36 Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In February 2017 To Be The Only Valentine's Day Dates You'll Need

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Oh, Netflix. What did I do to deserve you? Just when I thought I was about to spend another Valentine's Day downing wine and complaining about my news feed full of kissing couples, you come along and save the day. Bless. The roster of flicks, shows, and original content on deck from the streaming service for coming to Netflix in February 2017 will not disappoint. And who am I kidding? I'll definitely still be drinking wine. But at least now I know my marathoning options will go marvelously with an Olivia Pope-sized glass of merlot.

Before March rolls around, February is peak time to get that last-minute dosage of cuddling under the covers with your Netflix streaming. Next month, there are a handful of promising new Netflix originals premiering, including comedy specials and Santa Clarita Diet starring Drew Barrymore. But if you're about that throwback life, there are plenty of options for you too. Your teenage self may or may not freak out with the addition of Twilight and, if I'm taking it further back, The Blair Witch Project. Newer movies like Magic Mike (hello, Valentine's Day) and shows like American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson are joining as well.

Needless to say, your February just got a whole lot better. Channing Tatum thinks so too.

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