38 Marvelous Finds On Amazon That Are Coming In Hot, Selling Out Fast, & Changing People’s Lives


When it comes to the pop charts, some songs are flash-in-the-pan hits that top charts and then disappear, while others you'll remember for generations. Well, these musical sensations have something in common with the more lasting hits at the top of Amazon's charts — these marvelous finds from the online retailer are coming in hot, selling out fast, and changing people's lives.

These are the products you've heard your coworkers, your friends, and the people around you at the gym chit-chatting about, the stuff that sets the reviewer community ablaze (and Twitter, literally)...the fruits of Amazon that will revolutionize the way you go about your daily business. Like that song that gets stuck in your head, you'll reach for these items on repeat because they make life easier, more pleasant, or just more fun. Even better, this list is packed with must-haves that will make a difference in just about every area, whether that's the roll-on that makes the fashion tape that's favored by Hollywood royalty look like yesterday's news or the toilet brush that could have its own exhibit at MOMA it's so stylish. For reals.

But beware, y'all: This stuff is so swell, it has a tendency to sell out. So, now so now that you're in the know, order early and often — just tell 'em I sent you.

1. This Roll-On Is The Alternative To Fashion Tape

JOBST It Stays! Roll-On Body Fixative, $11, Amazon

Talk about appealing to a diverse audience: This body glue draws raves from wig wearers, pole dancers, lymphedema sufferers who wear thigh-high compression stockings, and people who get frustrated by their bra straps falling down. Essentially, It Stays! is an easier-to-camouflage alternative to the ever-popular fashion tape that's dominated the red carpet for years, and obviously, it serves a wide range of uses. It moves easily with your body, and washes off with soap and water when you're done.


2. This Memory Foam Pillow Shrinks Down To Just Larger Than A Soda Can

Cozy Hut Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillow, $23, Amazon

It's great for more than just camping — this memory foam pillow is right-sized for comfort whether you're camping or just whiling away the afternoon in your backyard hammock, but then it folds away into its own packing to be a size convenient for carrying along that's only slightly larger than an oversized soda can. The foam itself is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and comes with a removable, super-soft velour cover to complement the superior slumber it offers.


3. This Printer Releases Your Favorite Photos From Your Phone And Into Your Life

KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer, $39, Amazon

Some of the best and most meaningful pictures you take are those on your smartphone. Why keep them in the digital realm — keep them for posterity and share them with your friends and loved ones with this smartphone printer. It works without cords or cables by transferring the image onto the film via optical scan. With no attachments or batteries to keep track of, it's easy to take anywhere.


4. This Oversized Sleep Mask Is What You Need To Shut Out The World

Sleep Master Sleep Mask, $26, Amazon

I consider myself a connoisseur of sleep masks: Come visit me, and I'll be glad to show you the four I keep in rotation at any given time. This oversized model knocked my socks off, though. It's wider than average to surround your head fully, ensuring that all light is blocked out — which, after all, is the main job of the sleep mask. Made from silky, cool satin, it feels great on your skin, and it features a Velcro closure in back to allow you to apply light pressure around your head and eye area as you desire (for example, to relieve migraine pain).


5. This Toilet Brush Belongs In A Museum

Joseph Joseph Toilet Brush, $22, Amazon

"Sculptural" isn't a word you think of when you're talking about bathroom accessories, but when it comes to this toilet brush from the design gurus at Joseph Joseph, well, let's just say it wouldn't be out of place in the Museum of Modern Art. Its flexible head is crafted from a water-repellent material that's way more durable than conventional brushes, and its stainless steel shaft enables you to reach everywhere in the bowl easily.


6. This 7-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver Is Rugged, Versatile, And Under $10 .

Maxcraft 7-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver, $8, Amazon

Offering all the functionality you'd ever need in a compact and lightweight frame, this pocket screwdriver comes with seven precision bits that conveniently store right in the handle. The bit holder is magnetic so that it grips the tiny things — you won't lose them while you're fitting them in there — and, speaking of grip, the barrel of the instrument has little ridges to make it easier to hold onto. It's ideal for homeowners but durable enough to serve contractors — keep one in your toolbox and one in your car!


7. This Is The Mask Everyone's Talking About Now

Purederm Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask, $12, Amazon

While they first gained popularity a couple of years ago, bubble masks are enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, and this one, paired with of-the-moment ingredient charcoal, is an especially good bet for cleansing and purifying. I'll put it this way: Between the charcoal and the bubbles, if your pores aren't clear, then you need to get yourself to a facialist immediately. This mask will tone down hyperpigmentation and moisturize your skin as well.


8. This Car Air Diffuser Is Sleek And Super Effective

Humixx Car Air Diffuser, $11, Amazon

With its small footprint and futuristic cylindrical shape, this diffuser is as stylish as it is efficient. The brushed chrome-look bar clips on to your car's air vents and mechanically diffuses the scent from vials stowed inside the chamber; three vials are included with the diffuser, one each in the scents of lime, orange, and olive. Adjust the amount of scent you prefer by simply twisting the chamber, and once the initial scent from the scent vials has been depleted, refill them with the essential oils of your choice.


9. This Gadget Is Simply A Must-Have If You Spend Any Time At All In The Kitchen

Whisk Wiper, $20, Amazon

For any avid cook or baker, this genius gadget is absolutely a must-have. Whether you're whipping a meringue to stiff peaks or gently guiding a hollandaise to silky perfection, apply this accessory to your whisk before beginning, then slowly slide it down the tool when you're done — it will return the food mess-free to your saucepan or bowl with zero hassle. Use it to scrape the sides of your bowl and get every last bit of frosting or whipped cream, too. What's more, it actually comes with its own professional-grade, 11-inch stainless steel whisk.


10. This Back Support Can Make Sitting In Front Of The Computer So Much More Comfortable

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, $31, Amazon

Sitting in that chair in front of the computer all day is rough on your back...enter this back support, designed to effortlessly align your posture, thus relieving some of the pressure on your lower lumbar vertebrae. It's good for you and engineered to last, too, with antimicrobial covering for those days when the office is just too hot, and a system that eliminates the need for readjustment. Fits most standard office chairs, too.


11. These Sponges Will Help You Reach Cleaning Nirvana

Life Miracle Nano Sponge, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

They're oversized. They won't scratch. They'll clean with only water — no hazardous chemicals needed. They won't leap over a tall building in a single bound, but these sponges are pretty darn super. They're engineered from woven polymer fibers (insert lots of science here) that makes them incredibly durable but completely impervious to the germs and bacteria that make your everyday kitchen sponges get smelly and gross. Suitable for use in any room in the house, they feature a tough scrubbing side and a gentler polishing side.


12. This Planner Will Throw Your Productivity Into Overdrive

Next Level Daily Planner, $30, Amazon

With a variety of checklists and exercises designed to fine-tune your productivity built right in, this planner is designed to eliminate procrastination from your life and kick your productivity into overdrive. You'll find that elusive balance you've been searching for and learn how to become a happier and more well-rounded and organized person with this system that's based on simple and reliable systems of accountability.


13. These Ties Are Crazily Versatile Both Indoors And Out

Nite Ize Gear Ties, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

When you hear the name "gear ties," it may conjure up an image of something that's meant only for outdoorspeople or Aerosmith roadies, but these reusable rubber ties are so versatile, they're good for everyone. Attach the S-hook carabiner on one end to a zipper pull, a keyring, a wire shelf — just about anything — and use the opposing twisty end to keep important stuff at hand, like your earbuds, glasses, and other small personal items.


14. This Spray Is A Life-Changer If You're A Wine Lover — And Clumsy

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover, $6, Amazon

Red wine drinkers and those who entertain them know the perils of a spill of the stuff, and this spray enables you to relax and enjoy your vino in peace — no matter how lightly colored your carpet or upholstery. It also works on other irritating stains including blood, pet accidents, and coffee and tea, and it even re-emulsifies latex paint for easy removal. Best of all, it does all of this without the use of bleach and phosphates.


15. This Stick Conforms To Your Body's Contours To Roll Away The Aches And Pains

Crossactiv Chameleon Massage Stick, $20, Amazon

Tired of massage tools that don't quite reach the spot that aches? This massage stick has gears that change and are flexible, enabling you to customize it to your needs and conform it to your body's contours until it's just right. Target trigger points wherever they are on your body, from the soles of your feet all the way to your's that versatile, and provides a great alternative to foam rolling.


16. This Grandma's Secret Isn't Just An Old Wives' Tale

Grandma's Secret Spot Remover, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

While the ingredients in this spray are biodegradable and non-toxic, that doesn't affect their renowned spot- and stain-removing power — it's so legendary in the Amazon community that Grandma (yes, there's a real Grandma) had to make this larger-size bottle. Reviewers swear by this stuff to remove tough stains of all varieties, everything from garage-based irritants like grease, oil, and rust to kitchen culprits including spaghetti sauce and turmeric.


17. This Memory Foam Pillow Has A Difference Built Right In

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow, $40, Amazon

If you're a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, you may have longed to try a memory foam pillow but have wondered how it would work for you. Well, wonder no longer: This specially-contoured version works for sleepers of all varieties, providing relief of back and neck pain and allowing you to wake up refreshed regardless of your choice of nighttime position. Comes with a smooth-feeling hypoallergenic case to ward off dust mites and other undesirables.


18. This Serum Will Give You A Full And Luscious Head Of Hair

Fancathy Hair Growth Essence, $16, Amazon

Formulated to promote blood circulation in your scalp and nourish your hair follicles, this growth essence is designed to help your hair growth two to three times faster than normal while also leaving it soft and shiny. Designed to either be added to your shampoo or applied directly to your scalp, this serum uses bioactive ingredients to promote its apparently remarkable results.


19. This Glove Will Give Your Household Tasks A Real Charge

E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove, $14, Amazon

Made from microfiber that's designed to attract dust and dirt, this glove will streamline dusting and dramatically reduce the time you spend taking care of this common cleaning task. Whatever you can take in your hand, you'll be able to dust and clean with this ambidextrous glove, whether it's your blinds, tchotchkes, vinyl LPs, old books, Christmas ornaments — any delicate items will benefit from treatment with this fuzzy wonder, and it's machine washable, so it's nearly infinitely renewable.


20. This Spray Uses A Blend Of Centuries-Old Ingredients To Soothe Your Throat

Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray, $11, Amazon

Rely on the power of a blend of ingredients you can not only recognize, but also pronounce — olive leaf, peppermint, sage, and lemon — with this spray that's engineered to protect your throat as well as soothe it without leaving a medicine-y taste. Olives also provide a natural antioxidant, meaning this spray will help protect you from illness while it heals.


21. This Simple Foam Mat Could Change Your Life

Sky Solutions Sky Mat, $40, Amazon

If you're on your feet a lot — whether at work or at home — get ready, because this foam mat is about to change your life. As someone who loves to cook, I use mine in front of my stove, and I know it has changed mine. These mats are cushy — I don't know how else to describe it — and combine support with shock absorption to relieve stress while you're standing. As a result, you're able to spend more time on your feet, and you feel less fatigued after doing so.


22. This Balm Will Ensure You Don't Get Blisters Wherever It's Applied

MedZone BlisterZone, $9, Amazon

Whether you're an athlete or a fashionista breaking in a new pair of shoes, you'll want this blister balm on your side. Apply the waterproof formula much like you would your deodorant, and it will provide a long-lasting friction barrier regardless of your activity. Strong enough for law enforcement officers and members of the military, so you know it really works, but great for use by civilians, too.


23. This Organizer Will Get Your Bathroom Counter, Vanity, Or Desk In Shape, Finally

Unique Home Acrylic Organizer, $33, Amazon

Useful in just about any room of the house, this organizer is so versatile you should probably go ahead and order more than one. It's actually a four-piece set, so you can arrange and customize the components in whatever configuration works for you — use it for jewelry, cosmetics, small office supplies and writing utensils, craft has so many uses. It's crafted from heavy-duty clear acrylic and reviewers are universally impressed with what a great buy this one is for the money.


24. These Blotting Papers Are Eco-Friendly And Naturally Antibacterial

Pretie Bamboo Charcoal Facial Blotting Paper, $12 (2 Packs), Amazon

Crafted from naturally antibacterial bamboo charcoal, these blotting papers are the eco-friendly alternative to the traditional version. Thick and highly absorbent, these sheets give you all the benefits of charcoal without smudging or streaking, while offering superior performance in dulling shine and whisking away excess oil. They're great for sensitive skin, too, with no fragrance or chemicals added.


25. This Lamp That Helps Boost Your Mood

Circadian Optics Lumine Light Therapy Lamp, $40, Amazon

This lamp is engineered to boost your mood by addressing the changes in circadian rhythms that occur generally during the change of seasons, and it's incredibly useful for people who work third-shift jobs, too. By approximating the wavelength of natural sunlight, the lamp will help your body reset, and you'll feel less fatigued and, well, brighter.


26. This Comb Is The Detangling Tool Your Hair Needs

Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb, $6, Amazon

Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand with ease and slide right through your hair, this comb is the one tool you'll need to detangle your hair and prep it for blow drying and eventual heat styling, regardless of your hair type. You'll also be reducing the frizz in your hair as you comb thanks to the keratin protein and argan and olive oils infused directly into this tool designed to help seal moisture into your hair's cuticle and leave it smooth and shiny.


27. This Barbecue Set Has Everything You Need To Serve Up Some Amazing Pulled Meat

Grace Kitchenwares 3-in-1 Barbecue Set, $17, Amazon

Grillmasters will swoon over this barbecue set that features two food-grade silicone gloves, two "bear claw"-style meat shredding tools, and a heat-resistant basting brush crafted from food-grade silicone. These silicone gloves will stand up to 400-plus degrees, enabling you to pull foods directly off of the grill, while the silicone brush bristles are impervious to bacteria and germs, so they're much safer, and also won't leave bristles behind like traditional basting brushes. The meat claws, meanwhile, enable easy transfer and handling of meats, plus fast and easy shredding. This set is a real winner and great for gifting, too.


28. This Mouthwash Will Let You Give The Age-Old Practice Of Oil-Pulling A Try

The Dirt All-Natural Oil Pulling Mouthwash, $20, Amazon

If you've ever thought about giving oil-pulling a try, your chance has now arrived with this mouthwash that's perfect for the ancient Ayurvedic practice. All-natural and completely free from alcohol, genetically modified glycerine, artificial flavorings, and xylitol, it's useful not only as a breath freshener but also to rid your body of toxins and to balance your doshas — the belief of practitioners of the holistic discipline that originated 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. If you've always been concerned about the taste, the manufacturers note that this blend is reminiscent of an "exotically spiced bubblegum."


29. This Portable Desk Will Keep Your Lap Cool And Your Computer, Too

iMounTEK Multifunctional Laptop Lap Desk, $30, Amazon

I can't tell you how many times I've been working at home and have wondered why in the heck I'm so bloody hot, only to realize that the problem is the portable heater sitting on my legs — otherwise known as my laptop. This versatile desk eliminates that problem, giving you a place to put your laptop that includes an integrated cooling pad and a fan to keep your hardware in top condition by ensuring that it doesn't overheat. Use it in bed, on the couch, even adapt it to turn your desk into a standing desk, plus it includes a convenient LED light to illuminate your work after dark.


30. This Mask Is Great For Everything From Reducing Puffiness To Banishing Migraines

YunQiXin Ice Face Eye Mask, $12, Amazon

Everything from morning puffiness, enlarged pores, and raging migraines can be eased with this eye mask that extends to cover most of your upper face and encloses reusable gel beads that can actually be either frozen or microwaved to provide cold or warm relief. It stays flexible to conform to the contours of your face when frozen, and can be heated for 10 seconds at a time — use however you find most soothing. Suitable for those with sensitive skin, since they have a breathable plush backing and are latex free.


31. These Packing Cubes Are Life Saving Organizers For Road Warriors

Rusoji Packing Cubes, $30 (6 Pieces), Amazon

Road warriors — business travelers and family travelers alike — will appreciate the level of Zen achieved by adding these packing cubes to their packing repertoire. This six-piece set includes two small cubes, two mediums, and two larges, all crafted from lightweight yet durable fabric and closed with sturdy zippers. Nearly 90 percent of reviewers give this set the full 5 stars and absolutely rave about their usefulness and versatility.


32. This Face Mask Uses Magnets To Pull Impurities Out Of Your Skin

AL'IVER Magnetic Face Mask, $18, Amazon

Remember those dime-store toys from when you were a kid where you could style the little person's hair using a magnet to guide iron shavings around inside a plastic enclosure? This mask works on a similar principle: It combines traditional mask ingredients like Dead Sea mud with iron particles in a unique blend that you remove with a magnetic wand, along with all the impurities and oils on and in your skin. The result is skin that's super soft and clean, and also enhanced with a micro-current that boosts circulation to pump up healing factors.


33. This Device Is A Powerful Weapon In Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

WowE Tongue Scrapers, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Billions of bacteria live on your tongue, and scientists say that it's actually these bacteria that are the culprits to blame for most bad breath. You can steer clear of annoying and embarrassing halitosis with these tongue scrapers that are crafted from 100 percent copper, meaning they're durable, rust- and germ-proof, and eco-friendly. Designed to reach your entire tongue for an effective cleaning, they're also gentle enough to be thorough without scratching.


34. This Holster Will Make You Quick On The Draw With Your Hot Styling Tools

Hot Iron Brands Hot Iron Holster, $15, Amazon

Don't risk scarring your countertop or burning your towels with your flat iron or other styling tools: Get this genius accessory instead and store them safely off of your countertop where they'll be handy so you'll be quick on the draw. The heat-resistant silicone is tough enough to hold on to your tools without any trouble, and the flap attaches simply and easily to any smooth, clean surface.


35. This Device Will Give Your Back Pain The Hook

Gaiam Restore Back & Neck Therapy Kit, $13, Amazon

Designed to assist you with applying trigger-point therapy to those hard-to-reach knotted muscles wherever they occur, this massager is terrific for releasing pain and breaking up tension by using your power and leverage. Crafted from strong plastic that's slightly flexible, it's ideal for everyone from athletes to office workers, and it's also great for anyone in physical therapy who just needs to work out the kinks.


36. This Hanger Multiplies Your Closet Space By Four

Whitmor Slack Hanger, $15, Amazon

If your closet space is limited, this hanger can help. Crafted from ultra-durable steel that's chrome-coated for stylishness, the bars on this hanger are covered in vinyl so your pants won't slip around or slide onto the floor. The arms swing out for convenience so that when you remove one pair from the assembly, they don't all come tumbling after, and you can easily group your clothes together by color or function.


37. This Pillow Won't Trigger Your Allergies — It Actually Relieves Them

Aller-Ease Allergy Protection Body Pillow, $30, Amazon

If you're allergic to goose down, you know how annoying it is to lay your head down on an unfamiliar pillow and find your eyes watering and your face puffy and itchy. Well, here's a twist: This pillow not only doesn't cause allergies, it actually assuages them. The fill is a hypoallergenic polyester blend that provides superior support and comfort while also tolerating machine washing, and it comes with an allergen barrier pillow cover that blocks out the nanoparticles that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.


38. This Gel Gives You Full, Natural-Looking Brows In Just A Few Strokes

Beauty Junkees Tinted Eyebrow Gel, $13, Amazon

Since you put it on just like mascara, this brow gel is super easy to apply, and it has a buildable color that lasts all day long. It gives you a considerably more natural look than that delivered by brow pencils, too, even when your brows are thin or sparse, or when you're covering grays. This is one beauty product you can feel good about, too — it's paraben-, gluten-, and cruelty-free, too.

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