33 '80s Movies You Watched At Sleepovers

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I don’t miss curfew, cafeteria food, or first period P.E. But what I do miss about childhood can be summed up in one legendary kid ritual: the sleepover. Few adult experiences can match the magic of piling way too many grade schoolers or teens into a living room with sleeping bags, enough junk food to feed an army, and, most importantly, a stack of movies. Communal movie-watching always out-ranked pranks and makeovers on my sleepover to-do list. And most of the movies I wanted to watch with my friends came out of one particular decade. Keep clicking through to see how many of these 33 ‘80s movies you watched at sleepovers.

Now, sleepovers aren’t quiet affairs, so it’s always best to pick a few movies that everyone (or most everyone) has seen already. That way, when dad shows up with pizza or a friend gets an IM from a crush, no one’s experience will be ruined. Re-watching movies also increasing the party’s ability to quote, sing, or dance along — way preferable to just silently watching. A sleepover marathon should also have range. Think a teen sex comedy followed by a slasher flick followed by a musical. Were these ‘80s flicks a part of your overnight repertoire? Read on to find out.

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