38 Way Smarter Versions Of Everyday Products You Can Get On Amazon

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You’ve had dental floss by the sink since you were a kid but was it made of high-tech microcrystalline wax that left behind the pleasant taste of coconut oil? Or how about the pens you currently use to write with? Can they write upside down and function in zero gravity? The products you can get on Amazon today will blow your mind with their ability to make basic, everyday objects seem amazing.

It’s not that the concepts are new — we're talking about basic things like can openers, deodorant, mouthwash, and resealable plastic bags. However, the modern age has given them a new spin. Suddenly, your backpack can charge your phone and your crockpot knows how to make yogurt.

On top of these unique functions, many of the products feature design tweaks. For example: a shower curtain with little pockets all over the inside to save space. How brilliant is that? With this simple addition, the side of your bathtub is no longer covered in shampoo bottles and soap trays. Or how about a toaster over that has little slots in the top for bread? Now you have a regular toaster and a toaster oven all in one. It’s these little things that seem simple but make all the difference.

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