32 Hidden Gems On Amazon With Near-Perfect Reviews

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There are a lot of amazing products in the world but it still never fails to astound me how flippin’ excited people can get over inanimate objects. Whether it’s a toaster, hair brush, curling iron, iPhone charger, or even a simple facial soap, the highest-rated products on Amazon are so basic you wouldn’t think they would inspire a cult following. But think again.

A simple scroll through Amazon’s review pages will show you the fervor some of these ordinary objects elicit. The excitement often starts in the kitchen. You’ll see people writing sonnets and soliloquies about their favorite pizza cutter or pasta colander. Professing their adoration for avocado knives or kitchen counter towels.

Next, move into the bathroom. There is a shampoo on Amazon with almost 6,000 reviews. Six thousand reviews. For a shampoo. Not only that, people go crazy over things like facial toners, hand creams, foot balms, hair dryers, and makeup mirrors. And all of this is before we even get near the bedroom, living room, laundry room, car, office, or backyard. There are more fanatical delights to be found in those places, too.

The bottom line is this: Amazon is a retail paradise full of secret unknown gems and the people who stumble upon them become instant converts. You too could be one of these mega fans — just scroll through this gallery and see for yourself how life-changing some of the highest-rated products on Amazon can be.

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