35 Gross But Genius Products On Amazon That Have Tons Of Fanatical Reviews

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At 18, I thought I'd seen it all — it was my first year at college away from home, and I considered myself completely independent. Then at 23, I realized how wrong I was, and decided THAT was the year I'd finally be mature enough to know it all. Now that I'm 26, I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm never truly going to know everything there is to know. Which also means that no matter how long I spend writing about all the genius products available on Amazon — there are still going to be gross, odd, yet completely brilliant products that manage to surprise me.

From a package of mitten-shaped wet wipes to a portable pooper scooper, there are tons of products available on Amazon with good reviews that seem a little — well, weird. However, once you use them, you'll see what the reviewers are talking about: and you're one step closer to writing a fanatical review online about a foot peel that sheds all your skin.

Whether you're 18 or 81, there are tons of awesome products on Amazon with thousands of reviews available — and I've gathered the best of the best for you right here.

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