36 Extremely Useful Products On Amazon That Could Save Your Life During An Apocalypse

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There's IRL shopping and then there's Amazon shopping. You know what I mean — those lost hours when you hunker down and it's just you, the app, and your credit card. You look up, time has flown by, your credit card is warm to the touch, and you've exhausted your wish list and made all your retail therapy dreams come true. Unlike strolling the boutiques on Main Street, not only does Amazon lend itself to flights of fancy, but thanks to Jeff Bezos and his squad, you'll also end up with some of the super useful products on Amazon — like, for example, those that could save your life during an apocalypse.

Maybe it's the fact that lots of Amazon best-sellers seem to have 42 different uses, or maybe it's just that shopping alone with your smartphone lends itself to the kind of thinking that dooms-day prepper stockpilers tend to entertain, but a lot of the highly-ranked, incredibly useful gadgets and accessories Amazon has on offer would also be lifesavers in the event of a Walking Dead-type crisis. If you're not feeling like a zombie emergency is imminent, look at these items as insurance against getting stuck without resources in a rural area with a dead battery and a flat tire.

Regardless of the nature of the danger you're up against, we've put together a list of Amazon all-stars that will definitely be useful in getting you out of a jam. These are things that would definitely be on any survivalists wish list — because honestly, you just never know when something big might go down.

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