38 Viral Things on Amazon Fans Swear Really Work & You'll Use Daily


Sometimes you see a product and think: well, that just looks too good to be true. And many times it is too good — and it won't actually do what it promises. On the other hand, when a product comes backed by hundreds (sometimes thousands) of glowing reviews, you can rest assured you're investing in a tried-and-true product that really works. Enter: These 39 genius things going viral on Amazon that fans swear by.

And the most buzz-worthy items usually solve a common problem that other products fail to address. That means these genius products run the gamut from beauty and grooming tools to products that will make it more comfortable for allergy sufferers to visit a home with pets. There's a cleanser for your teapot that takes stains and odors out. You'll find acne patches that heal pimples overnight and a wand that filters sulfates from your glass of wine (and apparently saving you from waking up the next morning with a headache).

From foot peel masks that finally get rid of calluses to sheets that remove cat dander, these are the amazing products that will change your beauty game, home, life and even the level of comfort guests experience in your home.


This Time-Saving Heated Hair Brush That Straightens & Curls

Save time in the morning with this three-in-one heated brush — a triple threat that detangles, curls, and even straightens hair and makes it silky and smooth. This brush boasts four temperature settings for all hair types and ionic ceramic technology that ensures an all-over, even amount of heat. It comes with a heat-resistant travel case to make your life even easier.


An Ear And Nose Hair Trimmer That's Gentle & Won't Nick Your Skin

Looking for a safe way to trim nose and ear hair? This ear and nose hair trimmer battery-operated tool swiftly trims overgrown hair on delicate areas of your body, and it does it without pain or any fear of getting nicked. It's even waterproof, so feel free to use it in the shower.


The Skin-Saving Anti-Chafe Balm That Prevents Irritation

Whether it was from running, wearing a pencil skirt, or any other number of common causes, you've probably felt the burning pain of chaffing at some point in your life. Luckily, this anti-chafe balm is all you need to create a protective barrier that prevents your skin from getting irritated. The balm contains plant-based ingredients that are free from allergens and petroleum. A little goes a long way and it’s safe to use on any part of your body that needs it — from your neck to your thighs to your feet.


An Oil-Free Sunscreen For Acne-Prone And Sensitive Skin

Sunscreen can be tough to get right. On the one hand, everyone needs to wear it — no matter what the season. On the other: some formulas can be downright irritating if you have sensitive skin and can clog pores and make acne-prone skin break out. But this mineral-based sunscreen, which protects using zinc oxide and has a high SPF 46, is soothing, effective, and safe for all skin types. It’s also lightweight and completely free of oils.


A Callus-Removing Foot Scrubber Brush That Suctions To Your Tub Or Shower

This foot brush actually suctions to the floor of your tub or shower so you can easily wash your feet without bending over. It boasts gentle, but effective bristles that slough away dry skin and both prevent and remove calluses. The brush has string to conveniently hang the device when it's not in use and prevent mold and mildew.


The Perfect Workout Leggings With Deep Pockets That Come In So Many Colors

Once you find the perfect pair of leggings, it makes you want to snag a pair in very color. Get ready to shop hard because these are those leggings — they have a high, comfortable waistband, two supremely deep side pockets (deep enough for you biggest phone), amazing four-way stretch, and a reflective logo on the back. And the moisture-wicking leggings come in more than 30 colors, like silver, plum, and olive.


This Breath-Freshening Rinse That Works For 24 Hours

Most breath freshening rinses work — for a little while. But this bacteria-destroying mouthwash targets odor-causing sulfur and kills it on the spot. Not only does it fight the bad breath you have right now, but it keeps working and stays effective for an impressive 24 hours.

One reviewer put this rinse to the ultimate test and raved: “Seriously, this stuff is a miracle! After 1 use, my husband's breath was fresh, no after-odor. A few hours after his first use, his breath was still fresh.”


The Dual Iced Coffee And Tea Maker So You Don't Have To Choose Between The Two

No need to choose between your favorite cold beverages — this iced coffee and tea maker can whip up either treat in a jiffy. The machine features a 3-quart pitcher that allows you to both brew and serve your coffee or tea in the same place. The brewing process takes just 10 minutes and it has auto shut-off and self-cleaning features.


These Pain-Relieving Cushions For Your Shoes So You Can Keep Walking

These metatarsal pads provide a cushion for ball of your foot to make high heels a little more comfortable. And thanks to the adhesive they'll stay in place.

One reviewer wrote: “I used the foot pads on a pair of heels I had worn previously which left me with significant foot pain. I purposely waited until yesterday to wear them for a party. Needless to say, I was dancing 2-3 hrs straight without any discomfort not to mention standing on my feet for another 2 hrs.”


A Multitasking Garlic Crusher and Mincer That Can Handle Garlic With The Skin Still On

The worst thing about cooking with garlic is actually prepping garlic. From using your fingernails to peel them to needing a microscope to properly slice and mince them, garlic prep can be a frustrating lesson in patience. But once you own this multitasking garlic press and mincer, your life in the kitchen becomes 100 times easier. This stainless steel gadget removes skins and minces unpeeled garlic in just seconds.


This Tea Maker Cleaner That Removes Stains

Keep your tea maker clean and stain-free by occasionally giving it a good, proper cleaning with this tea cleaner. The organic, biodegradable cleaner (you'll get four in each packet) is non-corrosive to your tea maker and prevents the build-up of limescale.


An Eye Cleanser That Removes Makeup & Dirt Without Irritating Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes or allergies, you already know too well that many cleansers causes pain and itchiness on sensitive eyes and skin. This eye cleanser contains only natural ingredients like tea tree, jojoba, and grape oil and gently removes dirt, bacteria, and makeup without irritating your eyes. It’s even safe to use on lash extensions and will keep them in place.


These Soft, Supportive Shoe Insoles That Reduce Pain

If you suffer from foot pain related to a condition like plantar fasciitis, every step you take in the wrong pair of shoes can feel excruciating. But thanks to these soft, cushiony insoles, you can relieve pressure and pain in your feet and make your shoes instantly comfier. The orthotic insoles come in five sizes, can be worn while walking, running, and playing sports, and can also be easily trimmed to better fit any shoe size.


The Minimalist's Favorite Planner That Has Only What You Need

Day planners have become very complicated — and, if you prefer the bells and whistles and extra pages, that’s a great thing. But if you just want a minimalist day planner that features a calendar and room to list daily appointments and monthly goals, this is the wire-bound planner of your dreams. It features 144 pages and 12 undated months.


A Magical Wine Filter That Prevents Next-Day Headaches

It may seems like magic, but hundreds of reviewers agree: this wine filter really and truly removes histamines and sulfites that can cause next-day headaches, upset stomach, and hangovers. Insert the disposable wand in your glass of wine and it works its magic without changing the taste of your vino.


This Detangling Brush For All Hair Types That You Can Use In The Shower

Work through tangles in any hair texture — and do so in the shower if you prefer — because this wet brush will hold up and deliver. The wet brush has intelliflex bristles that gently glide through strands and remove tangles without causing breakage and split ends.

One reviewer wrote: "Where has this brush been all my life! I have long hair and need to comb it out in the shower with a conditioner in it and have always used a wide tooth comb which pulls and takes a long time. THIS BRUSH CHANGED ALL THAT! It is almost effortless. I start at the ends and work my way up and it detangles without any pull!"


These Comfortable Bluetooth Ear Buds That Provide Crystal Clear Sound

Reviewers say these Bluetooth earbuds provide unbelievable sound and are lightweight and comfortable. They come with their own charging case and one charge yields over 3.5 hours of continuous playtime.


An Allergen Reducing Solution For Cat Allergy Sufferers

You can love your cat, but not be a huge fan of the pretty terrible cat allergy symptoms that may plague your loved ones whenever they walk through your front door. Make your home more hospitable to guests with this cat dander remover, which safely and effectively removes dander (one of the leading causes of allergies). Just apply the solution to the mitt and rub it on your cat’s fur.


The Springy Memory Foam Insoles For Comfy Feet

The first word that comes to mind when you wear these insoles is: springy. The next words: so comfy you’ll never want to remove them. These high-density memory foam insoles come in eight sizes and two colors and can be trimmed to fit any shoe. They’ll alleviate pain and pressure when you walk and make your day about 100 times more comfortable.


These Natural Acne-Fighting Patches With Tea Tree Oil

Go to bed with an angry pimple, wake up with one that is smaller, less red, and well on its way to healing. That’s the promise fulfilled when you rely on these natural acne patches, which are transparent and can be applied directly over pimples. The patches are filled with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, calendula oil, and hydrocolloid — all of which help dry out acne and clear up your skin without irritation.


A Portable Flat Iron With More Than 28,000 Reviews

Wondering how well this affordable flat iron could possibly hold up, especially when faced with humidity and a number of various hair textures? According to more than 28,000 reviewers: pretty darn well! This versatile iron can be used to straighten and curl and it boasts ceramic and tourmaline crystal plates that make hair look silkier and shinier. It has adjustable temperature settings to suit all hair types and worldwide dual voltage — so don’t forget to pack it on your next trip.


The Self-Watering Planter That Takes The Pressure Off

When you love house plants, but aren’t the best house plant parent in the world, get a little help from this self-watering planter. The planter features a water level indicator that lets you know how much water is needed at one time. It then slowly, effectively delivers water little by little so that your plants stay healthy and you only need to water them once every few weeks. The planter comes in 10 colors.


An Easy, Breezy Makeup Remover That Just Needs Water

Save money on makeup remover and tons of time before bed — this makeup eraser works to remove the most stubborn mascara and concealer and all you need to do is dampen it with water. The chemical-free cleansing cloth can be reused up to 1,000 times — just toss it in the wash for a quick clean and all makeup stains will be removed.


These Travel-Friendly Pet Hair Removing Sheets

No matter where you roam, these adhesive pet hair remover sheets can come with you to quickly remove pet hair from clothing, car seats, and anywhere else you find it hiding. The set of 25 sheets cover a larger surface area than lint roller and they won’t stick together or rip — which means you’ll get multiple uses out of just one sheet.


The Satin-Smooth Pillowcase That's Gentler On Skin And Hair

Wake up without bed head and marks on your skin from a night of tossing and turning on an ordinary pillowcase. This satin pillowcase set provides a smooth, gentle place to rest your head that reduces friction and is kinder to your hair and skin. The pillowcase comes in four sizes and 14 colors.


This Hanging Jewelry Organizer Because That Small Jewelry Box Isn't Cutting It

When you live for accessories, a compact jewelry box just isn't big enough to hold all of your sparkly treasures. Store earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, and rings in this clever hanging jewelry organizer. The double-sided organizer has a hanger hook that can be placed right on your closet rod and features a total of 50 clear pockets, as well as self-adhesive loops for storing necklaces.


A Contoured Sleep Mask That Blocks Out All Light

Get a better night’s rest with the help of this sleep mask, which blocks out all light and is contoured to better fit your face (and it won’t punch your nose and eyes like some other masks). The molded eye mask is made from comfortable memory foam, comes in black or gray, and its adjustable strap ensures the perfect fit.


This Natural Shampoo With Caffeine That Helps Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair shedding is a common problem for men and women — so common, in fact, that there are a number of products that claim they can stop shedding and promote hair growth, but how can you tell which actually work? According to reviews, this shampoo — which is made with caffeine, red clover, and niacin and is free of sulfates and fragrances — actually can help with this problem.

One reviewer writes: “Literally, I started noticing that less hair was coming out when I washed and brushed my hair. My hair was actually staying on my head for the first time in forever. I actually did a little research and the caffeine works in your scalp to help tighten its hold on the hair roots.”


These Wardrobe-Saving Clip-On Half Camisoles

If your tank or top is revealing just a little more than you want to reveal today, here's a sweet solution that won't add bulk beneath your blouse: these clip-on camisole inserts literally attach to your bra and make it look like you have a camisole beneath your clothing. They come in black, white, or nude.


A Simple, But Effective Trigger Point Massager

Target your major pressure points with this handheld massager that skips out on all the bells and whistles and focuses on a simple, effective design that reviewers say helps relieve pain from areas like your neck, shoulders, back, and feet. The massager is perfectly portable and features a long pressure arm and an easy-to-grip handle.


The Compact USB Charger With A Foldable Plug For Travel

Charge up to two devices at the same time super fast with this compact USB charger, which has a foldable plug that makes it simple to toss into your travel bag. The charger is compatible with a number of devices, comes in black or white, and reviewers rave about how little time it takes to get your phone or tablet up to speed.


This Eco-Friendly Bamboo Soap Container That Is Resistant To Mold

This eco-friendly soap container is made from bamboo and sugarcane, so it's compostable after lasting about five years in your shower. The smartly designed container has vents that allow for airflow and prevent mold and mildew. In addition to using it for soap, you can also use it to store bar shampoo and conditioner, which contributes to less plastic in the environment.


These Natural And Renewable Cotton Dishcloths That Absorb So Well

You’re about to save a ton of money on paper towels, while helping to save the planet in the process. These natural, renewable dishcloths absorb 20 times their weight in water or liquid, making them incredibly efficient cleansers. But they’re also safe in your dishwasher or washing machine and can be used over and over again — for up to one year before needing to be replaced.


An Exfoliating Pad With Salicylic Acid That Keeps Acne At Bay

Get acne under control with the help of these exfoliating pads, which are made with a powerful formula that includes 2 percent salicylic acid, mandolin acid, and both beta and alpha-hydroxy acids. With a nearly perfect star rating, these pads are loved for their ability to encourage faster cell turnover, dry and heal pimples, and reduce inflammation and redness.


These Watering Stakes That Care For Plants When You're Traveling

Keep your indoor or outdoor plants alive and well even if you plan on traveling for a few weeks with these terra-cotta watering stakes. The stakes can work in conjunction with recycled wine bottles and provide a funnel-like tool that delivers water to the roots of your plant just a little at a time — enough to keep them robust and beautiful, even when you’re far from home.


An Organic Bamboo Straw Set In A Variety Of Sizes

These sustainable bamboo straws are here to help you get past your plastic straw addiction (and not even miss it one bit). This set of 10 straws come in different sizes and include a cleaning brush to get rid of any gunk found in straws. They’re strong, durable, free of dyes, and won’t change the taste of your beverage.


These Cushioned Toe Wraps That Help Heal & Separate Broken Toes

Wrap these cushioned toe wraps around broken or bruised toes and they'll help separate and heal them faster. The flexible wraps act as an equally good treatment for hammertoes and they're simple to apply and stay put with a self-adhesive wrap.


An Anti-Inflammatory Facial Cleanser With Turmeric And Neem

Designed for oily and acne-prone skin, this best-selling natural cleanser won't strip skin of natural oils and contains zero artificial fragrances or colors.

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