An Official Ranking Of The 33 Best Disney Channel Original Movie Songs Ever

by Savannah Walsh
Fred Hayes/Disney Channel/AP

Whether you spent your days as a kid on sports teams, in Girl Scouts, in math club, or elsewhere, chances are that you spent your nights in front of the Disney Channel. Any evening could be spent in Halloweentown or in a dairy plant with Aly and AJ or even space (hello, Zenon). The possibilities in a Disney Channel Original Movie were seemingly endless, and the films made even more of a childhood impact by incorporating songs that so many people still sheepishly sing along with to this day. So, let's take a nostalgia-filled trip down the DCOM lane and rank 33 songs from Disney Channel Original Movies.

This list abides by a few self-imposed parameters that include 1) only movies that originally aired on the Disney Channel (sorry, High School Musical 3 and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, because you know "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of" would otherwise top the list); 2) No songs from Disney Channel series, which disqualifies the Hannah Montana catalogue; and 3, despite a few minor exceptions, the song had to have been performed in the film itself. (But shoutout to this epic Princess Protection Program duet.) So, without further ado, unwrap your childhood candy of choice and prepare for the nostalgic concert of a lifetime.


"Notice Me" — 'Pixel Perfect'

You may have forgotten that this hidden gem existed, but what millennial girl couldn't relate to this ballad of unrequited love?


"Dance Me If You Can" — 'Cheetah Girls: One World'

The truth is the Cheetah Girls franchise never fully recovered from Raven Symone's departure after the sequel. But, this is the cream of the crop from the final film.


"It's Goin' Down" — 'Descendants 2'

Even though it misses the nostalgia factor of some of the earlier DCOMs, this song is still surprisingly catchy, pirate background singing included.


"Introducing Me" — 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'

Nick Jonas sings a self-deprecating love song in the style of Jason Mraz. Teen hearts exploded.


"Determinate" — 'Lemonade Mouth'

You won't find "determinate" in the dictionary, but possibly on your Spotify nostalgia playlist.


"Can't Back Down" — 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'

There is always a place in our hearts for a mid-cabin song to hype up the campers to... sing more?


"Cruisin' For A Bruisin" — 'Teen Beach Movie'

For those with a sweet spot for "Greased Lightnin'", check out its less effective, but still lovable younger sibling.


"We Rock" — 'Camp Rock'

While not as memorable as some of the other songs on this addicting soundtrack, this tune still makes for an upbeat finale.


"The Galaxy Is Ours" — 'Zenon: The Zequel'

Do not sleep on Proto Zoa. Both of his character's songs in the Zenon franchise are underrated bops. Speaking of...


"Bop to the Top" — 'High School Musical'

Sometimes you really just want to watch Sharpay and Ryan doing full choreo in fedoras and bedazzled headsets.


"More Than Me" — 'Stuck In The Suburbs'

Such chunky highlights. Such a surprisingly beautiful song.


"One Girl Revolution" — 'Cadet Kelly'

Ok, so this one's a bit of a cheat. But Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano make military school seem so fun.


"Wouldn't Change A Thing" — 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam'

The people miss Demi and Joe. They miss the power of an over-metaphorical love song in a Disney Channel musical.


"She's So Gone" — 'Lemonade Mouth'

This song serves major Alanis Morissette vibes, even if very sanitized.


"Work This Out" — 'High School Musical 2'

This is the ultimate anthem to working a less-than-satisfying summer job. Although, most would be fired if they were to attempt such an intricate venting session.


"Play My Music" — 'Camp Rock'

If your younger self wasn't already obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and hoping one of them was your soulmate, this song likely sealed the deal.


"Amigas Cheetahs" — 'Cheetah Girls 2'

All that they needed was the rhythm and each other. Aww.


"Everyday" — 'High School Musical 2'

If something inside of you doesn't crack at, "Gonna run, while we're young/And keep the faith," were you even a true Wildcat?


"I Don't Dance" — 'High School Musical 2'

A performance that those who knew nothing about baseball and those who had never indulged in a show tune could enjoy in harmony.


"Push It To The Limit" — 'Jump In!'

Be honest: how many of you attempted backyard choreography using your own jump ropes? No judgment.


"What Time Is It?" — 'High School Musical 2'

What kid didn't dream of closing out their school year by running down the halls and using their lockers as perfectly calibrated instruments?


"Gotta Find You" — 'Camp Rock'

A lakeside serenade from still-flatironing-his-hair Joe Jonas? Yes, please.


"Supernova Girl" — 'Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century'

This song was a banger when you were in third grade and guess what? It still totally is.


"Fabulous" — 'High School Musical 2'

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans became a queen bee icon for an entire generation — and inspired a lot of adorable covers by little Sharpays everywhere.


"Start Of Something New" — 'High School Musical'

It's the song that started it all. And officially gave us unrealistic expectations of karaoking with a complete stranger.


"Strut" — 'Cheetah Girls 2'

Whether you sang it strutting the streets of Barcelona or the hallways of your house, this was and forever will be the ultimate turn-up song.


"Stick To The Status Quo" — 'High School Musical'

In all of its ridiculousness (a geek who likes to dance, who knew?) this song spoke to a lot of kids' insecurities and proved High School Musical was more than just a throwaway tween movie.


"This Is Me" — 'Camp Rock'

Those bangs. That smile. Before Demi Lovato became a famous pop star, she was just Mitchie. And fans loved her for it.


"Breaking Free" — 'High School Musical'

He ran from his basketball game. She's fresh off her Scholastic Decathalon victory. They reunite for one final song. Cue the tears.


"Cheetah Sisters" – 'Cheetah Girls'

The utter definition of squad goals: clad in matching multi-colored leopard tracksuits and singing amongst a literal construction site.


"Get'cha Head in the Game" — 'High School Musical'

This anthem still brings so much irrepressible joy.


"Cinderella" — 'Cheetah Girls'

When this girl group sang about wanting rescue themselves, female viewers felt that hard.


"We're All In This Together" — 'High School Musical'

Could the top pick be anything but the finale to High School Musical, arguably the Disney Channel Original Movie? All DCOM fans can agree, they're all in this fandom together.