32 Incredible #Spicey Memes To Give You Life

by Cate Carrejo
Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The news got a little spicier Tuesday following White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's disastrous briefing, during which he tried and pretty thoroughly failed to spin former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's resignation. As ever, the internet had a field day, mocking Spicer's doomed attempts to make the best of a bad situation. #Spicey exploded online as people hilariously commented on the circus that was the presser, showing how little much of the public trusts and respects Spicer. These are some of the best #Spicey memes to Spice up your life.

The Spicer mockery has been increasing steadily since he started the job by lying about the size of the crowd on Inauguration Day. The situation has somehow managed to become even more ridiculous since then. Between his penchant for mispronunciation and the slew of embarrassing leaks from within the White House, Spicer's already been roasted six ways to Sunday and it's only a few weeks into the administration.

He doesn't seem long for the position, to be honest, but don't feel too bad about laughing at him on the way out. Spicer is, or at least tried to be, a critical cog in the machine that empowers Trump's attempted authoritarianism, and there's honestly no need for empathy here (there's certainly a line you can't cross for acceptable criticism, but because Spicer's a straight white male, most people haven't come even close to it). So feel completely free to enjoy these #Spicey memes, because they're simply too good to pass up.

It's Not Supposed To Be Funny, Which Only Makes It Funnier

Master Of The Swerve: Sean Spicey

Bigly Words

Who Said It Better?

When You Already Know 'SNL' Is Going To Be Lit

Almost Makes You Feel Bad For Him... Almost

The White House Press Secretary Should Probably Know About Foreign Policy

Another Resignation Seems Imminent

100 Percent Accurate

The Best Valentine's Day A Liberal Could Wish For

Such A Mystery ...

Also, 2 + 2 = 5 According To Spicey

We've Got A Situation Here

Honestly Allison Janney Would Probably Do A Better Job

He Done It Now

You Just Know They're Typing Furiously Right Now


It's Getting Really Hard To Tell The Difference

*Mr. Krabs Meme*

One Could Easily Confuse The Name Of The Head Of State Of One Of The U.S.'s Closest Allies!

Getting Caught Sucks, Doesn't It?

Definitely No Alternative Facts Here

Spicer & Conway Look Vulnerable Right Now...

Good Luck Getting That From Spicey

Basically What Happened At That Press Conference, If Spicey Were Trump

A Glimpse Into The Future

This Whole Ridiculous Saga Makes Productivity Practically Impossible

Also In His Search History: Chewing Gum

Anyone With Siblings Knows This Feeling

Does That Make Trump Baby Spice?

The Real Collateral Damage Would Be Losing McCarthy

Put $100 On Tearing Up By Next Week