34 Losing Powerball Memes & Tweets For Everyone Who Didn't Become An Overnight Millionaire

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The Powerball lottery drawing on Wednesday night seems to have been a bust, leaving millions across the country distraught at having to return to work tomorrow. Looking to share their anguish with others, Powerball losers flooded social media with some hysterical posts about their emotional journeys throughout Wednesday night's lotto draw. These memes and tweets about losing the Powerball are exactly how you feel right now, so at least you can take comfort in some schadenfreude.

The only silver lining is that you get another chance to try again, but this time the prize will be worth much less. On Saturday, the jackpot will fall to $40 million, which is arguably still a lot, but certainly not $700 million. However, that doesn't mean that you'll get $40 million put straight into your bank account. Depending on where you live, state and federal taxes can take a huge chuck out of that amount, as much as 50 percent of your winnings. The amount you receive also goes way down if you choose the lump sum instead of the recurring annual payments. If you do win, though, the cash upfront is the way better option in the long-term — that money will accumulate much faster if you invest it in large chunks instead of getting small payments over 30 years. But since you didn't win tonight, commiserate with these hilarious memes.

Can't Leave Work Just Yet

None For You

Another Day, Another Grind

Sorry, Student Loans Still Own You

At Least You Dared To Dream

Just Focus On The Bright Side, At Least You Got Something!

Maybe Just A Little Dramatic

You Really Shouldn't Be Shocked

You Bet They're Salty

I Demand Alternative Numbers

Apparently No One In America Likes Their Job

The Only Worse Thing Than Not Winning Is Losing To Someone Else

I Mean, Basically

Still Trying To Turn A Tiny Profit

The Irony Being That Michael Phelps Is Hella Rich

Right In The Trash Can

It Was Only Just A Dreeeeeeeam

Just Trying To Make Yourself Feel Better

The Numbers Won't Change No Matter How Hard You Look

It's All Her Fault

Believing You Deserve It Is The Best Part

Hot Dogs You'll Never Get To Know

Relying On The Kindness Of Others

Literally Just Tears Everywhere

No One. Come. Forward.

Your Betrayal Stings Worse Than Cactus Gram

Denial Is The First Stage Of Grief

Work Is Going To Be A Drag

My Dreams Are Dead

Chrissy Teigen Is Me

Bonus: There's Always Hope For The Next Drawing

Now that you're feeling a little better thanks to these posts, you might be inspired to rush out and buy a bunch of tickets for the next drawing. Just remember: don't give up hope, but play wisely!