37 TV & Movie Detectives That You’d Want On Your Case

Superhero movies are pretty popular at the moment, but those caped (and otherwise) crusaders deal with crises at a world-threatening level. What's a gal to do if she finds herself with a murder, mystery, or intrigue on her hands? It's time to turn to the sleuths — crime-solving detectives who'll tirelessly hunt down clues and shake up suspects until they get to the bottom of the case. Whether you're a suspect femme fatale or just a down-on-your-luck small business owner, these are 34 TV and movie detectives you'd want on your case.

Detectives have had a special spot in audience's hearts since Edgar Allan Poe's C. Auguste Dupin solved the murders at the Rue Morgue. Ironically the enigma of who actually created the detective genre remains a mystery to this day. While the title's usually bestowed on Edgar Allan Poe or Wilkie Collins for his novel The Moonstone, both writing eccentric geniuses piecing together disparate clues, Professor Paul Collins told NPR that otherwise little known author Charles Felix holds the distinction.

Whoever started it, the genre has proliferated to include police procedurals like the sprawling Law & Order universe, iconic private eyes like Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, and ordinary citizens roped in by trauma in stories like Brick or Veronica Mars. No matter their origin, any of the names on this list will get to the bottom of your case.