33 Things On Amazon That Are Weird AF — But You'll Still Want Them

It's undoubtedly America's new favorite pastime: searching for things on Amazon. Could be you've actually come for something and you've fallen down the rabbit hole of seeing what's connected to your sought-after item — or, even better, what Amazon might recommend for you based on past purchases (sometimes, this is the stuff urban legends are made of). Then there are the times when, if you're like me, you go to Amazon almost as if on a dare, to see if it does indeed have it all. Regardless of how you get there, the times you stumble over Amazon's charmingly weird-as-hell items really make life worthwhile.

Why are these products so endearing? For me, it means we're all a little less alone out there. The fact that the home cup holder is a thing means there are people out there who can't stop spilling their drinks — and thus, there must be other folks with similar levels of clumsiness. I found a pair of slippers with microfiber mops on the bottom that reinforced my belief that talking my boys into playing "Olympic speedskater" while wearing footie pajamas when they were little was not the act of a sleep-deprived mother, but instead, the act of a nascent inventor. See what I mean?

So get those credit cards ready and enjoy the weirdest products on Amazon that you'll actually want.

1. This Cold Pack Is Specially Adapted For Your Foot

Icy Feet, $30, Amazon

Sufferers of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, heel pain and heel spurs, and just plain old aching feet, rejoice: This cold pack is made specifically to ice away your pain. With a recessed heel cup and elevated arch shape, its orthotic design is engineered specifically to deliver relief to your foot — down to the fact that you choose between a left or right model at ordering. Velcro straps hold the gel-filled, patent-pending design in place. Just freeze the pack arch-side down, and this therapeutic tool is ready to go.


2. This Genius Product Will Have You Playing In The Mud To Get Clean

Good Clean Mud Cleanser, $13, Amazon

It may seem counterintuitive to use mud to get clean, but when it comes to this cleanser, it's actually a surefire recipe for success. This product employs citrus oils to break down the bonds between grime, grease, dirt, and your skin, olive and coconut oils to soften, and bentonite clay to absorb — leaving it all ready to wash away with warm water. It's totally free from chemicals, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances, and parabens, and it's not tested on animals.


3. This Diffuser Is Cleverly Disguised As A Succulent

Easy Company Ceramic Diffuser, $21, Amazon

How cute is this diffuser? Shaped like a charming desert cactus, this model uses the powers of evaporation to spread the scent of your chosen essential oil through your room, as opposed to electricity. Simply fill with a combination of a carrier oil like coconut oil and a few drops of your preferred essential oil (mint, lavender, etc.), or place a few drops of the scent directly on the porous top of the ceramic diffuser.


4. This Handheld Device Combines The Benefits Of Massage With The Healing Powers Of Ice

Moji Mini Pro Massager, $30, Amazon

When you're aching, massage and icing down the pain are both great ways to soothe the hurt — and this device puts those treatments in the palm of your hand. It slides right onto your hand, enabling you to guide its variable-sized stainless steel massage spheres with your fingertips for targeted relief. Throw it in the freezer, and your massage is complimented with icy cold pain relief. The flexible handheld design of this therapeutic tool allows the massager to contour around all your muscles and target every hard-to-reach area.


5. This Face Mask Makes You Look Like C3PO's More Hydrated Cousin

Elixir Golden Face Mask, $13, Amazon

I fell in love with this mask the first time I saw it. It ticks all the boxes: Fits in the K-beauty trend, makes me feel completely luxe and space-age all at once, and uses all the right mask hot-button words (brightening, glowing, hydrating). Sure enough, this is a pick worthy of a spa night, as the gold layer does more than look pretty — it's antibacterial, to detoxify and purify your skin, and it also activates the process of cell renewal to rejuvenate and brighten, too.


6. An Egg Separator That Will Amuse Kids Of All Ages

Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator, $13, Amazon

With everything that's going on in the world, who doesn't need a laugh? This egg separator is sure to get one for you with its whimsical novelty design. Made from dishwasher-safe ceramic, Mr. Sneezy is actually suitable for pouring syrup and gravy as well as separating your egg whites from your yolks. It makes a fun and unique gift, too.


7. A Microwave Cooker That Looks Like A Mini Drying Rack For Your Bacon

Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker, $13, Amazon

So this looks like a pint-sized version of something you might dry your sweaters on, but in truth, this genius appliance actually cooks your bacon to crispy perfection — right in the microwave. Simply insert the removable dividers into the pan and drape the bacon over them, and it'll cook it to while draining away most of the fat. Each piece is completely immersible and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, and the racks stack in the tray for convenient storage, too.


8. This Brush That Applies The Makeup For You

Allstar Innovations Airtouch Rotating Makeup Brush, $25, Amazon

How much simpler could it be than holding this brush up to your face and letting its rotating action do the rest? Its ultra-soft head spins at 190 revolutions per minute to provide professional coverage with less time and less makeup to get the job done. Suitable for use with both liquid and powder formulas, this brush is battery powered and comes with a foundation head and a blush head.


9. This LED Light Looks Like A Tiny Ocean Mine

Striker Light Mine Professional LED Light, $17, Amazon

Sure, it looks like it came from a spaceship, but this light is actually so much more than a novelty item. The ultra-powerful rare neodymium magnets attached to each of the 11 posts on this accessory create a tool that adheres on a 360-degree axis to any metal surface to illuminate your workspace, campsite, or home. The light features four settings — low power, high output, red night vision, and blinking red signal — and is perfect for camping or hiking, emergency car repairs, and DIY projects around the house.


10. This Accessory Is Brilliant For Anyone Who Is Clumsy

YOY Home Cup Holder, $20, Amazon

Work around electronics all day but still need your caffeine fix? Happen to be a little clumsy? Well, the worry that you'll spill coffee and fry your laptop is no longer : This cup holder attaches tightly to any tabletop or desk and clips securely to your desk or table. As a bonus, this accessory could also be used to hold your mobile phone, cosmetics, stationery, USB drives, or a flower pot. For reals.


11. This Versatile Tripod Does A Little Bit Of Everything

Patekfly Camera/Phone Tripod, $25, Amazon

It looks a little bit like a creature from the deep, but this tripod is incredibly versatile, whether you like to shoot with your camera or your smartphone. The flexible silicone legs of this accessory allow you to mount it just about anywhere — the back of a chair, a tree branch, a lamppost — and they're durable enough to stand up to all kinds of twisting and turning while you're angling for the perfect shot. It's finished with a ball head that's adjustable over a full 360-degrees, too.


12. This Ingenious Device Uses Micro-Hooks To Remove Your Toughest Clogs

FlexiSnake Drain Weasel, $22, Amazon

For those times when liquid drain cleaner just won't do the trick, you'll find yourself reaching for this device, basically a miniature version of the plumber's handy snake device. This one has a key difference, though — it's outfitted with a disposable wand that's topped with patented micro-hooks that grab onto hair, filth, and grime that's stopping up your drain without damaging your pipes or catching on drain parts. The device measures 18-inches in length, enabling you to get to even those hard-to-reach clogs, and comes with five convenient refills.


13. This Deodorant Has Been Called "Amazeballs" By One Reviewer

Schmidt's Charcoal And Magnesium Deodorant, $12, Amazon

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed that charcoal is now in everything — including this deodorant, which combines it with magnesium to control sweat and get rid of the bacteria that can cause odors. Vegan and cruelty-free, it also includes plant-based ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and arrowroot powder to keep you cool and dry. "The ultimate deodorant," according to one reviewer.


14. This Hat Will Come To Your Aid In The Midst Of A Migraine

Migraine Hat, $24, Amazon

If you suffer from migraines, this odd-looking hat can really help out. The hat is filled with gel packs that are meant to be frozen, providing cooling relief surrounding your head to decrease the sensation of pain. Additionally, it pulls down low to shield your eyes from the light, which can be so painful when in the midst of an attack. It closes with Velcro, so it can be adjusted to apply pressure, too, and one size fits all.


15. This Weird Device Will Help You Relieve Leg And Lower Body Pain

YOFIT Foot Stretcher, $17, Amazon

Developed to help you relieve lower body pain quickly, safely, and easily with a rocking stretch, this device weighs less than 1 pound and is easy to carry with you to the gym, the office, or wherever you're headed. The stretches facilitated by this odd-looking device are a simple but effective way to relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other chronic conditions.


16. These Spikes Aren't For Vampires, They're For Your Plants

Modern Innovations Self-Watering Plant Spikes, $14 (Set Of 4), Amazon

As you know, it's wooden spikes that you use on vampires. If you have plants, these spikes will keep them alive by delivering just the right amount of water while preventing water overflow. Grow healthier plants by preventing over- or under-watering: Simply fill a clean bottle with water and top with a stake, then upend into your plant, and you have a self-irrigation watering system.


17. This Makeup Applicator Combines Two Pro Tools In One

Haminey Original Squeegee Blender, $12, Amazon

Silicone beauty blenders have gotten super hot recently, and this beauty accessory kicks that up a notch by combining it with a makeup sponge to meet all your application needs. The teardrop shape is flexible and easy to bend to reach all the contours of your face, and it adds an airbrushed finish to your look. You'll also save on product, as silicone isn't absorbent.


18. These Genius Slippers Mean You Can Clean Your Floor While Dancing It Out

Evriholder Slipper Genie Microfiber Slippers, $7 (1 Pair), Amazon

Easily the most amusing thing I've seen on Amazon recently, these slippers have detachable pads with microfiber fingers to allow you to dust your floor while dancing it out, doing other chores, or just going about your business around your house. The open-toe style is one size fits most, and the slippers have no hard edges, so they're suitable for use on all floor types, including woods, tile, and vinyl. Once you're done, throw the pads in the washer, and they'll be ready to go next time.


19. This Hanging Sling Will Ensure You Always Have Somewhere To Rest Your Feet

Andyer Foot Rest, $11, Amazon

If you're the kind of person who likes to have their feet up anywhere you can, try out this traveling footrest. Simply suspend it from the bracket of the tray table in front of you when you're on the plane or the train and you're in business. It's also great to suspend from the arms of any chair to provide additional relaxation and get your feet off the ground.


20. This Pillow Ships At Under An Inch But Provides Huge Support At Full Size

U-LINK Inflatable Travel Pillow, $20, Amazon

Whether it's bad storms, computer malfunctions, or simply scheduling disasters, it seems like these days you never know when you'll be stuck somewhere while traveling. Why not slide this pillow — deflated, it's under 1-inch wide — into your carry-on, just in case? Inflated, you can put your feet up to get some relief after travel on the train, bus, or airplane, or you can use it to craft a bed for your child on flights or while you're waiting in transit. Great at the office, too.


21. This All-Natural Mist Uses Vegetables To Set Your Makeup

Ariul 7 Days Vitamin Mist, $13, Amazon

Now you can not only eat your vegetables — but you can put them on your face with this mist designed to deliver vitamins and minerals to your skin while setting your makeup. Suitable for all skin types, this mist combines extracts of broccoli, banana, tomato, cabbage, apple and carrot to nourish, hydrate, calm, and soothe the skin in a manner that won't clog your pores. It's great first thing in the morning or as a mid-day refresh.


22. These All-Natural Foot Pads Provide A Cleansing Detox For Your Whole Body

Tropical Foot Pads, $16 (20 Pack), Amazon

Made with organic ingredients, these foot pads are specifically crafted to aid the body in removing harmful chemicals and toxic metals. The pads, permeated with pure bamboo vinegar extract, cause your feet to perspire — but wait, that's a good thing. They then draw the circulating toxins from the bottom of your fee, and since that's the location of many nerve endings, this provides a thorough all-natural and non-invasive cleansing experience.


23. This Device Holder Helps You Comfortably Stream Hands-Free

B-Land Gooseneck Universal Device Holder, $23, Amazon

It's hard to Netflix and chill with an achy neck. This device puts an end to that problem with its flexible, adjustable design that adapts to the viewing angle you please. The universal mount is compatible with any phone or tablet, while the gooseneck piece will wrap around your neck, gym equipment, car seat, or wherever you put it — plus, it's crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy to be ultra-durable.


24. This All-Natural Powder Is A Safe Talcum Alternative

Ora's Amazing Herbal Body Powder, $14, Amazon

If you're looking for a natural way to reduce sweat and deodorize, try this all-natural powder instead, that's free of GMOs, talc, and grain. Made by a small family-run business that never tests on animals, this powder is crafted from kaolin clay powder and baking soda, to naturally fight bacteria and fungi to eliminate odors before they arise. Plus, the scent is addicting, with light notes of lavender, vetiver, and clary sage. One reviewer highlights some of its other uses: "Aside from the normal uses of body powder, I also mix a bit of this with a small amount of organic coconut oil and use it as a natural deodorant. It's very effective for this purpose. I also ran out of dry shampoo product, so I thought what the heck. I shook a little on my brush and ran it through my hair and it grabbed the scalp oil and tamed the frizz. Honestly, this is a little miracle here!"


25. This Cleverly-Named Accessory Will Help You Get A Handle On Your Phone

LoveHandle, $10, Amazon

This phone accessory is pretty darn brilliant, even though it looks a little weird: Compatible with most smartphones and tablets, it attaches to the back of your device with ultra-strong 3M adhesive to enable easier one-handed texting, photos, selfies, and carrying your device. For smartphone users, it features a slim design that will ensure you're still able to carry it in your pocket, as well as a soft and comfortable elastic grip. The adhesive is removable with no residue when you upgrade (you know you will).


26. This Isn't Just Slime. Oh No. It's A Cleaner.

Wanna Bi Sticky Gel Cleaner, $6, Amazon

So this looks like garden-variety slime, right? Or maybe something that emitted from a phlegmy toddler. Wrong! This sticky jelly is actually a cleaning product designed to remove dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones, and printers. Also useful for small cracks and crevices in your vehicle, this gum-like substance retains its usefulness as long as it's stored in an airtight container away from light. It even kills bacteria and germs, too.


27. This Cologne Smells Like A Book

Demeter Paperback Cologne, $20, Amazon

If you're a book lover and are looking for a fragrance with a certain je ne sais quoi, perhaps this scent is for you — it contains just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper, accented by a sprinkling of violets and a dash of tasteful potpourri. You're in for a truly Proustian experience when you choose Paperback, the latest scent from Demeter, which is known for its pleasantly bizarre fragrances.


28. A Tool That Separates Ground Meat In A Fraction Of The Time

ChopStir, $9, Amazon

If you're tired of wasting hours on end of your time separating your ground meats in your skillet while you're browning them, this tool is for you. Crafted from food-safe nylon, it chops foods into smaller, equally-sized pieces right in the pan so they'll cook faster and more evenly. Safe for use with non-stick cookware, you simply press the tool downward to chop meat into 1-inch pieces, then cook until almost completely browned then chop even smaller, as desired.


29. This Coffee And Tea Brewer Looks A Little Like A Toy Set

Gourmia T-Square Coffee And Tea Set, $86, Amazon

Is it just me, or does this set look like an art project? Instead, it allows you to brew perfectly balanced loose-leaf teas and coffee grounds with one touch, automatic ease. It's equipped with a 32-ounce water reservoir and includes a 4-cup glass carafe, extra-fine stainless steel mesh strainer, and glass brew chamber. The system features light, medium, and strong strength controls. It's fully portable, so it's great for travel, too. One reviewer writes: "I love this device! I'm not using it for a crowd so the quantity it makes, 1 cup at a time basically, is just perfect. I find it so easy to use, fast enough to be convenient and a simple clean up. Does exactly what I was looking for."


30. This Bowl Will Help Your Pooch Slow Down A Little At Mealtime

Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl, $10, Amazon

If your dog wolfs down his food, this bowl will either help him out, or frustrate the daylights out of him. Crafted with food-safe, high-strength ABS material, it's BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free, and encourages your pet's meal time to be more interactive and engaging. Any amount of food goes further, and the dog feels more satiated, so it's great for pets who need to be put on a diet. It's also top rack dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


31. This Mirror Is Great For Multiple Views Of Your 'Do

Moiom Four Panel Mirror, $13, Amazon

Need to check out your hair as it looks from the side or behind? This mirror will give you a view from all angles, and it's great for travel — it's incredibly lightweight, and folds down to slip easily into your carry-on, handbag, or luggage. Take a look at your ears, the sides and back of your head, the back of your neck, your earrings backs and necklace clasps, everything else you could never see before — until now.


32. This Power Bank Is Just...Strange

BEAOK Portable Power Bank, $30, Amazon

Okay, so the design of this power bank is just straight-up weird. It's apparently a milk jug — but is it strawberry milk? And if so, why is the smiley face melting off the front? Has it been left on the metaphorical stoop too long? Did the cooler malfunction? Luckily, it's cute — and it's functional AF, too. Meanwhile, it is equipped with two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously, a sizeable battery, and intelligent safety protection to prevent short circuits and overcharging, plus a built-in motion sensor that enables you to power it up by shaking it.


33. The Light Bulbs That Actually Help You Fall Asleep

MiracleLED Relax Bulbs, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Help your body produce natural melatonin and aid restful sleep with these bulbs that capture the setting sun's last remnants of daylight. Read in bed or simply relax without interrupting the production of melatonin through the use of blue light that interrupts this hormone that occurs naturally in your body. Suitable for either tabletop or overhead fixtures, these bulbs emit 600 lumens of relaxing, warm light to guide you into a peaceful sleep.

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