34 Clever Things On Amazon That Make Your Home Look 10x Cleaner

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Whether you live in a studio apartment or a multi-room house, keeping your place clean and tidy can feel like a never-ending task. Luckily there are tons of clever things on Amazon that make the job so much easier. From eco-friendly cleaning products to powerful scrubbers and steam cleaners, there's sure to be an item or two on this list that will make your home look 10 times cleaner with minimal effort. Best yet, most of these handy solutions can be had for $30 or less.

Say goodbye to stubborn soap scum, dusty floors and window blinds, and even the dirt in corners that seems impossible to reach. With these products in your arsenal, you'll become an unstoppable cleaning machine in every room of the house. And when you need a break, there's a compact robot vacuum that can do some of the cleaning for you (and is less than $100).

Plus, since these products are sold on Amazon, they've already been tested by hundreds of other shoppers. If you need to get the house tidy in a hurry, many of these items will arrive in just a couple days thanks to Amazon's speedy Prime shipping. Scroll through to find the most clever things on Amazon to make your home sparkly clean.

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