36 Things On Amazon That Make Your Feet Look & Feel 10x Better

Feet: they're not the most glamorous part of our bodies, but they're arguably the hardest-working, carrying us through our days as we walk, run, and push the gas and brake pedals on our cars. These workhorses of the body deserve some TLC, which why this list is devoted "solely" (pun intended) to foot care products on Amazon.

If you're intrigued, there's a good chance you've got something that needs sprucing up in the foot department. Perhaps you've got a wedding coming up that calls for strappy sandals and you need to get rid of those rough, cracked heels. Or maybe you spend a lot of time on your feet (hello, long distance runners and restaurant servers) and are looking for ways to give your feet more support as you clock all those steps. Others may be dealing with uncomfortable conditions, like hammer toes, bunions, or plantar fasciitis. Whatever it is that ails you, you're sure to find a remedy on this list.

Best of all, because all of these products are on Amazon, you don't have to to walk down the endless corridors of a mall to find it. So kick back, put your feet up, and get whatever you need right here.

1. These Stretchers That Realign Overlapping Toes

Put these toe stretchers on to give your feet a miniature yoga session. They stretch and separate your toes to realign them and relieve pain caused by overlapping, bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, and narrow shoes. Wear them for 15 minutes a day and then work your way up to one hour — just enough time to get you through the latest episode of your favorite series. This reviewer writes, "I do it every morning and my toes are actually straightening and the circulation in my feet is improving. Better than a foot massage..."

2. This Aloe Gel That Softens Toenails So They're Easier To Trim

Trimming thick, hard nails can result in torn and jagged nails — not ideal. You can prevent that with this toenail softener that's made with 60 percent aloe gel. Just apply it to toenails before bed to soften them overnight, then trim your nails in the morning and you won't have any trouble at all.

3. A Battery-Operated Foot File For Smooth Skin Without The Effort

Get rid of tough, dry skin — without having to put any elbow grease into it — with this battery-operated foot file. The 360-degree spinning crystal roller buffs skin and removes calluses, leaving you with smoother feet. Finish up with some moisturizer for silky, soft skin. Oh, and best of all — batteries are included, so you don't have to add those to your cart.

4. These Tried And True Pumice Stones That Won't Break The Bank

Using a pumice stone is one of those tried and true ways to get soft, smooth feet. In case you want a quick geology lesson, pumice is created when lava from a volcano rapidly cools and depressurizes, resulting in that lightweight, rough stone — which is a pretty cool way to get smooth feet. These pumice stones feature a medium-coarse grit with both ridged and smooth sides and can be used wet and dry. And since the stones naturally wear down with use, they won't harbor any bacteria.

5. A Heated Shiatsu Massager That'll Feel So Good On Your Feet

Soothe sore, achy feet with this shiatsu foot massager. Three rotating heads on each side of the massager knead your heels, arches, and balls of feet, reducing tension and loosening up muscles. Use the toe touch control to turn on the heating option for a more indulgent massage that'll stimulate circulation and speed up recovery. A perfect way to unwind after a long day on your feet.

6. A Nail Salon-Worthy Foot Spa That Pulls Out All The Stops

Thanks to this foot spa, you don't have to go to the nail salon for the full pedicure experience. The spa features a deep reservoir for full foot immersion and a waterfall feature for a continuous flow of water. Use the toe touch control to turn on heat and vibration options, and run your feet across the loofah discs on top to exfoliate feet. The spa also comes with three attachment heads: a pumice stone, scrubbing brush, and soft massager. You'll save big money on pedicures with this buy.

7. This Serious-Looking Clipper That's The Best Way To Trim Toenails

Yes, these toenail clippers look a pair of pliers that came right out of a toolbox, but they just might be the best way to trim stubborn toenails. The clippers feature sharp cutting edges made from surgical-grade steel and an extra-large jaw to accommodate thicker nails. Ergonomic and padded non-slip rubber handles give fingers a tight grip — and spring-loaded tension gives hands more precise control.

8. These Ingenious Sandals That Prevent Smudges After Your Pedicure

With these cleverly-designed pedicure sandals that separate toes to prevent smudges, you'll never a ruin a fresh pedicure again. Padded foot beds, arch supports, and cushioned straps make them surprisingly comfortable, so you just might wear them on non-pedicure days, too. Choose from six options: pink, black, lavender, blue, or zebra or leopard print. Available sizes: S-XL

9. These Moisturizing Socks That Even Reach Between Your Toes

These moisturizing socks are lined with "SmartGel" — a blend of botanical oils, aloe vera, shea butter, and skin-nourishing vitamins. The socks slowly release this gel to soften and hydrate feet, while repairing cracked heels. And the fact that the socks feature separated toes means that every part of your foot soaks in all that intense moisture. Wear these for at least 20 minutes two to three times a week to revive your feet.

10. These Compression Socks That Offer Support To Feet *And* Calves

These compression socks promote circulation, which brings down swelling and speeds muscle recovery. The moisture-wicking, shock-absorbing socks rise to just below the knee, offering support to the heels, calves, and toes — without rubbing or uncomfortable friction. They socks come in 16 color options, and they're perfect perfect for athletes, air travel, or as maternity socks.

11. These Weird Foot Peel Masks That Totally Renew Your Feet

For a bizarre (and totally effective) way to exfoliate feet, try out these foot peel masks. The bootie-like masks are soaked in botanical ingredients, like aloe, lavender, papain, and milk extract, which is rich in lactic acid (a natural exfoliant). Slip them on and wear for 60 to 90 minutes — but don't expect immediate results. Within seven days, however, dead skin will begin peeling off your feet, and within two weeks, your feet will feel soft, smooth, and completely renewed.

12. This Foot Scrubber You Can Use In The Shower

Get your feet squeaky clean (and give them a good massage, too) with this shower foot scrubber. The scrubber is outfitted with hundreds of flexible bristles that scrub away sweat, dirt, and bacteria — all while promoting circulation and relaxation. Higher bristles at the front of the scrubber get right between your toes, and non-slip grips on the bottom keep the scrubber from sliding around while you use it. Choose from three color choices: blue, pink, or clear.

13. These Macadamia Oil Foot Masks That Instantly Hydrate Dry Skin

One reviewer says these foot masks are the "most amazing foot care product I've ever used." The deeply-hydrating masks are soaked in macadamia oil and work to soften feet in just 20 minutes. They're non-greasy, and you can massage any leftover oil into your legs for a nice, moisturized sheen.

14. These Heel Cups With Acupressure Benefits For Chronic Foot Pain

If you deal with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or any other kind of chronic foot pain, you'll want to give these heel cups some serious consideration. They offer 360-degree support and work to stabilize the heel and absorb shock. They even have acupressure benefits for the plantar fascia ligament to facilitate pain relief as you walk. The machine-washable cups work in all types of shoes — so wear them every day and you'll begin to experience a reduction in pain within eight days and serious relief within one month.

15. This Foam Standing Mat To Prevent Joint Stress And Pain

This padded floor mat is great for dedicated at-home chefs or anyone who uses a standing desk. The 3/4-inch high density foam offers support to feet and ankles, while absorbing pressure and lessening joint stress and lower back pain — so you don't feel totally wrecked after standing for long periods of time. The durable, stain-resistant mat feature a non-slip bottom, so you can use it on tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors.

16. These Hydrating Gel Socks With Non-Slip Grips — So You Can Get Stuff Done Around The House

If you prefer to get things done around the house while you nourish your feet, these gel socks with grips on the bottom are for you. Infused with a blend of jojoba, grape seed, and olive oils, they deeply hydrate and soften feet, and the addition of lavender oil works to reduce inflammation and irritation. They're washable, reusable, and — if you wear them several times a week — will gradually transform your feet over time.

17. A Super Concentrated Cream That Repairs Dry, Cracked Feet

This foot cream is formulated with two powerhouse moisturizing ingredients: allantoin, which deeply penetrates through layers of thick, rough skin, and glycerin, which forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss. The highly-concentrated cream is perfect for anyone with severely dry, cracked feet and anyone dealing with foot-related problems associated with diabetes.

18. A Soothing Balm That Fights Foot Fungus Naturally

Foot fungus happens, but you can put an end to it with this anti-fungal balm. The balm is made with moisturizing coconut, olive, and canola oils, along with natural fungus and bacteria-fighting tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils. Apply it to affected skin two to three times a day to kill off that unwelcome fungus and instantly soothe itching and inflammation caused by infection, athlete's foot, and even eczema.

19. A Relaxing Foot Soak That Also Fights Odor

Treat your feet to some relaxation at the end of the day with this foot soak. Just add a scoop to a basin or your bath tub and let your feet take in all these nourishing ingredients: epsom salt, sea salt, and a blend of essential oils (tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, cajuput, camphor, rosemary, and lavender). Together, all these ingredients work to soothe sore feet, while naturally fighting off odor-causing bacteria, so your feet won't just feel good, they'll smell good, too.

20. These Cold Therapy Socks That Speed Up Foot Recovery

These cold therapy socks will bring major relief to anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, arthritis, or just plain hot or tired feet. The stretchy socks come with two full-size gel packs that slip into the pockets on the bottoms of the booties and two half-size gel packs that you can slip into the pockets behind the heels or on top of the feet.

21. These Brilliant Skinny Insoles You Can Wear With Strappy Heels

Strappy sandals and heels tend to be the most uncomfortable shoes to walk (and dance) in, and yet — you can't really utilize insoles without them being totally obvious. Enter these insoles for sandals and heels. Made with a springy foam that absorbs shock and cushions each step, the insoles are skinny enough to wear with shoes that show off your feet in the summer, so you don't have to suffer for fashion.

22. A Combination Pumice Stone And Charcoal Soap That Cleanses And Softens Feet

This combination charcoal foot soap and pumice stone looks pretty straightforward, but it actually covers quite a few bases. The charcoal soap works to remove impurities, dirt, and bacteria — while the pumice stone smooths calluses and rough skin. The bar is infused with all kinds of skin-nourishing ingredients, like moisturizing shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E, along with essential oils that fend off fungus and bacteria, so your feet remain ultra-clean, soft, and germ-free.

23. A Natural Odor-Killing Spray You Can Use On Both Shoes And Feet

Keep your kicks — and your feet — smelling fresh as a daisy with this foot and shoe deodorizer. The spray harnesses the natural anti-fungal and antibacterial powers of peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and thyme essential oils to kill the germs that cause odor — instead of just masking the smelliness. The formula is free of harsh chemicals, so it's safe enough to spritz directly on your feet, as well as your shoes.

24. These Waterproof Covers That Keep Your Shoes Dry In The Rain

Thanks to these waterproof shoe covers, you don't have to drag along a pair of rain boots when the forecast calls for stormy skies. The transparent covers slip right over your regular shoes and feature a drawstring closure on top to seal out rain and treads on the bottom give you a tight grip on wet sidewalks. The shoes come with a waterproof storage bag — put the wet shoe covers inside and you won't get anything else wet.

25. A Roller That Massages Sore, Tired Feet

A foot roller is a fool-proof way to massage the heels and arches of feet, all while reducing pain caused by plantar fasciitis. This foot roller is outfitted with tiny nubs for a deep tissue massage and acupressure relief — and has a 4.5-star rating. One reviewer wrote it: "really makes a world of difference, and "I work 10 to 14 hour shifts bartending ... this sweet little spiky mamma saves me from so much pain!"

26. A Shoe And Boot Dryer That Curbs Bacterial Growth Caused By Dampness

When shoes and boots are damp, they break down faster and breed bacterial growth that cause unwanted odors. Keep your footwear dry with this shoe and boot dryer. The dryer blows hot air into the interior of boots, drying them within one to two hours, and an automatic shut-off function kicks in after three hours. The ports rotate 180-degrees — keep them upright to dry lighter footwear like athletic shoes and lay them flat to dry ski, snowboard, and work boots.

27. These Compression Sleeves That Target The Arches And Ankles

These compression foot sleeves deliver targeted support to the ankles and arches, where they promote circulation, reduce swelling, and aid in muscle recovery. The lightweight, breathable fabric wicks away moisture, so your feet don't get sweaty while you wear them. Choose from nine colors, like black, pink, and green — and it comes in multiple sizes to get just the right fit.

28. A Vacuum-Powered Foot File That Powerfully Removes Dead Skin

This vacuum-powered foot file is truly wild. The built-in vacuum works in tandem with a rotating buffing pad to suck up and remove calluses and dead skin. And since all that dead skin gets sucked into the file itself, it won't leave any mess on your bathroom floor. The rechargeable file works on two speed settings and comes with two buffing pads: one coarse and one fine.

29. A Foam Foot Rest — Because Maybe Your Feet Don't Reach The Floor

This foot rest is ideal for those who like to kick back at work — or for anyone whose feet don't quite reach the floor. Made from soft but supportive foam, the foot rest gives you just the right amount of cushion, and the perfect height means you can use it under your desk but still have room for your knees. Grips on the bottom keep it firmly in place and the cover is removable and washable.

30. A Calf Stretcher That Gradually Increases Your Flexibility

Use this calf stretcher before working out to loosen up tight muscles and significantly reduce the risk of injury. Heel grips keep you from slipping off, and the stretcher has four adjustable angle settings — work your way up from 20 to 45 degrees as you increase your flexibility.

31. A Pair of Water Shoes That Keep Feet Protected From Sharp Objects

These water shoes feature thick, durable soles that protect feet from sharp coral, rocks, and hot beach sand and water park sidewalks. The flexible shoes fit just like socks and are made with fabric that allows water to flow through, so they won't get bogged down. Choose from dozens of colors and designs so you can compliment your bathing suit perfectly.

32. This Easy Way To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

If you've got thick, yellowing nails, you might want to give this nail fungus treatment a try. Just brush the solution onto toenails three times a day, and you'll begin to see clearer, healthier nails within seven days. And the solution doesn't just kill fungus, it also helps heals and moisturize toenails with omega-rich sea buckthorn oil.

33. A Foaming Cleanser That Fights Off Fungus And Reduces Inflammation

Lather up with this foaming foot wash to keep odor, fungus, bacteria, eczema, and irritation at bay. It's formulated with two all-star ingredients: tea tree oil, which fights off fungus and bacteria while soothing inflammation and treating athlete's foot, and neem oil, which is rich in moisturizing vitamin E and antioxidants that leave feet protected from the elements.

34. An Ice Wrap That Fits Perfectly Around Your Foot And Ankle

This ice wrap is shaped to fit comfortably around your ankle and foot where it delivers cold therapy and speeds up recovery for sprains and Achilles tendon pain. The super flexible wrap molds easily to the foot and the Velcro closures keep it firmly in place.

35. This Ridiculously Cozy Foot Warmer With A Moist Heat Option

For those with chronically cold feet, this cozy foot warmer is a dream come true. Lined in soft, plush flannel, the foot warmer operates on three heat settings and has a moist heat option to relax sore feet. The 9-foot power cord means it will reach from your outlet to your couch, and the automatic shut-off function means you don't have to worry about forgetting to unplug. You can also use the warmer as a heating pad to ease cramps or loosen up a tight back.

36. The Gel Sleeves That Keep Your Feet Happy — And Protect The Balls Of Your Feet

Give the balls of your feet proper support with these metatarsal sleeves. The stretchy sleeves offer gentle compression and prevent friction that can cause blisters or contribute to bunion pain. Gel cushioning works to absorb shock, relieve pressure, and evenly distribute weight, so you can walk and stand comfortably all day long. They're washable and reusable — and the separate sleeve for the big toe means they remain securely in place. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.