39 Ridiculously Helpful Things On Amazon Reviewers Purchase Again & Again

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It isn't always easy to tell a diamond from a dud when shopping online. However, one way you can be sure you're getting a good deal is when you grab one of the many helpful things on Amazon that reviewers don't just purchase once — they purchase them again and again. If customers keep coming back for more, there's a good chance a tool or product is well worth the hype.

These random but brilliant useful products on Amazon range from fabric stain removers that contain zero harmful chemicals to the perfect silk pillowcase (which is also perfectly priced) that keeps bed head at bay. Imagine tossing aside your sponges for these silicone sponges that won't accumulate bacteria and smell, or putting on a deodorant that's aluminum-free and smells like almonds.

If you can think of a necessary product you always need around, it's probably on this list. The big difference is that these products take functional to a whole new level — sure, you may need hair ties, but a hair tie that will never make you hair a knotty mess is a better bet. Laundry detergent might be an essential on your shopping list, but laundry detergent sheets that you can pack in a bag and take with you on trips? Positively priceless.

These genius products are fun, practical, and won't break the bank. But they've also proven — through sales and many glowing reviews — to be items that Amazon shoppers can't live without.

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