32 Over-Achieving Products On Amazon That Are Multi-Functional AF

Seems like a pretty rare thing, this day and age, when something actually does more than you expect it to, right? Turns out, there are still items out there that do more than meet the eye, or actually go above and beyond the call of duty — and in case you're looking, there's plenty of overachieving, incredible products on Amazon that are multi-functional AF.

You'll be saving money, time, drawer space, and possibly your sanity when you invest in one of these goodies, since you can buy one and use it in multiple ways. Consider 12-in-one cooling headwear, for example: Whether you work outside, are a fitness fanatic, play team sports, or enjoy midsummer theme park visits, this one accessory can be worn a dozen different ways to keep you cool. Or how about a tactical pen, the writing instrument that also incorporates a flashlight, a glass breaker, and a multi-tool including a hex wrench, a scraper, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver. If that's not a pen to write home about (and with), I don't know what is. Here are some of Amazon's best, versatile products, and note: when you hit "Add to Cart," don't forget to get two, because these all make terrific gifts.

1. This Brush Can Be Used Three Different Ways To Massage, Clean, And Exfoliate

INNERNEED 3-In-1 Silicone Brush, $16, Amazon

Get a complete face and body cleaning system in one with this convertible shower and bath brush: All the pieces are detachable so you can use the silicone cleansing head in three different configurations. Use the scrubber alone for body cleaning and a massage in easy-to-reach areas, use it with the oak head for dry brushing to boost circulation and exfoliate, and add the oak handle to enable scrubbing and massage in hard-to-reach areas. The silicone head also can go right in the dishwasher for sterilization, and unlike other scrubbers, it repels all bacteria — as well as mold and mildew.


2. This Travel Pillow Is Also A Tablet Stand...And Vice Versa

AMC Multi-Function Pillow, $17, Amazon

If you enjoy watching your tablet while relaxing in bed or on the couch, this pillow makes a great holder — and it's also a travel pillow. As a stand, it will hold your full-size iPad or any device larger than 10 inches, allowing easy viewing in landscape or portrait mode. As a travel pillow, you can use the included elastic loop to hang it from a car or plane headrest (or your luggage) — and it also features a small pocket to store your phone, keys, and other small accessories.


3. This Two-In-One Kitchen Tool Works As A Spatula And Converts To Tongs

Smartpan 2-In-1 Tongs, $15, Amazon

The patented design of this kitchen tool ("tonger" = tongs + turner) operates with magnets to allow you to switch back and forth between its two uses on the fly: Flip your food in the skillet, then switch to the tongs to plate it with ease. Crafted from BPA-free non-stick plastic, the device is easy to clean and durable, and can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees. It's dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, too.


4. This Sponge Is The Multipurpose Kitchen Accessory You've Been Looking For

JJ Company Silicone Scrubbers, $14 (7 Pack), Amazon

It's a scrubber, a pot holder, and a hot pad — and once you've tried these kitchen accessories, you'll find a thousand more uses for them. Perfect even as a massaging scrubber in the shower, these sponges are crafted from 100 percent BPA-free, antibacterial silicone that's also heat-resistant up to 500 degrees. They're great for washing vegetables and for getting into hard-to-reach corners of casseroles and glassware. You can even toss it in the dishwasher to clean and sanitize it.


5. This Travel Mug Doesn't Just Keep Your Coffee Warm: It'll Brew It For You, Too

CoffeeGator Coffee Brewing Mug, $27, Amazon

Don't be fooled by the sleek, simple exterior of this travel mug: This model not only keeps your coffee warm, but it brews it for you, too. Featuring vacuum-layered construction with a smart copper lining coated with military-grade stainless steel, it contains a super fine stainless steel mesh filter to facilitate pour-over brewing. Just pop it in, add ground coffee, then stream your hot water over it — the hand drip coffee will brew directly into the cup in a method that unlocks the full flavor and aroma of your chosen blend.


6. A Phone Accessory That Serves As A Stand And A Carrying Strap

GadgetGoose iSling, $12, Amazon

If your phone is like an extension of your hand, this gadget will make carrying it with you at all times a lot less cumbersome. The strap provides a comfortable and secure grip for your phone, ensuring you won't drop it and also enabling you to easily hold it for photos, long conversations, and texting sessions. Meanwhile, the collapsible metal stand holds it up on any flat surface in either portrait or landscape mode for video viewing. The entire device has a very low profile, so your phone continues to fit in your pocket with ease.


7. This Wrench Does Pretty Much Everything

Tiger Wrench, $19, Amazon

Just thinking about how many different uses this wrench has makes me tired. Basically, it combines 48 tools in one, and enables you to switch between different applications quickly and easily just by swiveling the head to find the right fit. You'll finally be able to tackle all of those fix-it projects around the house that you've been putting off, and you won't need to lug around a heavy toolbox, either — because Tiger Wrench takes the place of so many pieces in a set.


8. This Kitchen Accessory Is Both A Cutting Board And A Strainer

Dexas Over the Sink Strainer Board, $20, Amazon

Speed up your food prep by merging vegetable clean-up and chopping into one station with this unique accessory — and save counter space, too. The cutting board is durable, non-porous, and odor-resistant, and features a built-in, collapsible silicone strainer. Use the strainer for washing your veg before chopping, and remove it for use separately as a colander for pasta or anything else that needs to be drained. Both parts are dishwasher-safe, too.


9. This Trimmer Works On Your Face And Your Bikini Area

Panasonic Precision Facial Hair Trimmer, $21, Amazon

Although hair removal is a highly personal choice, for those who do trim stray hairs on their face and their bikini line, this sleek device handles both with ease. The slim, lightweight wand design cuts and trims without pulling or tugging, making it excellent for use on the sensitive skin of the face, and ideal for your bikini area as well. It features a protective skin guard to keep you safe from the blade itself, and a detachable blade head that cleans up easily with soap and water.


10. This Hair Brush Could Actually Change Your Life

Apalus Ionic Vibration Hair Brush, $25, Amazon

A hair brush that could help you sleep better and feel less fatigued and more energized? Yep! This brush features an ionizer to neutralize the positive charge of static electricity, as well as a powerful vibration massager to provide deep relaxation and reduce stress. The combo, when used 10 minutes per day, is said to provide all of the above health benefits — and if all else fails, it will certainly detangle your hair!


11. This Oil Is The Ultimate Utility Player

InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil, $18, Amazon

If ever there was a product that deserved the moniker "total solution," it's this one. Imported directly from Morocco, InstaNatural's argan oil is 100 percent pure and USDA-certified, so you know it's top quality. Use it on your hair as a leave-in conditioner to moisturize, cleanse, protect, and repair your strands and your scalp, on your hands to add moisture to weak, brittle nails and dry cuticles, mix into your body lotion for the ultimate baby-soft results, or add a few drops to your facial moisturizer.


12. This Toaster Will Cook Up Your Whole Breakfast

West Bend Egg and Muffin Toaster, $34, Amazon

Make breakfast sandwiches at home simply and easily with this useful kitchen appliance. The toaster section offers two wide, bagel-compliant slots for your breakfast bread, and the unit will toast or will defrost a breakfast pastry as well. On the side you'll find a novel steam-powered egg cooker that you can use to steam-fry, poach, or hard boil your egg, and it's topped with a tray to warm your breakfast meat or vegetables at the same time. Just add cheese and you're all set.


13. This Scarf Helps You Keep A Cool Head...12 Different Ways

Tough Headwear 12-in-1 Cooling Headwear, $12, Amazon

Whether you wear it on your forehead like a headband or around your neck like a scarf — or any of the 10 other ways it can be arrayed — this accessory keeps you cool when you need it most. Simply soak it in cold water, wring out the excess, and give it a snap, and you're good to go for several hours of chilling relief. Other ways to wear this versatile gear include as a bandana, cap, neck gaiter, face mask, helmet liner, balaclava, or a hood. It's perfect for fitness buffs, people who work outside, or anyone vacationing in a hot locale.


14. This Device Is Both An Iron And A Clothes Steamer

Aicok Steamer Iron, $30, Amazon

If you travel a lot, or simply like to stay looking fresh at all times, you're going to need this device in your life. It's both an iron and a clothes steamer all in one, and even includes two settings for optimal performance on all fabric types and weights. This unit heats up in a lightning-fast 15 seconds, and you can switch between the flat iron and the steamer on the fly. The high-capacity water tank provides continuous steam and also detaches for ease during travel.


15. This Hair Accessory Both Curls And Straightens

AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini Curling/Flat Iron, $26, Amazon

How useful is it that this one device can make your hair curly or straight? With the AmoVee two-in-one iron, you use the inner plates to straighten your hair in the manner of a traditional flat iron — just lock the plates together and wrap your hair around the barrel, and it serves as a curling iron. The barrel is crafted from ceramic to heat hair evenly all the way around, with tourmaline to smooth and eliminate frizz. Plus, this travel-size iron is dual voltage, so it's ready for your European vacation, and comes with its own carrying pouch.


16. A Set That Nourishes Your Lashes While Dressing Them Up

Simply Naked Beauty Lash Science Set, $20, Amazon

Isn't it about time you did something good for your lashes? This set enables you to invest in their health while also making them appear fuller and more lush than ever before. The "lash food" comes in the form of Lash Science Gold base, crafted from natural, non-toxic and 100 percent cruelty-free ingredients featuring collagen and castor oil to nourish your lashes while you wear it. Follow with the gel and fiber for more than 300 times your natural lash volume.


17. A Car Ionizer That's Also A USB Charger

YONTEX Car Ionizer/USB Charger, $19, Amazon

When that new car smell fades and funky car smell takes over, this gadget can solve that problem — and charge your electronics at the same time. This device clears the air by producing negative ions that attach themselves to airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, and dander, causing them to drop from the air. No filters needed, no maintenance required — just clean, fresh air. Meanwhile, you can charge your devices via the two USB ports with a total current of up to 3.1 amps.


18. These Toothbrushes Don't Just Whiten Your Teeth, They're Great For Overall Oral Health

Carbon Noir Charcoal Toothbrushes, $9 (4 Pack), Amazon

If charcoal toothpaste is too intimidating, these toothbrushes are a great place to start trying out all the oral health benefits that charcoal can deliver. First off, it's a centuries-old natural whitener, and these brushes are crafted with the finest Japanese oak (binchotan) charcoal, so you're getting the best. The charcoal in the bristles absorb all bacterial, fungal, and viral buildup on your gums and teeth, which fights both cavities and bad breath. Plus, the bristles provide an excellent stimulating gum massage, promoting periodontal health as well.


19. This Portable Device Is A Lantern, An Emergency Light, And A Power Bank

Fogeek Portable Lamp, $20, Amazon

If you're going camping, this device is the one item you're going to want right alongside your sleeping bag and the ingredients for s'mores. You'll use it to read the lyrics to your sing-along, if you encounter a flat tire on the way home — and it will charge your phone so you won't miss any InstaStories while you're out in the wild. You'll want a couple of these for home, too, because they're magnetic and also have a lanyard hole, so they're both portable and super easy to install if you'd like them to stay in place. They're also LED-powered, so they go for hours.


20. These Silicone Circles Will Become Your Best Friends In The Kitchen

Micro Easy Grab, $25 (Set of 2), Amazon

Fresh from Shark Tank, these silicone kitchen accessories are "so worth it," according to one reviewer. Their main role is to keep your microwave clean — simply place on your turntable and leave there, and should anything splatter, remove the silicone and run it through the dishwasher. However, the silicone also serves as a potholder for hot items in the microwave: Silicone is heat-resistant, so you can move soup or anything warm with ease. They're also great at providing an assist with removing jar lids, serving as spoon rests, and keeping hot pots and pans off your counter.


21. A Pen That Can MacGyver You Out Of Just About Anything

2cl direct Tactical Pen, $13, Amazon

If MacGyver carried a pen, it would be this one. Sure, this thing writes, but that's almost an afterthought: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it also performs eight other functions. It features a glass-breaking point made of the same tungsten that's used in armor-piercing bullets — so you can use this to shatter a vehicle window in the event of submersion, and also wield it as a self-defense tool. There's also an LED flashlight, a hex wrench, a scraper, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver.


22. This Wash Is Gentle Enough For Your Face But Actually Pulls Toxins From Your Skin

Safe House Naturals Face + Body Wash, $20, Amazon

Crafted with a buffet of all-natural and organic ingredients, this wash is intended for all-over use and actually draws the impurities out of your skin, but is gentle enough for your face. It all starts with naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal coconut oil, which is then augmented with activated charcoal and bentonite clay to pull out the toxins. Safe House adds blend of six essential oils to fight germs and heal the skin, along with soothing aloe vera. The result is a wash that Amazon users can't get enough of: It earns 4.3-stars.


23. These Scissors Cut Your Pizza And Serve It, Too

Dreamfarm Scizza, $30, Amazon

If pizza wheels don't cut it for you, give the Scizza a try: This unique device slices and serves your pizza all in one. Crafted with hardened German stainless steel blades that provide a sharp, long lasting, durable cutting edge, Scizza will slice anywhere — no need to have a flat surface, because Scizza's non-stick nylon base actually provides on. You won't scratch your pans or pizza stones when you're portioning out your slices, and it works on deep-dish pizza, too — and you'll find you use it on lots more than just pizza: it's great for brownies, steak, chicken, veggies, and lots more.


24. An All-In-One Device Cooks That Does Just About Anything

Presto Kitchen Kettle, $25, Amazon

Think of this device as kind of a cousin to the Instant Pot. With a heavy cast aluminum base for even heat distribution, it deep fries six servings in its handy basket, and you'll use the same basket for steaming veggies or cooking pasta. Take out the basket and you have a great chili or soup pot, or you can roast some poultry or beef. It comes with a tempered glass cover, which, together with the main pot, is dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up. The electric heat control also regulates the desired cooking temperature automatically.


25. This Tripod Works On Both Your Camera And Your Phone

Patekfly Tripod, $25, Amazon

Whether you're shooting with your camera or your phone, this tripod will help you lock down that shot fast. The mount features a 360-degree adjustable ball head, and will support any Android or iPhone device, as well as any SLR camera and motion cameras like the GoPro. The legs, meanwhile, are made from super-flexible and highly durable silicone, which can bend and wrap in any way you'd like to affix to lamp posts, fences, chairs, tree branches — let your imagination run wild.


26. This Dryer Rack Is Also A Trivet For Hot Dishes And Pots

Sorbus Roll-Up Dish Drying Mat, $20, Amazon

You'd never guess that this dish rack is a) multi-purpose and b) rolls up for space-saving storage, but it's true. It's actually stainless steel covered in silicone — so its heat resistance also makes it feasible to use this versatile kitchen accessory as a trivet to protect your counters from hot pots and pans.


27. A Plug That Allows You To Turn Your Appliances On And Off Remotely And Saves You Energy

KMC Smart Plug, $21 (3 Pack), Amazon

Trying out the smart home trend doesn't have to be pricey — and not only are these plugs are a terrific way to start, but in fact, they can save you money down the road in reduced energy costs. Download the KMC Smart app to manage your home via your device or use voice control over your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can customize the schedule of your appliances and home electronics based on your arrival time or while you are away, and track your energy costs, too.


28. This Adjustable Desk Lamp Is An LED Clock And A Calendar, Too

WILIT Desk Lamp/Multifunction Clock, $30, Amazon

With a flexible swan neck that adjusts up to 150-degrees and has three levels of brightness, this lamp is about as versatile as they come. Added to that the multi-functional LED clock embedded in its base, and this is the one accessory that no desk should be without. The calendar displays the time, date, and temperature, and its display is dimmable and can be switched off to use the lamp in nightlight mode.


29. This Is The Bartender's Swiss Army Knife

Prepara Bartender's Cocktail Garnish Multitool, $25, Amazon

If you love a fancy cocktail, this is the device for you. The BPA-free handle has a built-in reamer on one end, and the other end features a full house of tools, including: a knife, corer, huller, pitter, soft fruit peeler and a zester. Compact and stores easily on your bar cart or in a drawer, and will create any cocktail garnish known to man!


30. The Multi-Tool That Does 37 Things And Actually Fits In Your Wallet

smartRSQ Wallet Multitool, $18, Amazon

If you like the idea of carrying a multi-tool but want one that's compact, how about this wallet-sized model that has 37 different applications? Crafted with a heavy-duty alloy finish, this small but strong tool features a knife blade, bottle opener, multiple wrenches, screwdrivers, a fruit and vegetable peeler, a letter opener, a can opener, a nail file, and a mini-saw. It comes with a key ring and a carabiner in case you decide you'd like to carry it somewhere other than your wallet, too.


31. A Water Bottle And A Blender In One

BlenderBottle, $10, Amazon

This BPA- and phthalate-free bottle is terrific for making sure you're always hydrated when you're on-the-go, but it has a secret: It's also a patented mixing system for blending your smoothies. The 28-ounce capacity gives you plenty of room for chipped ice and all your blend-ins, while the stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk aerates all the contents of your shake and gives you the nice frothy consistency you like. The cup features a wide mouth for easy addition of both liquids and solids, and the side is embossed with measurements in both ounces and milliliters.


32. A Genius Sports Bra That Holds Your Stuff So You Don't Have To

Queenie Ke Sports Bra With Phone Pocket (XS-XXL), $21, Amazon

From fitness fanatics to multi-taskers this sports bra is made from an uplifting, quick-drying spandex blend and has an ingenious back pocket for your stuff. It features a breathable double front panel and a design that's specifically engineered to resist chafing and wick away the moisture from your workout. The fabric is antibacterial, too, so your skin stays healthy and germ-free even after the most intensive sweat session.

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