33 Useful Products On Amazon That Have Near-Perfect Reviews

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It used to be that whenever you wanted to find a totally life-changing invention that could bring order to your messy life, you had to, um invent it. Luckily, now you can just go on Amazon and find it. It has every genius product on the market imaginable, it's cornered the market on shockingly useful products that also happen to be cheap AF. Of course, they're not just affordable: it's the items that have near-perfect reviews that stand out as being truly worth a second glance.

Reviews have multiple benefits: for starters, some of them are just freaking hilarious. But for the most part, reviews help you scope out whether or not a product lives up to the hype (or even has any at all). Items with perfect or near-perfect reviews tend to have a rabid cult-following, which on its own can make it worth checking out.

So whether you're trying to clean up a messy cabinet or you just want a couple of neat little accessories that'll make traveling less stressful (portable travel steamer, anyone?), the stuff in this slideshow can help put an end to everyday chaos in remarkably simple ways. The other big perk? They happen to be among the most top-ranked products on the site.

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