35 Bizarre But Actually Brilliant Products That People Are Buying On Amazon

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There's a very fine line between bizarre and brilliant. Just look at people like Einstein and Freud — odd beyond belief, yet astonishingly innovative, and the huge selection of bizarre but brilliant products on Amazon seem to fit into a similar category. People can't get enough of these weird items that are actually pretty genius, and I understand — because I'm one of them.

My bathroom is filled with oil-based soaps, mineral salt deodorants, and activated charcoal teeth whiteners from Amazon. I purify my bedroom with Himalayan salt lamps and burlap sacks of burnt wood. Is that weird? Yeah, that's pretty weird, but I'm here to let you know that these strange products work a hell of a lot better than your typical ones, and that's why this topic is one of my all time favorites to cover.

In this article, you'll see 35 products that induce the following reaction: 1. Tilt head and squint eyes. 2. Ask yourself the question, "That exists?" And 3. Decide that you absolutely need it, and your life will be forever incomplete without it. Don't worry — countless Amazon buyers have gone through the exact same cycle, and according to their glowing reviews, their lives are better for it.

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