39 Ridiculously Helpful Things On Amazon Reviewers Purchase Again & Again

It isn't always easy to tell a diamond from a dud when shopping online. However, one way you can be sure you're getting a good deal is when you grab one of the many helpful things on Amazon that reviewers don't just purchase once — they purchase them again and again. If customers keep coming back for more, there's a good chance a tool or product is well worth the hype.

These random but brilliant useful products on Amazon range from fabric stain removers that contain zero harmful chemicals to the perfect silk pillowcase (which is also perfectly priced) that keeps bed head at bay. Imagine tossing aside your sponges for these silicone sponges that won't accumulate bacteria and smell, or putting on a deodorant that's aluminum-free and smells like almonds.

If you can think of a necessary product you always need around, it's probably on this list. The big difference is that these products take functional to a whole new level — sure, you may need hair ties, but a hair tie that will never make you hair a knotty mess is a better bet. Laundry detergent might be an essential on your shopping list, but laundry detergent sheets that you can pack in a bag and take with you on trips? Positively priceless.

These genius products are fun, practical, and won't break the bank. But they've also proven — through sales and many glowing reviews — to be items that Amazon shoppers can't live without.

1. The Gentle Hair Coils That Won't Create A Knotty Mess In Hair

Kitsch 4 Piece Hair Coil Set, $7 (4 Pack), Amazon

Hair ties are notorious for tangling up and creasing hair, but this four-piece hair coil set is gentle on all hair types (way gentler than a rubber band). And, though its compact, the transparent stretches way more than you might think to create ponytails and buns in even the thickest hair types. They also come in different color sets — 12 to be exact — including brunette, redhead, and blonde.


2. A Sunscreen With A High SPF That's Safe For Sensitive Skin

EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46, $33, Amazon

Having sensitive skin is no longer a valid excuse for not wearing sunscreen every day — because formulas like this SPF 46 have come around to change the game. This sunscreen is completely free of oils and clear (no white residue left behind), and dermatologists recommend it for both oily skin types and sensitive skin. It's also packed with great ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to nourish, hydrate, and make skin look healthier.


3. A Non-Toxic Stain Remover That's Safe For The Environment

Puracy Natural Enzyme Stain Remover, $10 (3 Pack), Amazon

The problem with a lot of laundry detergents and stain removers is that they contain not-great chemicals and preservatives that aren't good for your health, skin, or environment. But this stain remover is completely different: it's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and a few sprays gets rid of the most stubborn stains, like red wine, dirt, and foundation.


4. A Genius Way To Keep Bar Soap From Mucking Up Tubs

Soap Lift Bone Soap, $7, Amazon

The worst thing about using bar soap is having to clean soap bar trays, the edges of tubs, and wherever else we tend to rest those soap bars. The Soap Lift is made of materials that let water drain from your bar soap without creating a mucky mess beneath it. Place it on a soap dish (you can trim the material to fit) or shower shelf, and it not only helps make your soap last longer, but it makes cleaning day a lot more enjoyable when you realize you no longer have to scrape dried soap off of your tub.


5. A Silicone Sponge That Never Smells And Won't Scratch Pots

Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber, $10, Amazon

When your sponges start to smell and you get tired of replacing them, consider this silicone scrubber your money-saving, non-stinky solution. This sponge is nearly 100 percent resistant to mold and mildew, and is flexible enough to fit into tight crevices in glasses or under pot lids. It gets everything squeaky clean without scratching delicate surfaces.


6. A Stain And Odor Remover Every Pet Owner Needs

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co Stain & Odor Eliminator, $20, Amazon

Some stains, spills, and accidents are so gross they actually make you consider buying a whole new carpet or rug. But before you resort to drastic, expensive measures, try spraying this stain and odor eliminator on pet urine, vomit, and more. More than 6,000 reviewers rave about this spray's effectiveness — and it appears to be a favorite must-have product among pet owners. You don't have to worry about toxic chemicals, either: this formula contains a natural enzymatic bacteria that is activated the moment it meets the most troubling of stains.


7. Every Day Athletic Crew Socks That Wick Moisture Away

Starter Athletic Crew Socks, $12 (6 Pack), Amazon

Unless you're rocking sandals or dress socks, most days just require the most comfortable socks possible — and they, ideally, won't break the bank (because toe holes happen). This six pack of athletic crew socks have a cushioned heel, a ventilated panel on the top, and moisture-wicking fabric that fight sweat. Expect your feet to stay cool and comfortable all day.


8. A Silk Pillowcase That's Easier On Your Hair And Feels Luxurious

Aquis Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, $40, Amazon

This 100 percent mulberry silk pillowcase is luxurious, soft, and gentle on your hair and skin. It's made from high-quality, 19 momme weight silk, is hypoallergenic and ideal for anyone with allergies, and actually helps eliminate friction to your hair that causes static, bedhead, and frizz. You can toss this pillowcase in the washing machine, but remember not to put it in your dryer — hang it to dry so it retains its quality and shape.


9. A Three-In-One Bottle Cleaner Set Made From Yarn That Cleans All Bottle Types

Dish Scrubble Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Set, $13, Amazon

No matter what the size or shape of your bottle is, this three-in-one bottle cleaner set has a brush that suits it perfectly. These brushes are made from yarn and don't have bristles that bend or a sponge material that accumulates mold and bacteria. They also have dense heads that clean really well, but without scratching surfaces.


10. The Shoe Insoles That Make Feet More Comfortable And Prevent Odors

Superfeet, $50, Amazon

If you have shoes that you don't wear because they're uncomfortable, try out these high-density foam insoles that slip right into shoes. These insoles are 1-inch high and 6 inches wide, with an organic coating designed to eliminate and prevent foot odors. They're also fantastic for anyone who is on their feet all day, and the deep heel cup absorbs shock. One reviewer writes: "There is no comparison, for someone with high arches the support level of the greens is unmatched even after hours of standing. I highly recommend these to all my fellow service industry workers."


11. The Natural Coconut Oil Dental Floss You Won't Forget To Use

Cocofloss, $22 (3 Pack), Amazon

The most difficult thing about flossing is actually remembering to floss. This coconut oil dental floss — which is also infused with other essential oils like spearmint oil and camphor — works well and is a joy to use. One reviewer notes even dentists are loving it: "my dentist had suggested I use Cocofloss at my cleaning 6 months ago...despite 2x daily brushing and regular flossing, I still had dental issues every appointment. But now, both the dentist and the hygienist commented on how much healthier my gums are."


12. The Comfy Underwear That Protect You From Leaks When You Have Your Period

Yoyi Fashion Menstrual Period Briefs (XXS-3X), $9-$27, Amazon

Never again will you ruin a pair of underwear during your period — these menstrual period briefs have an inner leak-proof lining that provide extra protection on heavy flow days (but you'll still have to wear a tampon or pad with the underwear). They come in a variety of colors, are cut in a comfy brief style, and feature a cute jacquard print. They come in value packs of two, three, or four pairs, and are available in a wide range of sizes.


13. An Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant Made With Almonds

Alvera All-Natural Roll-On Deodorant Aloe & Almonds, $17 (4 Pack), Amazon

Aluminum is a controversial ingredient found in many deodorants and antiperspirants, but as this natural deodorant proves, it's not a necessary one to combat odor and keep you dry, This roll-on deodorant does the trick with interesting ingredients found in nature: soothing aloe, almonds, witch hazel, and grapefruit seed extract. Many reviewers say this formula is excellent for sensitive skin, and that one application in the morning is enough to last the whole day.


14. The Pure Castor Oil For Your Lashes, Brows, And Skin

Aria Starr Beauty Cold-Pressed Castor Oil, $13, Amazon

Before you spend more than $100 on the most popular eyelash and brow serum of the day, try this: a cold-pressed castor oil that can be applied to lashes, brows, your scalp, and anywhere on your face and body where you need a little growth and nourishment. Castor oil is praised for its hair follicle-strengthening powers — and its ability to moisturize and heal dry skin and scars. You'll find so many uses for this quality oil that you'll never want to be without it again.


15. The Shadow Shields That Prevent Raccoon Eyes

Shadow Shields By Michelle Villanueva, $12 (60 Shields), Amazon

How many times have you applied eyeshadow, only to find (after you think you're finished) it has smudged beneath your eye where you've already applied concealer — so now you have to start your makeup routine all over again? Well, simply stick these shadow shields beneath your lower lashes before you apply eyeshadow and they'll catch any spills. They won't ruin your concealer or foundation, either.


16. A Soap-Dispensing Brush To Easily Clean Dishes

OXO Steel Soap Dispensing Dish Brush, $10, Amazon

Keep your soap where your scrubber is and eliminate messy spills with this soap dispensing dish brush, which has a built-in soap compartment and delivers the perfect amount with the touch of a button. The strong nylon bristles clean pots, pans, and dishes — and it removes stubborn food particles and grease without scratching surfaces. The head is easily replaceable with another scrubber, brush, or sponge head, too.


17. The Travel-Friendly Laundry Detergent Sheets

LG Laundry Detergent Sheets, $12, Amazon

You know how lugging around liquid or powder detergent when you travel or take a trip to the laundromat is just the worst? These laundry detergent sheets are a revolutionary alternative — they're actual lemon and lavender scented detergent sheets that dissolve in the wash and get clothes squeaky clean. Instead of using harmful chemicals to clean, these sheets rely on ingredients like papaya enzyme to eliminate stains — and reviewers swear by them.


18. A Lava Pumice Stone To Exfoliate Feet And Remove Calluses

Beauty By Earth Natural Lava Exfoliating Pumice Stone, $11, Amazon

Slough away dead skin cells and calluses on your feet with this natural lava exfoliating pumice stone — and it lasts longer than most other pumice stones and comes with an attached string that you can use to hang it in the shower. It's made from real volcanic stone, and one reviewer writes: "I've had pumice stones before, but none have ever cleaned up my feet as easily and thoroughly as this one. Definitely worth it.


19. A Glove That Makes Cleaning Makeup Brushes A Joy

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove, $33, Amazon

If you consider cleaning your makeup brushes the chore to end all chores, get this cleaning glove pronto and join the many reviewers who say it actually makes cleaning brushes a "joy" (if you can imagine such a thing). This makeup brush cleaner contains eight cleaning textures made from raised silicone. Wear the glove, apply a little gentle shampoo to it, and then wet and work your brushes around the mitt to get rid of makeup, dirt, and oil. Rinse off your brushes and set them to dry — it's that easy.


20. A Multipurpose Soap Bar That's Safe For Allergies & Sensitive Skin

J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo, $8, Amazon

Imagine owning one bar of soap that can do it all — like clean your body, wash your hair, and even wash delicate clothing. This is that soap bar, and it's one that's 100 percent vegan, free of sulfates, and made from safe food-grade vegetable oils with coconut and argan oil for healthier skin and hair. It doesn't contain harsh detergents, and is perfectly fine to use if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


21. An Anti-Chafing Formula That Glides Across Skin

Chafezone MedZone Anti Chafe, $13, Amazon

Glide this anti-chafe roll-on anywhere on your body where you experience chafing, and it instantly provides a barrier between you and your clothing. Its water-resistant formula can withstand sweat, and makes it perfect for activities like biking, running, and swimming. If you're wondering if it's effective, check out these credentials: this product was developed with input from the U.S. Special Operation Teams, and is also used by professional athletes.


22. The Magic Cleaning Pads That Get Rid Of The Worst Messes

STK Magic Cleaning Pads, $9 (20 Pads), Amazon

Cleaning serious messes (like grease spills on stovetops) is close to impossible with most cleaning agents, but these cleaning pads are called "magic" for a reason: Just activate them with water, and they can remove dirt from any surface including steel, stovetops, furniture, fabrics, sneakers, leather, marble, and more. These pads are thick, unscented, and won't scratch surfaces.


23. An Organic Face Scrub With Fruit Enzymes That Won't Irritate Skin

Beauty By Earth Facial Scrub, $20, Amazon

Regular exfoliation keeps skin clear, soft, and healthy — but not all exfoliants are gentle enough for dry or sensitive skin. This natural facial scrub sloughs away dead skin cells without aggravating skin. It contains fruit extracts and chlorophyll, as well as organic ingredients like aloe vera and blueberry extract to soothe and brighten your complexion.


24. The Dishcloths That Stay Odor-Free And Last Longer Than Sponges

Lunatec Odor-Free Dishcloths, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

Sponges easily accumulate germs and bacteria and seem to fall apart after only a few uses. These odor-free dishcloths last three times longer than sponges and dry in about 15 minutes, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and odor. You'll get four in each pack and can use them to clean dishes, pots, pans, and surfaces. Each rag has an elastic loop that you can use to hang and store them, too.


25. A Natural Peppermint-Based Topical Headache Treatment

4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick, $9, Amazon

If you get headaches or migraines often, this is a natural alternative that a number of reviewers say really works. Apply this peppermint-based roll-on headache treatment directly to your forehead and temples when you feel pain — and it provides a cooling sensation helps ease both pain and pressure. It's also non-greasy and doesn't mess with makeup, either.


26. The Best Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner That Will Make You More Productive

Panda Planner Pro, $38, Amazon

Keeping yourself organized and prioritizing important tasks isn't always easy, and it helps to have a great planner like this one to keep you on track. The Panda Planner Pro has sections for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and goals so you can plan for the short and long term. It also comes with seven free eBooks and a video mini-course, if you're interested.


27. A Pre-Blended Mix Of Five Essential Oils That Keep You Healthy

Natural Riches Five Guards Thieves Natural Synergy Blend Essential Oils, $14, Amazon

If you love essential oils, but don't have the time or desire to play mixologist at home, this pre-blended essential oil will give you life. It contains a powerful mix of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus — which are known to help boost your immune system and keep you (and your home) healthy and protected against germs and bacteria. You can use this oil in your diffuser or for household cleaning. Note: If you plan to apply it to your skin, make sure you blend it with a carrier oil first.


28. The Fast-Drying Microfiber Cloths That You Can Use On Anything

MR. SIGA Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, $12 (12-Pack), Amazon

These fast-drying microfiber cloths are soft and absorbent, so you can use them to wipe down surfaces, windows, your cars, really anything you need. It also won't leave lint behind or cause windows to streak. Use them to clean each and every surface in your house, and then wash them and start over.


29. A Wet And Dry Brush That Gentle Removes Tangles

The Wet Brush, $11, Amazon

Brushing through wet hair can cause breakage and split ends if you're not careful — and you aren't using the right tools. But you can count this wet brush as the right tool: it's a wide paddle brush with a steel back and gentle bristles that glides through wet hair, dry hair, and knots. It can even be used on wigs and extensions.


30. A Heat Protector For Hair That Prevents Split Ends

ArtNaturals Thermal Protection Spray, $12, Amazon

Heat damage can cause split, frayed ends and frizz and it's important to use a thermal protection spray like this cult-favorite (with almost 1,000 reviews) to protect your strands. This spray is made with organic argan oil and has herbal extracts like ginger, sage, and mushroom in its formula. Use it as a leave-in conditioner to detangle and add a protective barrier that prevents damage from hot tools and UV rays. It's cruelty-free, doesn't contain nasty parabens, and is completely safe for colored and chemically-treated hair.


31.The Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That Will Make The Perfect Cookies & Treats

Silchef Silicone Baking Mats, $14 (3 Mats), Amazon

Your cookies and cakes will bake evenly and you can cook without oils when you use these non-stick silicone baking mats. These non-toxic and BPA-free mats come in two sizes and feature convenient measurement markings that will help you keep all of your pastries the same size (for once). They clean way easier than standard baking sheets — just wipe them down and toss them in the top rack of your dishwasher. And, thanks to their silicone-coated design, heat is distributed evenly across the sheet, which means there's less of chance that some of your goodies will be burnt or undercooked.


32. A Hygienic Glass Nail File That Leaves Nails Smooth

Bona Fide Beauty Glass Nail File, $9, Amazon

A glass nail file is more gentle on your nails than metal or Emory boards — and this nail file, made from genuine Czech glass, is a double-sided tool with a fine grit on one side and a medium grit on the other side. It smooths out jagged nails and helps strengthen them, too. And because it is made of glass and isn't porous like other files, this one won't accumulate bacteria and fungus.


33. A Korean Beauty Vitamin C Serum That Won't Break The Bank

Seoul Ceuticals 20% Vitamin C Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $16, Amazon

Without naming names, some vitamin C serums will cost you a lot of money. But this potent Korean beauty serum, which contains 20 percent vitamin C, skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and the antioxidant ferulic acid, is a fan favorite that won't break the bank. This serum brightens your complexion, evens out skin tone, and combats free radicals that can damage skin cells.


34. A Relaxing Warm Eye Mask Treatment That Helps Tired Eyes

Kiribai Red Bean Steam Warming Eye Pillow, $13, Amazon

Spending all day staring at a computer screen can wear your eyes down and cause fatigue and dry eye. This red bean eye pillow, which you pop in the microwave for a few seconds and wear as a mask, relaxes eyes and can increase hydration for healthier eyes. Reviewers say they use this reusable mask to relieve headaches and migraines, help them fall asleep faster, and even relieve dry eyes related to Lasik surgery. Not only is it effective, but it smells like a dream.


35. An Oil Cleanser That Washes Away Waterproof Makeup

Heimish All Clean Balm, $17, Amazon

The first step in the Korean beauty double cleansing regimen is removing makeup, dirt, and oil with a gentle oil-based cleanser like this amazing choice. With a texture like sherbet, which is activated into an oil cleanser with the help of a little water, this hypoallergenic cleanser gets rid of every stitch of makeup you're wearing, including waterproof mascara. It's safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


36. The DEET-Free Bracelets That Keep Mosquitos Far Away

SelfHbalance Mosquito Repellant Balance, $14 (12 Bracelets), Amazon

Worried about spraying DEET and chemical-filled mosquito repellants on your skin and in your living environment? You're not alone. And that's why these DEET-free mosquito repellant bracelets have hundreds of reviewers and customers. They keep mosquitos away using natural ingredients like citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemongrass. They also come in a variety of sweet colors and each bracelet is effective for up to 240 hours — so be sure to pack them on your next vacation.


37. A Bendable Glue That Turns Into Silicone Overnight

Sugru Moldable Glue, $20 (8 Pack), Amazon

Not only will this moldable glue stick to surfaces like glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic, but it's also completely flexible and strong — which means you can use it on pretty much any project or to fix anything broken (like phone chargers or shoe soles). Leave it in place and it transforms into silicone rubber overnight: It's waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors, it's resistant to extreme heat and cold, and it's electrically insulating. It comes in colors like black, white, grey, and natural green and brown shades.


38. An Oval Makeup Brush That Makes Applying Foundation A Snap

Lagure Oval Makeup Brush, $14, Amazon

Applying foundation, powder, or concealer has never been easier — because this oval makeup brush has soft synthetic bristles that are densely packed and flawlessly blend makeup in seconds. The surface area of this brush is large enough to cover your entire face in just a few strokes, and reviewers say the bristles won't shed. The brush has an anti-slip curved handle that makes it a lot more comfortable to hold and maneuver than standard brushes, too.


39. A Cult-Favorite Eyeliner Pen So You Can Finally Draw The Perfect Cat Eye

Docolor Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, $8, Amazon

Whether you can't master a decent cat eye to save your life, or have eyeliner skills and are searching for a great eyeliner pen to complement them, this option is waterproof, highly pigmented, and incredibly affordable. It also boasts more than 2,600 reviews, thanks to features like a high precision tip that can be used to make perfect thin or thick lines, and a hypoallergenic formula that's safe for allergies and sensitive eyes.

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