34 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon That Actually Live Up To The Hype


You can buy a lot of weird AF stuff on the Internet. From socks that make your skin peel off to fun shower heads, there's no shortage of wacky things you can find online. But what is really surprising is how useful and straight-up amazing some of those cult-favorite products actually are once you get a chance to use them in real life.

Thanks to word of mouth and the power of online reviews, finding all those genius health, beauty, and household products with a cult-following is easier than ever before. If you're on Amazon, all you have to do is target your searches and the site virtually does all the rest. Another added benefit is that online reviews serve as a way to get you connected — not just with dedicated shoppers who have tried something and loved it, but with a whole community of people who might share similar problems and be looking for innovative solutions, the same as you.

So whether you're looking for one of those bubble masks you've seen plastered all over your Instagram feed or you're eager to give acupressure mats a try, cult-favorite items can be a great way to broaden your horizons. And with these 34 highly reviewed items you can rest assured that they actually live up to the hype.

1. This Eyebrow Gel That Gives You Perfect Brows In Just Two Minutes

Wunder2 Wunderbrow Brow Gel, $21, Amazon

Not only have more than 10,000 Amazon users left rave reviews about this Wunderbrow one-Step eyebrow gel, they also left pictures to back up their praise. This easy-to-use gel works by filling and shaping brows, and stays in place for days unless you wash it off, so you can have natural-looking brows for however long you like.


2. This Expandable Cabinet And Shelf For When You’re Short On Space

Seville Classics Expandable Kitchen Counter Cabinet Shelf, $15, Amazon

Short on kitchen space? No problem. This handy expandable shelf provides more space on your counter or inside your cabinets. Made from sturdy iron with a sleek platinum powder finish, this is a great way to store plates, small appliances, and canned goods without upgrading to a bigger apartment. It’s not just for the kitchen either; You can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, closets, or anywhere else you need to declutter.


3. This Anti-Aging Eye Gel That Helps Reduce Puffiness And Wrinkles

Baebody Eye Gel, $24 (1.7 fl. oz), Amazon

Unlike a lot of eye gels on the market, Baebody's gel is formulated with plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid, which are great for brightening and hydrating the sensitive skin around the eyes. Thousands of reviewers can't get enough of this gel, and love it for targeting dry skin and puffiness.


4. This Setting Spray That Will Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day

Pure Bliss, Makeup Setting Spray With Organic Green Tea, $12, Amazon

If your makeup has a habit of quitting on you halfway through the day, this makeup setting spray is perfect for you. Simply spray this mist on your skin after applying your makeup in the morning and enjoy a longer-lasting look that will need fewer daytime touch-ups. With a gentle and non-irritating formula that includes green tea, this setting spray is perfect for all skin types. One fan of this product went as far as to say this is “the LOVE OF MY MAKEUP LIFE!!!”


5. An Innovative Travel Pillow That Allows You To Snooze Pretty Much Anywhere

Trtl Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

If you're traveling, it's crucial that you have a comfy pillow that will give you support, even if you fall asleep in a strange position. This ergonomically designed pillow is just what the doctor ordered because it has soft fleece on the outside and a patented interior support system inside, so your neck stays upright but you still feel relaxed and ready to snooze. Because this pillow is also half the size of a normal U-shaped pillow, it travels easier than other pillow types.


6. This Foam Roller To Stretch Tense Muscles

LuxFit Foam Roller, $10-24, Amazon

Use this foam roller on achy, tense muscles before or after workouts and it can actually help prevent muscle injury from intense movements. The roller is available in four sizes, which is great because you can decide whether you need a massager for small areas of your body like the back of your neck or if a full-body roller is more up your alley.


7. This Roll-On Stick That Increases Sweat Production And Removes Toxins For A Better Workout

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Stick, $26, Amazon

Accelerate both your warm up and recovery and detox your body when you work out with this sweet sweat stick. A topical gel with a clean scent, it promises to enhance sweat production and remove toxins from the body to benefit from a better workout. It also claims it can target injured or "problem" areas to improve circulation and motivation, and that it can help fight muscle fatigue and reduce the pain from common injuries. If you're skeptical, know that the product has a near-perfect rating on Amazon with over 2,000 mostly positive reviews, and that the brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee


8. This Microfiber Towel That Will Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

DuraComfort Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel, $13 (Large), Amazon

Not only does this ultra-soft microfiber towel promise to cut your dry-time in half, it also reduces split-ends and makes hair feel smoother. Lightweight and machine washable, this towel is easy to wear wrapped around your head, so you can keep hair up and drying without feeling too weighed down.


9. A Memory Foam Support Pillow Set That Can Eliminate Back Pain

SoftaCare Memory Foam Support Pillow, $35, Amazon

With a combination of two pieces that reduce pressure on the coccyx bone, this memory foam support pillow system encourages natural alignment and can decrease back pain. The cushions work on any seat and even have a rubber bottom to hold them in place, as well as a carrying handle. The top cushion has a phone holder, too. They work great in conjunction, but you can also use the cushions individually, too.


10. A Wild Party Game That’s Truly Disturbing

Friendly Rabbit Disturbed Friends, $25, Amazon

Friendly Rabbit’s own slogan is “this game should be banned” which should be a pretty clear indicator that it's a party game that you should reserve for only your wildest friends. It comes with 250 disturbing questions and 100 offensive cartoon cards, not for the faint of heart. Essentially, you vote on what you think your friends would do in various, horrible situations. Up to 10 people can play at the same time, while anyone watching is in for a treat, too.


11. This Carbonated Bubble Mask That Will Leave You Laughing

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, $12, Amazon

For deep cleaning pores and removing blackheads, this popular carbonated bubble clay mask is a must-have. But reviewers don't just love it for how good it feels on the skin, they also love how ridiculously fun it is to use. After you apply this mask, which is made with green tea, pomegranate and charcoal powder extract, it starts to bubble up, which while give you a silly, Shrek-like appearance until you wash it off.


12. A Hypoallergenic Pillow That Feels Amazingly Soft To The Touch

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow, $50 (Standard), Amazon

Have flat pillows kept you tossing and turning at night? With this ultra-snuggly shredded memory foam pillow, you won't lose a wink of sleep because a pillow is too flat again. It comes with a breathable bamboo cover that's eco-friendly and doesn't keep heat trapped in, so you'll stay cool all night long. This pillow contours to your body's unique shape and works great for side, stomach, and back sleepers, so you'll always get the perfect support you need.


13. A Water Flosser That Will Make You Forget All About String Floss

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser, $69, Amazon

This water flosser not only comes with more than 7,000 five-star reviews, it was also awarded the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. It comes with up to 10 settings, seven unique tips, and runs for 90 seconds, so you'll get an all-over clean. Best of all, you can ditch that string floss completely.


14. An Acupressure Mat That Targets All Your Back And Muscle Aches

Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, $40, Amazon

Acupressure mats are becoming a popular, at-home alternative to going to a traditional chiropractor or acupressurist because fans swear that mats like this one can relieve neck and back discomfort, help get rid of headaches, and eliminate shoulder and muscle tension. This mat is made with 6,210 acupressure points (the little plastic needles you see on the mat), while the contoured pillow it comes with has 1,782 acupressure points, all of which help to trigger the release of endorphins, which in turn helps provide much-needed relaxation.


15. This Anti-Aging Moisturizer That's Soothing On Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin

LilyAna Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer, $19 (1.7 Oz), Amazon

Eager to get rid of dry, itchy patches of skin? This natural face cream made with hyper-moisturizing ingredients, including aloe vera, vitamin C and E, and other antioxidants and essential oils that can leave skin feeling plumper and more radiant than ever. This non-greasy cream also soothes red, damaged skin and because it's made with rose distillate, it doesn't irritate sensitive complexions or leave behind any sting like some moisturizers can. Reviewers recommend using this twice a day for best results.


16. An Active Charcoal Toothpaste That Actually Whitens Teeth

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste, $7, Amazon

This activated charcoal toothpaste is made with a triple-action formula to remove and kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. But one of the major reasons why reviewers give this toothpaste high marks is that it works really well if you're trying to whiten teeth. Since charcoal is naturally abrasive, this toothpaste scrubs off yellowed enamel, leaving whiter, shinier looking teeth with each wash. One reviewer wrote: "I have very sensitive teeth, little scared to try new stuff. It's been about 10 days and I've noticed teeth are getting whiter and not so sensitive."


17. A Sleep Mask That Molds To Fit Your Face's Unique Shape

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask, $13, Amazon

Soft and made to block out light, this mask molds to your face's shape and is lightweight, so it won't put pressure on eyes or disturb REM sleep cycles. This durable mask also comes with ear plugs and a pouch, so it's great to pack when you're traveling or in a new environment.


18. This Drain Protector That Catches Hair And Gunk Like Nothing Else

SinkShroom Sink Drain Protector, $12, Amazon

Clogged drains are a pain to deal with, but this bathroom sink strainer/hair catcher will revolutionize how you get rid of gunk and hair build-up in drains. This device is made to fit in standard drains and collects hair over time, without any need for chemicals or difficult in-tub installation. This can also keep jewelry and other valuables from falling into a drain and getting caught, so you can use it with confidence.


19. These Cozy Microfiber Sheets That Come With Actual Pockets

Southshore Fine Linens, Six-Piece Sheet Set, $30-$37, Amazon

Soft and durable, these affordable microfiber sheets come in a variety of sizes and colors, which means they can fit virtually any bedroom color scheme or interior look. The big advantage of these machine-washable sheets, beyond their price and sturdy construction, is that they come with extra-deep, 21-inch pockets, which will easily fit most 19-inch mattresses but makes them work great for beds with a pad or topper on them. "I wanted sheets with DEEP pockets because I have a pretty high mattress, and a mattress pad, and a memory foam topper, and a big, fluffy down alternative mattress topper," wrote one reviewer. "The pockets on these sheets are DEEP, like Bill Gates'! Very impressive."

  • Available Sizes: Twin - California King

20. An Ultra-Popular Hot And Cold Therapy Wrap Uniquely Designed For Feet

NatraCure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap, $10, Amazon

For achy feet in search of relief, this compression-therapy foot wrap is a natural way to soothe painful feet, wrists, and hands. By stimulating circulation the gel pack insert reduces the heat, inflammation, and swelling of swollen joints and muscles. The compression wrap can be used for hot or cold therapy and according to Amazon reviewers, it maintains its temperature long enough to provide fast relief.


21. An Organized Toiletry Bag That Carries Everything You Could Need

Freegrace Hanging Toiletry Bag, $20, Amazon

This clever toiletry bag can holds tons of stuff, in organized compartments, though the bag itself is still compact and lightweight. The bag has various compartments that can hold uniquely shaped items, such as toothbrushes and makeup tools, without warping their shape in transit. It’s also both waterproof and tear resistant, so it’ll last you for years without any damage. The toiletry bag is also available in seven colors.


22. A Nail Growth Polish That Strengthens Your Nails In Weeks

Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System, $14, Amazon

Nearly 3,000 Amazon users are fans of this nail growth polish that helps your nails grow stronger and longer. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks of regular use to see dramatic improvement, and Amazon users can attest to that fact. The polish is enriched with various proteins and keratin that protect and strengthen nails. You can use it alone or as both a base coat and top coat with a colored polish.


23. An Inspiring Book That’s Packed With Wisdom And Sage Advice

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World, $10, Amazon

Reviewed by nearly 2,000 Amazon users, Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World is considered a must-read by many. It’s written by Admiral William H. McRaven, who learned countless lessons during his time long Naval career. The book is filled with wisdom and advice that would inspire any reader. One Amazon user raved, “This book is an excellent short read, full of great life lessons for anyone.”


24. This Alcohol-Free Toner That Can Make Red, Inflamed Skin Calm Down

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera, $9 (12 oz), Amazon

This alcohol-free toner has a soothing effect on tender, sensitive skin, which is one of the major reasons why it has such a cult following. Users who saw the best results used it twice a day to help with acne, inflammation, and other irritation, and noticed significant changes over time. Made with aloe vera, rose-petal water, vitamin E and witch hazel extract, this toner is a natural, therapeutic way to treat your skin.


25. This Quality Fabric Steamer With Multiple Heat Settings

Conair, ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer, $30, Amazon

With a dual heat system that powers up in just 75 seconds, this fabric steamer from Conair is the real deal. Equipped with a water tank large enough for 15 minutes of steam time, this handheld device has the power to remove every wrinkle from your clothes. And with two different heat settings designed to work on any fabric, this product is super versatile. It works so well, one reviewer says it’s the “best non-commercial grade steamer, and I’ve worked in a garment shop.”


26. This Organic Mascara That Conditions And Strengthens Eyelashes

Endlessly Beautiful Natural Organic Mascara, $18, Amazon

If you've ever had lashes fall out, wound up with irritated contacts from using mascara, or simply want to strengthen your eyelashes, then this natural and organic mascara might be right up your alley. Made with chamomile and vitamin E to help condition and bolster your eyelashes, this mascara evenly adds volume and length to lashes without any flakes, smudges or clumps — and because it's water-resistant, you won't have to immediately check yourself in the mirror after getting caught in the rain!


27. Racerback Sports Bras With Removable Cups

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras, $13-29, Amazon

These seamless racerback sports bras are extremely supportive and perfect for any workout. They're designed using moisture-wicking fabrics that soak up sweat and offer removable cups, medium support, and an elastic closure. Snag them in a variety of colors like grey, black, and aqua. They also come in packs of four and three if you're looking to stock up.

  • Available Sizes: S-XXL

28. This Stackable Organizer That Brings Order To Messy Pantries

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, $18, Amazon

If you want to organize your cabinet or pantry, this chrome organizer is an excellent way to do it because it can accommodate up to 36 cans. You won't have to worry about towers of canned beans and tuna falling over or making a mess either, because this organizer is stackable and comes with six adjustable plastic dividers, so different sized cans will always stay aligned and organized.


29. This Exfoliating Foot Peel That's Gross AF But Really Works

Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliation Peeling Mask, $13 (1 Pair, Lemon), Amazon

Foot peels are super popular among beauty buffs right now, and it's not hard to see why. If you have dry, cracked, or callused feet, this exfoliating foot peel can really work some magic and make you feel like you're getting a spa experience. Just one pair of single-use booties can help get rid of years of coarse, dull, dead skin on feet, leaving heels and toes feeling smooth and pampered. Formulated with 17 natural Japanese and Korean vegetable extracts, this peel won't start to show its effects for about a week, but once your feet start to peel, just take off the dead skin to reveal newly soft feet below.


30. This Electric Shaver That Will Make Shaving Way Less Annoying Of A Task

Panasonic, Ladies Electric Shaver, $18, Amazon

Whether you’re the type to diligently shave every day, or you prefer to let your fuzzy legs fly free as often as possible, this electric shaver will make shaving so much easier when it comes time to do it. With a sleek, ergonomic design that was made to be comfortable to hold, this device works like a charm. In fact, this product is so beloved its fans write paragraphs and paragraphs of glowing praise on Amazon. One reviewer says, “this is a life saver for someone who hates shaving!”


31. A Best-Selling Sunscreen With SPF That’s Perfect For All Skin Types

EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46, $33, Amazon

This best-selling sunscreen is fragrance- and paraben-free, and packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals. With SPF 46, this powerful cream will protect you against dangerous ultraviolet light even on the sunniest summer days. This product is great for anyone with sensitive skin, rosacea, or anyone prone to breakouts. It’s even non-comedogenic and lightweight when you apply it on your skin. With over 2,000 five-star reviews under its belt, this sunscreen is worth every penny.


32. A Pair Of Leggings That Aren’t See-Through And Have Pockets

ODODOS High Waist Yoga Leggings, $20, Amazon

These high-waisted yoga pants offer flexibility, support, and comfort, and come in both full-length and capri styles. They’re made with non-see-through fabric that’s designed specifically to avoid VPL situations, and are extra stretchy. Perhaps best of all, these leggings have pockets (!) that can hold your phone and gym ID card. They are available in 30 different color combinations, too.


33. A Set Of Spa-Quality Turkish Cotton Towels For Less That $50

Salbakos Luxury Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton 4-Piece Eco-Friendly Bath Towel Set, $40, Amazon

With 16 beautiful colors to choose from, these luxury towels will look and feel great on your body. The set comes with four eco-friendly, machine washable towels that are each incredibly soft to touch. With double-stitching on the hems, they’re extremely durable and according to the product description, the towels are thoughtfully made in Turkey because it’s the only country that doesn’t use bleach during manufacturing. Loyal Amazon reviewers are loving their new thick towels and finding they’re a total steal for the price.

34. Reusable Metal Straws

Yihong Metal Straws, $8 (8 Straws), Amazon

As many states and businesses begin phasing out plastic straws that are bad for the environment, these reusable metal straws are here to fill in the gap. This set of eight stainless steel straws include four bent straws and four straight straws that are long enough to fit 20 ounce tumblers. Use them, wash them with the accompanying straw brushes (or toss them in the dishwasher), and reuse them again and again.

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