39 'Gross' Products On Amazon You'll Totally Love

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Buffing away calluses, examining your used pore strips, getting rid of rogue hair globs in your shower drain ... For some people, "gross" is synonymous with "super satisfying," and if you're one of said people, have I got a shopping category for you: "gross" products on Amazon with shockingly high reviews. There are literally thousands of them, and after reading through some buyer feedback, you'll realize rather quickly that you're not alone; the rest of the world enjoys those things, too.

When it comes to nasty but necessary items, the internet is the place to go ham. Not only can you research hundreds of options side by side, but your pick gets sent straight to your house in a discreet brown box — and you don't even have to make awkward eye-contact with a cashier. (Hey, it's all natural and you're not alone, but if you get embarrassed about bodily fluids and foot-related stuff, Amazon is definitely the way to go.)

So go ahead — check out these unique products so you can make the most out of your gross but satisfying habits. The rest of the internet is right behind you, and trust me, none of us are judging.

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