37 Brands You Know Are Committed To Equal Pay

by Joseph D. Lyons

Tuesday marks Equal Pay Day, the day of the year when women's wages finally reach those of men from the calendar year prior. In other words you would have had to work all of 2016 and this far into 2017 to match a man's earning's in 2016 alone. That's totally unfair. And, unfortunately, it's unlikely to change in the short term with Republicans controlling Congress and Trump in the White House. But you can still influence this with your purchases. In particular, there are at least 37 brands committed to equal pay that you can frequent this Tuesday.

When Obama was still president in August 2016, the White House organized the United State of Women Summit to mark Women's Equality Day. One of the initiatives pushed for the summit was a commitment to make businesses fight for equal pay. Some 28 corporations signed on for the announcement, and 29 joined them a couple of months later for a total of 57 American businesses that are dedicated to equal pay for their workers.

So while some of these corporations you may have never heard of, others are consumer brands that you may already support. Consider showing your support on Tuesday with social media messages favoring Equal Pay Day. It may not seem like a lot, but it is a real step that you can take to change society, even if it is just one employer at a time.

1) Airbnb

Planning a getaway? Consider a stay that promotes women's equality.

2) Amazon

Prime just got that much sweeter.

3) American Airlines

Just another AAdvantage.

4) Anheuser-Busch

They're smart to treat half their possible consumers fairly.

5) Apple

A new iPhone without the guilt?

6) Chobani

Yogurt to start your day and for equal pay.

7) The Coca-Cola Company

They even have lots of products if you're not a soda drinker.

8) CVS Health

Perhaps you can get your affordable prescriptions (thanks, Obamacare!) fulfilled there.

9) Delta Airlines

Yep, two of the big three are on the list.

10) Dropbox

You need more storage space anyway.

11) Dunkin' Brands

Because maybe soon America can run on equal pay for equal work.

12) Expedia

Because you need somewhere to book those American and Delta flights.

13) Facebook

Just click on an ad or two. No need to even spend money!

14) Gap, Inc.

Banana Republic totally counts.

15) General Motors

Hopefully you already get equal pay to afford this one.

16) GoDaddy

Start your own website.

17) The Hartford

Buy insurance if you just bought that car from GM.

18) The Hershey Company

Equal pay for Kisses, Reeses, and more.

19) Hilton

Upgrade to a suite even.


Redecorate. Then pay your friends equally in pizza to help you put everything together.


Do household shopping from the comfort of home.

22) Johnson & Johnson

You can check out all their stuff while you're at CVS.

23) LinkedIn

Brush up that profile and apply for a job at a company that promises equal pay.

24) L'Oreal USA

Support equal pay through cosmetics purchases.

25) MailChimp

After you have your website finished, you can start your own newsletter too.

26) Microsoft

Get an X-Box or something that runs on Windows.

27) Patagonia

It's not just their clothes that are sustainable, but their workforce too with their commitment to equal pay.

28) PepsiCo

Just like Coke, there are lots of options besides buying a Pepsi — like your oatmeal for breakfast.

29) Pinterest

Just like Facebook, pay extra attention to ads this Tuesday.

30) Rebecca Minkoff

The fashion brand commits to women making 100 percent what men make, according to the White House announcement.

31) Spotify

Stream some music during your day — and consider signing up for ad-free content.

32) Staples

That will be easy.

33) Stella McCartney

The brand started by Linda and Paul McCartney's daughter has women filling 67 percent of its leadership team, also per the White House.

34) Target

Everything that's not on the list — plus plenty that is — you can buy here.

35) Unilever

This is another one of those multinationals that sells so much. Everything from mayo to tea supporting equal pay.

36) VISA

Put your purchases on your VISA card. Debit works too.

37) LUNA Bar

LUNA is offering 20 percent off its bars sold online on Equal Pay Day, and will be matching the amount saved to fund workshops on salary negotiation.

Of course, you should not only buy things to support your view that women should be paid equally for equal work. But it is a good idea to reward the corporations that already are following good practices as employers. So take this in mind as you go to the store today and every day.

And then call your representatives and senators. Because we should not se women making just 80 percent of what men do in 2017.