36 Low-Effort Products On Amazon That Actually Give You Major Results

As life becomes increasingly busy, you might find yourself searching for hacks that make the day-to-day considerably easier to navigate. After all — a minute saved is a minute earned. It's why I thoroughly enjoyed scouring the internet for these low-effort products on Amazon that require minimal work on your end. Because perhaps the next best thing to having your own assistant is being armed with gadgets that power through the tedium of everyday tasks.

I know what you're probably thinking: of course it would be great to have devices that are designed to handle tedious chores, but are these actually worth it? My short answer is a resounding yes. The longer answer is yes, because they provide serious results.

This list runs the gamut of food processors, hair tools, beauty buys, and more. Some of my personal favorites are easily the products that serve many purposes. Take the Kopari organic coconut melt for example. Not only can it be used as a general body moisturizer, it can also help remove stubborn makeup — and on your hair. It's pretty much a win on all fronts.

Looking for more products that require minimal effort but actually? Continue reading and prepare to be amazed.

by Cliché Wynter

1. A Hot Brush That Gives Major Volume

This hot tool — which doubles as a hairdryer and styler — will protect your strands with its ceramic coating. It also comes equipped with negative ionic technology that combats frizz while leaving your hair shinier and smoother (because hello, who doesn't want healthier tresses?). With multiple heat settings, it's perfect for a variety of hair types.

2. A Serum That Thickens Brows And Lashes

Formulated with plant peptides and biotin (aka the holy grail of hair health), this hypoallergenic brow and lash serum boosts thickness and length. Make application a consistent part of your nighttime beauty regimen in order to see the best results. "I look like I wear fake eyelashes and I LOVE it," shared one enthused Amazon reviewer. "I have used it religiously every night before I go to bed and I could probably go down to one time every other night."

3. A Teeth Whitening Pen That Removes Stubborn Stains

I'm an avid supporter of dental hygiene and can hardly resist new ways to enhance my smile. Imagine my delight after coming across the AsaVea teeth whitening pen. It contains 35% carbamide peroxide, which is noted as being a safer alternative to standard peroxide. This active ingredient works to rid your teeth of stubborn stains that can come as a result of coffee, tea, wine, etc. The best part? It comes in a travel-friendly size, making it perfect for use on-the-go.

4. A Food Processor That Makes Cooking A Whole Lot Easier

Leave it to this Valuetools food processor to make preparing meals a little less daunting. As opposed to other processors, this beauty has a manual hand crank that both eliminates the need for electricity and a noisy motor. While its blades are made from stainless steel, its remaining components contain BPA-free plastic, relieving it of potential harmful chemicals.

5. An Iced Coffee Maker That Works In 60 Seconds

While warmer temperatures call for iced coffee, daily stops at your local café can quickly become costly. Instead, opt for the DIY approach with the HyperChiller V2 iced coffee maker. Quick and convenient, forgo those long lines to get your caffeine fix in 60 seconds. The clean-up is also super easy. Just place it in your dishwasher and you're all set — plus, you can use this for whiskey, wine, and tea, too.

6. A Foam Roller That Alleviates Pain And Improves Flexibility

When you have aches and pains — either from a long day or a long workout — you need the TriggerPoint GRID foam roller. Crafted with a multi-dimensional surface, it speeds up injury recovery time while promoting blood circulation. While you may have some reservations about the price, its patented design has proven durability, making it ideal for repeated use (read: you can hold on to it for years).

7. A Microwave Cleaner That Does The Work For You

Rid your microwave of unseemly food gunk with this handy volcano microwave cleaner. Simply fill the container with water and vinegar, turn on high heat for five to eight minutes, and watch as the stains are loosened post-eruption. Finish the job with a cloth or sponge for an extra squeaky clean appearance. "I'm so amazed this actually works really well," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "It's fun and useful. So corny funny!" Seriously, who can resist a purchase like that?

8. This Hair Straightener And Brush Protects Against Burns

Sometimes going from curly to straight hair can be tough. But this cermanic ionic straightener makes it a breeze with its high-density nano comb brush. Your scalp will thank you as the bristles provide a soothing effect while stimulating hair follicles. An excellent bonus feature can be found in the automatic shut-off function, which powers down the device if it hasn't been used for 60 minutes.

9. A Phone Charger That Doubles As A Sanitizer

Constantly worrying about the cleanliness of your smartphone? You're definitely not alone in your plight. This phone sanitizer comes with UV-C bulbs that have been scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Oh, and because I love a multi-functional device, it's worth noting that it also serves as a charger (compatible with all smartphones). Yep, that's right. You can refuel and clean your phone all at once.

10. An Electric Cooker That Makes Perfect Eggs Every Time

I'm not going to say I'm extra-picky when it comes to my eggs, but I certainly love a good soft-boiled situation. And as you may or may not know, getting that perfect consistency can be difficult to achieve. The Dash Deluxe rapid electric egg cooker removes all those potential failures with perfectly prepared eggs (or steamed food) every single time. It's also user-friendly, which means even children can get in on the food fun.

11. A Top Coat That Dries Really Quickly

If you haven't yet converted to the church of the gel manicure, odds are, you're still struggling with chipped polish and smudged nails. The Seche Vite dry fast top coat is here to ease some of those woes. It's formulated to seep through to the base coat to leave nails with a longer-lasting mani that's resistant to chipping. Win.

12. The Makeup Remover That Only Needs Water

At the end of a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is scrub their face with a ton of product to ensure all their makeup has been removed. It's why the Makeup Eraser is such a genius find. All you need is a little bit of water and it cleans your face of even the most stubborn cosmetics. That includes waterproof mascara (of which I have a love-hate relationship with).

13. An Onion Chopper Your Eyes Will Thank You For

Sometimes chopping onions can feel like a special kind of torture. No matter how quickly you try to get through it, you can still end up with face full of tears. The Mueller Onion Chopper Pro frees you of the pain by doing the slicing for you. It's BPA-free and made with super sharp German 420-grade stainless steel blades that cut through even the toughest of vegetables. When you're done using, feel free to toss into the dishwasher.

14. An Air Fryer That Crisps Up Food In Minutes

This air fryer makes cooking a breeze: add your veggies, frozen foods, proteins, and even pizza right into the dishwasher-safe basket, and you can have a crispy, perfectly-cooked dinner on the table quickly. It holds 3.5 liters of food, requires little to no oil to achieve that crunch factor, and turns off automatically when the timer is up to ensure nothing gets overcooked.

15. An All-Purpose Scrubber That's Tough On Grime

One of my favorite markers of adulthood is getting excited by new cleaning products. The Super Sonic scrubber elicited such joy when I realized it comes with five brush heads — each serving their own unique purpose. If scrubbing your shower grout is your jam, there is a brush head for that. Need to clean your stove? You guessed it. There is an option for that as well. One reviewer wrote: "Wow, I was blown away! I didn’t have to apply any pressure. The scrubber did all the work. We have very hard water and live in FL, so mildew builds up fast. This took care of everything, quickly and EASILY."

16. A Drain Clog Dissolver That's Also Eco-Friendly

Backed-up pipes is one of the many pain points of everyday life. It's why having some drain clog dissolver on deck will always prove to be beneficial. This one in particular knocks out clogs caused by hair, soap scum, and grease. Unlike other brands, it's odorless and doesn't emit toxic fumes. It's also formulated to be biodegradable and won't be too harsh on your pipes.

17. An Organizer That Secures Your Broom And Mop

Fun fact about me: I am not a fan of clutter and love organization. I am legitimately upset I hadn't bought this mop and broom holder sooner in life. It easily mounts to the wall and keeps your cleaning instruments and tools securely out of the way. The rubber slots really get a firm hold on the items, so you'll have to use both hands to put away and remove them.

18. These Picture And Poster Hangers Won't Damage Your Walls

If you've ever rented an apartment, you're familiar with lease clauses that state you won't get your security deposit back if there are any punctures in the wall. So how do you decorate effectively without forfeiting that hefty check? Try these GoodHangups magnetic poster and picture hangers on for size. They won't damage paint or leave holes and they're reusable. The magnetic-receptive stickers are good for re-sticking as needed.

19. An Acne Spot Treatment Made With Natural Ingredients

If you have acne-prone skin, you may be apprehensive about applying harsh chemicals to your face in fear of causing further irritation. This TreeActiv cystic acne spot treatment might be just the thing you're looking for. Made with ingredients such as tea tree oil, spearmint, and aloe vera, it calms inflamed skin while removing impurities and unwanted toxins. It can also be used as a preventative measure.

20. A Red Wine Stain Remover For Those Accidental Spills

Have you ever had one of those gut-wrenching moments where you've knocked over a glass of red wine and felt a deep sense of loss? Same. The Wine Away red wine stain remover will make sure no one has to feel that way again. Good for usage on carpets and fabric, let it sit for one to five minutes, and clean as usual. Have other hard to handle stains? It also works wonders on marks left by coffee, blood, and ink.

21. These High Heel Protectors Prevent Shoe Damage

Just two weeks ago I had my stiletto heels piercing the grass at my cousin's birthday party. If only I had these Solemates high heel protectors to save the day. They're specifically designed for thinner heels that measure about a 1/4-inch. Once applied, they make navigating shaky ground much easier. The clear color also allows them to seamlessly blend in with your shoe without being an eyesore.

22. A Hat That Relieves Miserable Headaches

It's no secret that headaches can be so bad, you're unable to properly function. This headache hat utilizes cooling therapy to bring instant relief from the pain. Wrapped with ice, it zeroes in on the discomfort found in your head, neck, and body tackles it with intention. It also comes complete with a freezer storage bag, which makes it easy to put away and reuse.

23. A Shape-Shifting Drawer Organizer

Generally speaking, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to drawer organizers. But this eight-piece bin pack (that's also BPA-free) proves that versatility is key. Its interlocking design allows you to also mix-and-match to achieve the perfect size. "These did the job in organizing and de-cluttering my drawers," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "They feel durable and so I am not worried about them breaking."

24. A Makeup Brush Cleaner With Its Own Charger

You can finally stop putting off cleaning your makeup brushes with this device. It comes with three settings that work to dip, rinse, and dry your tools. With multiple levels of agitation and a rechargeable base, it's perfect for cleaning a variety of brushes on-the-go. "Best product I've purchased in a while," raved one Amazon user. "I love this thing. It would definitely be a great gift to all my friends."

25. These Rug Grippers That Prevent Sliding

If you're anything like me, you're tired of having to constantly fix your rug back into its correct place — and it can serve as a hazard you might trip on. With the help of these rug grippers, you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Their reusable sticky surfaces keep carpet corners flat and in their designated position. The grippers work on a variety of floors and are made for both indoor and outdoor use.

26. A Pineapple Peeler That Saves You Time And Effort

I love eating fresh pineapple, but loathe the tedious process of preparing it. The Yesker pineapple peeler makes snacking on the juicy fruit a joy once more. Simply remove the top of the pineapple, place the device inside, twist the plastic handle and allow the stainless steel blade to effortlessly peel and de-core the fruit. That's it. Happy eating.

27. A Paraben-Free Lip Mask That Smells Delicious

If you're searching for a remedy for chapped lips, this lip mask — complete with an application spatula, might be the cure. Its moisturizing and exfoliating properties allow it to be perfect as a daytime balm or an overnight mask. Formulated with mint extract and oils containing vitamins A,C, and E, your lips will be in for a soothing and hydrating experience.

28. A Bowl That Makes Salad-Chopping A Seamless Process

All too often, there seems to be too many moving parts in the process of making a simple salad. Having this 100% BPA-free and dishwasher-safe salad cutter bowl eliminates the need for a million tools. The item effortlessly acts as a bowl, strainer, cutting board, and slicer. The built-in slits ensures your precious fingers are kept out of harm's way while the vegetables are chopped.

29. This Organic Coconut Oil Wonder

This 100% organic coconut melt gives you a whole lot of bang for your buck. Packed with a hearty helping of vitamin E and protein, it provides ample moisture for your skin while doubling as nourishment for your scalp and tresses. But the benefits go well beyond that. The melt can also be used to remove makeup, shave, and improve under eye dark circles. It’s the beauty life hack you’ve been waiting for.

30. An Electric Wine Opener For Hassle-Free Drinking

I’m almost ashamed to admit that for years, I enjoyed drinking wine but struggled with manually opening them. Though I’ve since mastered the skill, I don’t ever shy away from using an electrical bottle opener. This stainless steel device allows you to enjoy your cabernet in mere seconds, without fear of ever breaking the cork. Complete with a rechargeable battery and a downright stylish blue LED light, it makes the perfect addition to your home bar.

31. A Burger Press For Homemade Patties

Hardly anything tops the satisfaction of a flawlessly cooked burger. When it’s homemade? It’s even better. Take the DIY approach with this BPA-free burger press. It comes equipped with eight compartments and a lid that provide equal-sized patties every single time. Oh, and because what good is an item if it isn’t multi-functional — you can also use it for cookies, soups, hash browns, and a gang of other cooking needs.

32. A Curling Iron That Gives You Salon Results

For those days when you want to transform your straight hair into a curly mane of epic proportions, opt for this ceramic curling iron. It’s designed to provide frizz-free shiny hair without causing major damage. The barrel can be manipulated to give you beach-like waves or tighter curls based on your preference for the day. Ocaliss also offers a 15-month warranty, enabling you to return the item if you’re unsatisfied.

33. A Dermaplaning Tool For Unwanted Facial Hair

The Schick Silk touch-up has been in my cosmetic bag for years. In case of a last minute beauty emergency, this dermaplaning tool comes to the rescue to remove unwanted facial hair and smoothen skin by exfoliation. There’s even an additional attachment that allows you to carefully groom your delicate eyebrows. I also love how compact it is; making it ideal for touch-ups anywhere you go.

34. The Garlic Chopper That Minces To Your Desired Consistency

Forget getting garlic juice into the grooves of your cutting board. This chef’n chopper allows you to mince garlic to your delight in one tiny device. Simply insert the pieces, utilize the finger holds on the sides, and roll back and forth on a smooth surface — then stop once you’ve reached your desired result. For proper cleaning, it’s best to remove the blade and wash per usual.

35. A Massager Designed Specifically For Feet

After spending hours upon hours on your feet, it's always nice to come home to a massage. But if no one is around to rub the aches away, you might want to give the TheraFlow deep tissue foot massager a go. Aside from loosening tension in the trouble area, it also works to break up scar tissue while improving overall circulation.

36. A Gadget That Corrects Your Posture

If you often sit in a slouched position, you may have experienced some residual pain because of it. This posture corrector can help you straighten your back without being prohibitive. Designed in a lightweight breathable fabric, it has your comfort firmly in mind (while also being environmentally friendly). It's recommended to initially wear the corrector for 20 to 30 minutes a day before working up to an hour or two to notice improvements. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.