35 Before & After Pics Of Celebs Who Underwent A Dramatic Hair Makeover

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Sometimes you just wake up, shuffle to the mirror, glance up at your bed head and think "I need a change." And just like that, you have an appointment at the salon. Stars aren't immune to that kind of restlessness either, which leads us to an exciting parade of dramatic celebrity hair makeovers. Whether they hack off their long locks into pixie styles, textured lobs, or surprising undercuts,, they inspire those watching at home to get a little braver in the salon chair. Don't just go for those subtly balayage highlights — toss those screenshot-ed Instagram photos and get a little wilder! Do as the stars do: Try unicorn pastel shades, get your opposite hair color, or hack it all off for a change.

From Emma Watson lopping off her hair into a Mia Farrow inspired pixie to Natalie Dormer boldly shaving off half her head, there have been a fair share of celebs that haven't shied away from exploring their aesthetic and trying out new trends. Rather than toeing the line they jump right in, trying out a silvery-blue hair color or distancing themselves from their signature looks (Emma Stone's red hair anyone?) Below are 35 before and after pictures of celebs who underwent a dramatic hair transformation — which one is your favorite one? Bookmark it for the next time you call up your stylist!

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