of amazing products in the world but it still never fails to astound me how flippin’ excited people can get over inanimate objects. Whether it’s a toaster, hair brush, curling iron, iPhone charger, or even a simple facial soap, the highest-rated products on Amazon are so basic you wouldn’t think they would inspire a cult following. But think again.

A simple scroll through Amazon’s review pages will show you the fervor some of these ordinary objects elicit. The excitement often starts in the kitchen. You’ll see people writing sonnets and soliloquies about their favorite pizza cutter or pasta colander. Professing their adoration for avocado knives or kitchen counter towels.

Next, move into the bathroom. There is a shampoo on Amazon with almost 6,000 reviews. Six thousand reviews. For a shampoo. Not only that, people go crazy over things like facial toners, hand creams, foot balms, hair dryers, and makeup mirrors. And all of this is before we even get near the bedroom, living room, laundry room, car, office, or backyard. There are more fanatical delights to be found in those places, too.

The bottom line is this: Amazon is a retail paradise full of secret unknown gems and the people who stumble upon them become instant converts. You too could be one of these mega fans — just scroll through this gallery and see for yourself how life-changing some of the highest-rated products on Amazon can be.

1. A Brilliant Flat Iron That Moisturizes Your Hair While It Works

KIPOZI, Pro Flat Iron, $39, Amazon

Flat irons no longer have to mean that your hair feels like a dry, damaged, thanks to this genius titanium technology hair straightener that releases negative ions to moisten your hair and keep it hydrated. The customizable temperature control gauge ranges from 270 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit so you can adjust it to your specific hair type. Meanwhile, the 3-D floating plates ensure that it won't tug or pull your hair.


2. A Cult-Favorite Korean Facial Toner That Is Ultra Moisturizing

Klairs, Supple Preparation Facial Toner, $17, Amazon

With a delightful blend of lemon, orange, eucalyptus, licorice root extract, aloe vera, and other botanical ingredients, this soothing facial toner will make your skin feel rejuvenated and help it to better absorb other skin care products you apply. The solution is spectacularly hydrating while also capable of balancing your skin's pH level, making for a smooth, blemish-free complexion. It is fast-absorbing and won't irritate your skin.


3. An Impossibly Effective Moisturizing Cream That Floods Your Skin With Hydration

First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Cream, $30, Amazon

If your skin tends to get dry and flaky, especially on your face, hands, or feet, this moisturizing cream will feel like a miracle balm. It goes on smoothly and gets absorbed fast without feeling greasy or oily afterwards. The blend of oatmeal, shea butter, and other natural ingredients in the formula is hyper-nourishing and replenishing, infusing cracked skin with 169 percent more moisture instantly. The skin cream is also excellent for helping with eczema.


4. A Durable Strap With 10 Loops To Morph You Into A Flexibility Queen

OPTP, The Original Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

Whether you're a yoga master or someone who can't even touch their toes (*raises hand sheepishly), this stretching strap will increase your flexibility while also de-stressing your muscles. The sturdy strap is more than 6 feet long and designed with 10 separate loops to customize your stretches. The woven nylon is incredibly durable and, unlike those cheap elastic bands, is guaranteed not to snap. It's a fantastic tool for pre-workouts, post-workouts, evening relaxation, or physical therapy.


5. A Shampoo And Conditioner Set That Uses Argan Oil To Make Your Hair Soft

Maple Holistics, Argan Oil Shampoo, $16, Amazon

There is possibly no substance that will make your hair feel silkier and softer than argan oil. This shampoo-conditioner set is infused with loads of the stuff, making it some of the most popular shampoos on Amazon. Blended with nourishing avocado oil and jojoba sebum, it's ultra-hydrating and great for dry or itchy scalps, too. It is color-safe and helps keep curl patterns intact.


6. A Supremely Calming Aromatherapy Diffuser That Morphs Your Home Into A Spa

NexGadget, Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser, $38, Amazon

Fill your home or office to be flooded with the magical smells of lavender, vanilla, rose, eucalyptus, or whichever favorite essential oils you prefer. The aromatherapy oil diffuser has four timed setting options (1-hour, 3-hour, 6-hour, or continuous) and a misting mode to deliver rich relaxation and stress control. Designed with seven powerful LED lights, the diffuser allows you to rotate through colors including white green purple, pink, blue, yellow, and red, set it to one fixed color, or operate it without any light at all.


7. A Vanity Mirror With Bulbs That Mimic Daylight So You Know How Your Makeup Looks

Fancii, 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror, $27, Amazon

Ever put your makeup on, utterly positive that you look like a veritable babe, only to get outside into the light and startle yourself when you spot a mirror? This awesomely bright, well-lit makeup mirror ensures that will never happen again, offering you a way to see exactly how your makeup looks in the real world no matter how dingy the light is in your bathroom. The daylight-replicating LED mirror has a locking suction cup to hold it firmly in place with 360-degree rotation and fully adjustable angles. Being battery operated, you don't have to worry about a cord and it offers 10 times magnification so you can see your face close up.


8. A Facial Cream That Uses Pistachio Oil To Hydrate Your Skin

Pistache Skincare, Hydrating Face Moisturizer, $38, Amazon

Made with ultra-hydrating pistachio oil, this miracle facial moisturizer soaks into your skin, delivering intense smoothing and softening without a hint of greasiness. The lightweight face balm takes advantage of the nut oil's natural lutein and fatty acids that are chock full of antioxidant properties while an extra dollop of vitamin E nourishes the skin.


9. A Relaxation Mat That's Covered In Tiny Acupressure Spikes

Ajna Wellbeing, Acupressure Massage Mat, $55, Amazon

Whether you're seeking relief from back problems, want to unwind after a long, stressful day, or enjoy the massaging sensations, this acupressure mat will deliver soothing treatment. The cotton-linen mat is covered with more than 5,000 ergonomic plastic spikes that stimulate stagnant energy and trigger the body’s natural healing receptors. By simply lying on the mat, your body weight creates pressure on the spikes that promotes lymphatic circulation and releases muscle tension, delivering an intense acu-massage straight from home.


10. A Crisp, Bright Reading Lamp That's Perfect For Crafting

Brightech, Litespan LED Reading Lamp, $65, Amazon

You wouldn't think a lamp would get so many people jumping up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise but this LED floor lamp has over 8,600 reviews. Featuring a crisp white light that's free of any blue or yellow, the adjustable gooseneck will bend in any direction, horizontally or vertically. The light is therefore perfect not only for reading but for evening projects that require lots of precise light such as crafting, beading, crocheting, or jigsaw puzzles. "Great adjustable reading light at a fantastic price and the quality is very good," said one reviewer. "I can't say enough abut how pleased we are."


11. A Sleek Espresso Maker That Brews Astonishingly Strong Shots

AeroPress, Aerobie Espresso Maker, $34, Amazon

What's not to obsessively love about an espresso maker that brews extra strong, barista-quality shots in just 30 seconds? This at-home espresso maker is known by Amazon reviewers to make some of the strongest, stiffest shots of any machine out there. It does this via a total-immersion system that allows for extraction at a moderate temperature and thus a faster brewing time. As a bonus, the coffee puck and filter can be effortlessly removed when you're done and it's much easier to clean than a French press.


12. An Attachable Neck Pillow For Catching Naps On The Go

LANGRIA, Infinity Shaped Neck Pillow, $10, Amazon

Forgoing the classic U shape of most neck pillows, this unique travel pillow offers a more ergonomic design. With a unique infinity shape, the super soft cushion molds to the contours of your neck, providing heavenly comfort and magnificent stress relief. Most brilliantly, the pillow has a durable elastic strap you can use to attach it to the back of your car seat, home recliner, office chair, or other places you want to catch a quick nap.


13. A Packet Of Facial Blotters That Absorb Oil With Activated Charcoal

PleasingCare, Facial Oil Blotting Paper, $12, Amazon

Oil is not only natural, it's essential for your skin, but there are times when you may want to absorb that little extra that can leave you feeling sticky on a hot day, and that's when these oil blotting strips come in handy. Using activated bamboo charcoal, the weird but extremely effective facial strips pull impurities from your skin and absorb excess oil, leaving your face clean and refreshed. They come in packets of 100 pieces and also feature green tea ingredients to invigorate your complexion.


14. An Aromatherapy Spray That Will Melt Your Stress With A Heavenly Mist

ASUTRA, Aromatherapy Mist, $15, Amazon

Made with a blissful blend of rosemary, aloe vera, jojoba, patchouli, witch hazel, and bergamot oil, this soothing elixir is formulated to dissolve stress with one simple spray. Using aromatherapy, the calming natural ingredients promote relaxation and help your body unwind. It can also be used as a room deodorizer, a linen spray, or a sleep aid. "Love this spray!" exclaimed on Amazon customer. "I spray it on my pillow and sheets before I lay down and it has such a light but great scent! Calms and soothes me so I can fall asleep."


15. An Impossibly Cozy Comforter Made From 6-D Hollow Siliconized Fiber

Equinox International, White Alternative Goose Down Comforter, $33, Amazon

Pampering yourself has never felt so easy with this luxurious microfiber comforter. Over 1,600 people on Amazon have professed their love for the ultra-cozy comforter which uses extraordinarily soft microfiber and 6-D hollow siliconized fiber filling to achieve supreme comfort. The stitched squares feature piped edges to prevent bunching and shifting so everything stays even and plush. The material is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it a great option for people with sensitive skin.


16. A Hair Blower That Thoroughly Dries Your Hair In Record Time

Vivid & Vogue, Negative Ions Hair Blower, $39, Amazon

This amazingly fast hair blower features a ceramic-coated grill with infrared heat that ensures you don't waste excessive time getting ready in the morning. Using an immensely powerful 1,875-watt motor, the blower dries your hair quickly without creating a ball of frizz. Its negative ion generator also reduces static electricity and leaves your hair silky smooth.


17. A Super Absorbent But Surprisingly Thin Travel Towel That Dries Quickly

AQUIS Adventure Towel, $19, Amazon

Available in four colors including sea foam, purple, blueberry, and black, this hyper-absorbent adventure towel is perfect for travelers or athletes. Capable of soaking water or sweat, you can use it to dry off after a shower or jump in the lake, as well as to pat down perspiration while you workout. The high-tech microfibers transport moisture at impressive rates, allowing the towel to soak up four times its weight in water. It is lightweight, durable, and small enough to fit anywhere. Plus, unlike typical terrycloth towels, the material is quick-drying so you can use it again and again.


18. A Spa-Like Shower Head With Six Settings To Pamper Yourself With

Aqua Elegante, Luxury Shower Head, $30, Amazon

There's nothing that feels more luxurious than standing underneath a full-power shower head as it sprays you with powerful jets and hot steam. This option has six different settings you can choose from including "Saturating Power Blast," "Pulsating Massage," "Gentle Rain," "Water Saving," and two mixed modes. It comes with a removable water restrictor you can use to limit flow to conserve water, or take out to increased the water pressure.


19. A Black Sugar Facial Scrub That Makes Your Skin Straight Up Shine

Skinfood, Black Sugar Mask, $9, Amazon

Free of any pesticides or chemicals, this natural black sugar face mask is enriched with minerals including phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. On top of that, it's brimming with vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, making it a favorite among Amazon users. The grainy goop gently scrubs dead skin cells off your face while simultaneously nourishing, hydrating, and creating a fiercely healthy glow.


20. A Charcoal Toothpaste That's Made With Probiotics For Gum Health

Hyperbiotics, Probiotic Charcoal Toothpaste, $15, Amazon

Toothpaste that cleans your teeth while delivering healthy probiotics to both your gums and your gut is the definition of genius. This natural toothpaste uses a combination of activated charcoal and probiotics to provide beneficial bacteria that support your teeth, gums, and immune system. The result is strong teeth, vibrant gums, and a pearly smile.


21. An Organizing Rack That Fits Over The Door To Declutter Your Life

SimpleHouseware, Hanging Organizer, $10, Amazon

If you're someone who's obsessed with shelves and containers, this hanging storage basket will fill your organization-loving heart with glee. It fits neatly and perfectly over any door, offering extra storage space for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, closet, or even the garage. With four spacious pockets and a sturdy mounting rod, it is a sensational way to declutter your home, office, or workspace.


22. A Genius Pizza Slicer That Won't Rip The Cheese Off When You Cut

Chef Remi, 3-In-1 Pizza Slicer, $10, Amazon

We all know the horror show of attempting to slice a pizza and instead ripping mounds of melted cheese and scalding hot sauce right off with it. This innovative pizza slicer solves this age-old problem by incorporating a rolling blade to slice through the cheese while a sharp, stainless steel knife cuts through the deep crust. On top of that, the clever gadget doubles as a serving tool so you only have to get one utensil dirty.


23. A Wine Aerator That Will Make Your Basic Cabernet Taste Divine

Vintorio, Omni Wine Aerator, $24, Amazon

There's no better way to make a cheap bottle of Two Buck Chuck rise above its station in life than with this wine aerator. Using technology that combines the methodology of old-school decanter funnels with the modern aerator, the Omni tool softens tannins and creates a richer bouquet, leaving a highly improved overall taste, smell, and texture. The simple minimalist design is free of any loose pieces or small parts prone to leaking, breaking, or getting lost.


24. A Genius No-Odor Towel That Cleans Without Using Soap

Life Miracle, Nano Towels, $25 (5 Pack), Amazon

Cleaning sponges are notoriously gross and full of mildew and less-than-appetizing aromas which is why this no-odor towel is so incredible. Constructed with high-tech Nanolon fiber, the towel will clean anything using just water — no soap needed. It pulls liquid, dust, dirt, and grime from just about any surface and lets you skip the paper towels, saving money, and protecting the environment while you're at it.


25. A Clip-On Pasta Strainer That Saves Space In Your Cupboards

Kitchen Gizmo, Snap N Strain, $16, Amazon

Never again will you dump pasta into a strainer, splashing scalding water all over the place and enveloping your face in piping hot steam. Instead, use this convenient snap-on strainer that clips to the side of your boiling pot. The gadget not only makes transfers much more smooth and safe but also save spaces in your cupboards. The compact strainer will slide into a drawer or sit inconspicuously on a shelf, freeing up room for other kitchenware.


26. A Luxurious Facial Cleansing Brush That Massages While Exfoliating

OKACHI GLIYA, Electric Facial Brush, $60, Amazon

Pamper your face with this unbelievably soft facial cleansing brush. Engineered with advanced wireless rechargeable charging, the IPX7 waterproof brush is shower-safe and capable of going 30 days on one charge. The device, which comes with two separate brush heads, can be used on either sensitive or normal skin. The high-frequency vibrations have two speed settings, offering the ability to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time.


27. An Electric Toothbrush That Reminds You To Brush How Dentists Recommend

Fairywill, Electric Toothbrush, $26, Amazon

Your teeth will never feel as clean as they do when you use an electric toothbrush, it's just a fact. This powerful option from Fairywill employs 40,000 micro-brush motions per minute, resulting in dramatically increased plaque and stain removal — 100 percent more than with a manual toothbrush. The electric toothbrush features a 2-minute smart timer with interval pause reminders every 30 seconds to help you brush at the pace that dentists recommend. Best of all, it's fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower.


28. A Set Of Compression Socks That Increase Blood Flow While You Work Out

Danish Endurance, Graduate Compression Socks, $9-20, Amazon

No average sports socks, these graduated compression socks actually increase your blood circulation while you wear them, reducing post-workout muscle soreness and de-stressing your legs and lower body. They're made of a lightweight, moisture-wicking material that transports perspiration from your skin and dries quickly. Beyond that, the fabric is breathable, allowing your feet to feel oxygenated and not get too hot while you exercise.


29. A Coaster Set That Has Cute Bee-Like Grooves To Catch Liquid

Glogex, Drink Coaster Set, $13, Amazon

With cute honeycomb grooves, this eight-piece coaster set is a fabulous home accessory whether you entertain guests a lot or just like to drink vino in the evenings and don't want to ruin your end tables. The coasters are made with a durable, anti-slip material that gently grips your table so you can avoid the classic "slide for life" of your beverage. Best of all, the little notches absorb liquid and condensation around your glass so it won't spill over.


30. An All-Natural Deodorant That Smells Like Lavender And Eucalyptus

Super Natural Goods, Underarmed Deodorant, $16, Amazon

Free of the aluminum found in standard deodorants, this natural antiperspirant uses lavender and eucalyptus to deliver a soft, subtle scent derived from essential oils rather than any synthetic fragrances. It is also free os phthalate, propylene glycol, triclosan, and all parabens, making it a great alternative for folks with allergies or sensitive skin. "Absolutely love it," said one Amazon customer. "Smells really good and the most important part - no stains on my clothes."


31. A Tiny Gadget That Wirelessly Charges iPhones & Samsung Phones

Yootech, Wireless Charger, $15, Amazon

Forget cords and cables, this wireless phone charger allows you to juice things up without a bunch of tangled wires. Built with Multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology, the device can charge your phone without getting super hot, offering temperature control as well as surge protection. It charges fast and fits into a small, compact space making it the perfect bedside charging option.


32. A Handy Little Pouch To Keep Your Earbuds In Your Purse Without Tangling

UT Wire, Pocket Earphone Case, $5, Amazon

Available in three different colors including black, blue, and orange, this fabulously convenient earphone case offers an easy, tangle-free way to store your earbuds. Constructed with a unique snap-spring closure, the compact design lets you squeeze the pocket and easily store your headphones. It's built with a sturdy canvas material and a soft cotton lining to ensure your earbuds don't get scratched or damaged.

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