34 Random But Seriously Clever Products On Amazon That Are Quickly Skyrocketing In Popularity

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When it comes to products on the internet, there are two types of weird: "Why would anyone ever spend money on that thing" weird, and the products so irresistibly weird, you can't help but add it to your cart right that second. These random but brilliant Amazon products are skyrocketing into popularity because they effortlessly fit into that second category. Yeah, the following might initially seem out of left field, but reviewers can't stop talking about how much they ended up loving their random purchase.

While it might look like I reached into the depths of the internet to pull out these bizarre gems, I didn't. In fact, they were right there in plain sight on Amazon's Movers and Shakers page. Much like the best sellers and most wished for categories, this page shows which products on Amazon are getting the most attention from users.

However, Movers and Shakers, in particular, focuses on the biggest gainers in sales rank over the past 24 hours, and it's updated hourly. In other words, when a previously low-key product starts trending like nuts, it'll show up here almost instantly. So if weird AF products are your niche, save some time and start with the ones that people currently can't get enough of: here's 35 of the very best.

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